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B’Day Celebration ’22

Birthdays are always special, and when it is our team member’s birthday, we try to make it even more exceptional for them. We do not just celebrate their birthday; we celebrate them.

B’Day Celebration ’21

When it is our team member’s day, we know no bounds and try every possible way to make them feel special. We love looking back at their cake covered faces and bright smiles.

B’Day Celebration ’20

Every member at Das Writing Services is exceptional. Hence, we celebrated their day, no matter how busy we were with work and deliveries. Without them, DWS is just an office plot, after all.

B’Day Celebration ’19

Colourful cakes and meaningful gifts sum up every birthday celebration at DWS. So take a look at how dedicated we are to having a blast for a moment between mundane office tasks.

B’Day Celebration ’18

No one knows how to steal a happy moment like us at DWS. And that is exactly what we do to bring a smile to the faces of our beloved team members on their birthdays.