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Presently, there is a huge demand for the Best content Writing Services that certainly possess the power to make or break any business. As per a survey, 1 good content = at least 20 clients. Now, to hit this, one must have perfect SEO done.

Now, to meet this target, one must have perfect SEO done.

To make sure this happens perfectly, Das Writing services offers the Best SEO Content Writing Service Kolkata. We make sure that every work that we do for you is a matter of benefit for your business. We make sure that every work that we do for you translate into a matter of benefit for your business.

However, there are so many things about SEO that people are not aware of. So, let us give you a vivid tour of how to get the perfect SEO done!

Why you need SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation is the first step in bagging more organic search and helps in getting proper results. The results are shown on the basis of keywords which need to be used appropriately to increase the visibility of the content.

Optimizing a content for better search engine ranking can be complicated. If the keyword is used too many times it will not come up on the top pages; Google might even ban the site. Also there are other things to look out for, like the content should prove useful to the reader, and there SHOULD NOT be any plagiarism at all.

As a Content Writing Company in India who is thriving on a positive review, we have more reasons to share. Other reasons why you need SEO!

  • Proper SEO can help to generate 15% more leads
  • There are only 9% chances that a site with proper SEO will ever fail (however, the reason for failure is not SEO but the quality)
  • Grabbing the attention of Google
  • Good SEO leverages social sharing
  • With proper SEO a business can get a hike of over 60% in a year. This is a great ratio to nail, and it is going to help a lot too!

What are the different services you can expect from us?

For providing the Best SEO Content Writing Service Kolkata, we at Das Writing Services ensure to give out only the best to our clients. Here are the following types of services that you need to expect from us –

  • Blog
  • Articles
  • Viral posts
  • Web pages
  • Infographics
  • Press releases
  • Technical writing
  • Social media writing

In short, we offer everything that you need in the field of Content! This is not it; we have more to offer for the Best Content Writing Services.

1. We make it informative

All the content that our expert team delivers will have authentic information in it. Adding value in content gives way to better ranking.

2. Our team knows what Webmaster is!

For a good SEO, one must have a proper grasp on the Webmaster guidelines. Otherwise, there won’t be proper ranking, and your website can face lag. Moreover, there are other aspects like sneaky redirects, back-linking, doorway pages, loading with irrelevant keywords and more.

These are very intricate details that one needs to place in their content to make sure that they get a higher ranking. It is only a professional Content Writing Agency Kolkata like us who is well acquainted with these and can give way to better ranking.

3. Making it appealing

Yes, every content that you post on your website must be catchy to read. For example, there should be images, videos, meme or another relative as well as relevant media.

Along with this, there are certain regulations to maintain while adding the media to make sure that it grabs the attention of the reader.

4. Using tools

We, as a budding Content Writing Agency Kolkata, we make sure that every content we deliver has a good enough potential to rank better in the website. Here are some of the tools that we mandatorily use in every content –

  • Word density: Articles and prepositions can be till 5% in content; whereas, all the other words must be below 3%.
  • Yoast: Too much of passive voice or long sentences can make the content quality drop. However, with the help of this tool one can have an idea about the potential of ranking.
  • Grammarly: There are very few things in content which is as bad as wrong grammar. It is not a crime to make mistakes while writing, but a crime to post it without correcting. This tool is going to help to correct most of the grammar and deliver an impeccable content.
  • Copyscape: Google hates plagiarism, and so do we. This is why; we make sure to check every content to make sure it is fresh and has 0% copy.

As the Best content Writing Services, we make sure to eradicate any issue and deliver only the best.

Waiting for getting better ranking in Google?…Choose us!

Das Writing Services is just the one you are looking for!

We will listen to your criteria and deliver something perfect. Moreover, if you don’t like anything, we are ready to change or edit it without any question. Also, we offer to send regular updates to our clients that are going to be very helpful for them. And to top it all, our rate is very affordable.

With our Best content Writing Services, you don’t pay money, but invest for a fruitful return!

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