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6 Cool Tips to Develop an Effective Instagram Marketing Strategy

Instagram has become a giant in social media marketing and ignoring this would cost any marketers dearly. Statistics show that 7 out of 10 hash-tags in Instagram are branded. Also, 80% of users follow at least one business in Instagram. This is why you need crisp ideas for your Instagram Marketing Strategy.

More than 800 million users are currently active on Instagram. This is a huge opportunity to showcase your brand. But it is also equally tough to thrive in this competition.

Wondering how you can stand out in this huge pool? We are here to help you create an effective Instagram Marketing Strategy.

Here are some tips to guide you to develop your strategy for the same –

1. Set Your Goals

Be specific about your goals. If you know what you can achieve through Instagram it will give you a clear picture how to proceed. Ask yourself how Instagram’s visual appeal can help you increasing your brand awareness. Make sure all the strategies you take are aligned with your organizational objectives.

2. Content is the King

Authentic original content still holds the key to reach and engage more people in social media. While creating contents prioritize on the following –

  • Focus on your quality rather than quantity.
  • Choose an appropriate theme. It can be product-centric or based on culture or even a mixture of both.
  • Use proper caption to justify your post.
  • Aim for value addition.

Also, develop a content schedule. This will help you to cycle your themes. Find out which time attracts the most traffic and try to post more at the time. Be able to submit real-time contents in case of live events. This kind of spontaneity will attract a lot of users.

3. Hashtags are Inevitable!

The impact of hashtags in Instagram is unquestionable. Studies show that posts with relevant hashtags have 70% more reach than the posts which do not have. Using proper hashtags can help you easily reach a large number of audiences. Thus more traffic and leads will be generated.

Another trick is used to hashtags in comments. This is very helpful when you have a lot of hashtags to put.

Validate the hashtags before posting and do some research on the topic. Combine the most popular hashtags with those related to your products for maximum benefits. It will also be helpful for your future projects too.

4. UGC Campaigning:

User-generated contents (UGC) can be used as a great resource as a lot of these contents can be found for free. With photo contests and custom hashtags challenges, you can get user-generated contents and reuse it. It builds trust as it is directed towards other social audience.

5. Involve other Social Media platforms

If your Instagram account is brand new make sure import your contacts from other platforms, may it be email or other social media sites?

Statistics also show that the brands which post their Instagram links on Facebook and Twitter get more engagement and interactions, hence sharing across different social media platforms can be an essential strategy.

Apart from Facebook and Twitter Instagram also allows you to connect with Flickr, Tumblr etc. Leverage these to extend your reach.

6. Use Ads to Your Advantage

Every day more and more brands are bringing themselves to Instagram. To stand out among them and connect with your potential customers is indeed a tough task. Here Insta ads come into play.

You can create an ad for Instagram through Facebook ad creation or Power Editor. Check how the ads work out for you and then strategize on it.

Ensure that your Instagram account is also optimized with relevant information like Bio and contact links. Be a follower of those who influences your industry and engages with other contents too. Establish an efficient team with proper guidelines like editing the posts and delete which doesn’t fit with your brand’s profile. This would maintain a decent brand aesthetic.

Instagram can definitely help you build your business profile more attractive with effective strategizing. It’s a relatively small investment which could gain huge returns. The above-mentioned tips should definitely help you create an impressive Instagram Marketing Strategy and provide you long-term benefits.

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