It’s the number game now!

A humongous level of competition is right now happening ONLINE on the social media giants as brands are on a rampage to get the maximum LIKES possible. Social media campaigns are the cutting-edge marketing tools which lets a brand fly high and for REAL.

Pardon the shouty capitals but honestly we think that social media platforms do provide any brand a wide arena to improve their branding. And what else than Facebook, the forbearer of this brand marketing game that has engulfed major global companies in a rat race across the world?

So, if you are truly looking to enhance your brand image and awareness within a SHORT period of time via a plausible Facebook marketing strategy then you need the right brand content.

For that you have to come to us, for we are experienced content writers who profess their talent exceptionally well in the social media domain.


Social media writers be like

FYI: 1.86 billion people are active FB monthly users! This number is expected to get a 17% rise in the coming years.

Your Facebook marketing strategy needs to be something unprecedented. And this is where we can sort out your issues. By posting relevant quality content using a number of media like

  • Text videos
  • Vlogs
  • Brand story posts
  • Brand statuses
  • FB posts on a daily basis

We can surely get your FB campaigns go VIRAL!

Our team of expert social media writers is group of the new-age millennials who know the ins and outs of social media platforms. Not only are they themselves active users, but we have worked on a number of global companies’ social media marketing. This has given us credence and a substantial base of ideas which we utilise for masking a brand get known amongst its potential client hub.

Facebook campaigns are the hot ‘in’ things followed by almost every organisation aiming to grasp wider audience base in a few minutes. The amount of advertisement you can get on FB equals no other social media platform.

Our professional content writers know how to –

  1. Craft and schedule status updates
  2. Generate content to maximize your FB page engagement
  3. Write apt Ads to generate website conversions
  4. Create Ads to promote your upcoming brand event
  5. Utilise easy to engage advertisement content

Why “Tag” us along?

You see, we will not scare your brand image on social media for sure! We will not make it look like a giant constant posting nagging brand. NO, we are not that diabolical!

What we will do is that increase your official website traffic by crafting a viable brand content in many diverse forms such as statuses, postings, ad, videos etc. Our team knows how to conduct to the point Facebook campaigns.

From now on, focus on your core business area as we, the team of Das Writing Services will take off this load from your shoulders and help your Facebook marketing strategy hit the high road!

The team has successfully delivered [no.] of projects and still going.

Every blog writing project that comes our way is not always the same, even if it’s from the same client. Requirements change almost every month with the changing behaviour of their target audience. Our team conducts a thorough R&D before planning a content to precisely meet the objective of each project.

We can create niche blogs for promoting your specific services including – e-commerce solutions, mobile apps development, creative design, PPC management, social media management and more. We do accept orders in bulk.

In a span of few years, we had the opportunity to work with [no.] clients getting satisfactory blog writing services for their digital marketing business. Some of them are [names].

No matter yours is an established business or a start-up, Das Writing Services can help you find the right words to convey your brand objective through convincing blogs. We are open to working with individual bloggers too. In that case, instead of a sales-oriented approach, our professional blog writers design content to educate your audience and increase your ranking in SERP.

Here are some of the valuable feedbacks we received from our esteemed clients.

“Associating with Das Writing Services benefitted us due to their comprehensive knowledge about our industry. Looking forward to working with you soon again.”      

“Their quality is more than what I expected for my blog. Highly recommended.”