At present, the entire world revolves around the internet, and somehow everyone one has a query to ask from Google.

Most probably you too came across this blog via a Google search.

There is a popular saying that โ€œthe best place to hide a dead body is in the second page of Google search results.โ€ It is a satirical remark on how almost no one checks the second page of any search result ever.

What is worse is that almost 47% of online traffic will visit the first search result, and this number keeps exponentially decreasing from there. So, to garner a substantial amount of organic traffic, a website needs to rank at the top.

The requirement for ranking at the top keeps changing and at present, the hot topic in the internet world is FAQ rich snippet. Google focuses on answering questions, and FAQs get it done faster than most other things.

Before using this new feature for optimisation, you need to know what it is and how does it help you to rank better.

What is FAQ rich snippet?

This is a tactic of incorporating a list โ€œfrequently asked questionsโ€ in a content to enhance its quality. If it is marked up properly this list of questions and answers will appear as a rich content to Google, and it will appear as a snippet on search results.

This increases a webpageโ€™s click through rate and helps its viewer to understand better what kind of queries the page will be answering.

As you can see in the picture, this snippet is a part of the result link, and your content does not have to be first to attain this. However, as it helps in increasing the organic traffic in your site, this snippet can become a reason for your acing the ranking game.

Now that you know how FAQ rich snippet can benefit your website, the obvious next step is to understand how to use it. Anyone with basic WordPress knowledge can master how to add FAQ schema markup to their website.

This single addition can bring a significant difference to your website, and it will be evident on your Google analytics as well.

How is it taking over the internet?

To make oneโ€™s Google search experience more interesting, the search engine encourages webmasters to add interactive images, featured snippets, video carousel, people-also-ask section and various types of rich snippets.

Among these, the most convenient is the FAQ rich snippet as it is both easy to add and find answers with.

For example, when searched โ€œWhat is the use of SEOโ€ in Google search bar, the following page ranked 6th in its search results.

However, the three questions in its rich snippet are enough to answer the respective query in brief.

Anyone who is looking to know more about SEO but lacks time would rather read these FAQs than click on the link that is at the top.

Tips to create the best FAQ section

As this feature is gaining importance in the eyes of Google, more people are adding it to their respective websites.

So how will your content stand out among others?

Here are two essential tips to follow to make your FAQ rich snippet unique.

  • Do not complicate your question.

A straight forward question will garner more attention as it will be easier for more people to understand what it is actually about.

For example, in the picture above the questions are pretty easy to understand and answers a single concern to keep it less confusing. Even though this particular page is ranking last on the first page, it is more likely to get clicked than the ones above it.

  • Keep the answers short and accurate.

If you write a huge paragraph, the chances are that most people will not read it.

Using the same example, you can see that the answer to the 3rd question is just two short sentences. But the idea is clear and caters to the query very nicely.

  • Know the optimum length and style for your question.

FAQ answers can be a few sentences, a paragraph, few bullet points etc. Should you wish to just write them for being featured, the length should not exceed 50-60 words. However, you can definitely write more for ranking and other SEO purposes.

The best way to understand what Google is up to is by keeping a habit of regular browsing. You will come across many trends like FAQ rich snippet and simultaneously understand your competitors. Add them wisely to your content and experience a boom in your organic traffic.