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Landing Page Writing Services


For how long you have been thriving to re-direct your customers to a worthy page that is going to benefit your business? This particular page that grabs the maximum attention

and gives way to better business is known as a landing page.

Das Writing Services has done a thorough research on the significance of landing page and optimization of it to get better ranking. We offer efficient landing page writing services

that are going to boost their website as well as business.

Before getting into the service details, there are certain things that you must be aware of.


What is landing page optimization?


LPO is crucial to bring business and by converting traffic into leads and then into loyal customers. This calls for a particular pattern of design as well as formatting, and this process is known as Landing Page Optimization.

A remarkable landing page copy has the potential to convert at least 60% more traffic and boost business by 30% within a week.


Data as per Landing page

  • The success of Pay Per Click depends on the quality if the Landing page.
  • 62% of the successful B2B websites have more than 6 landing pages
  • 80% of landing pages that comes on top 5 of Google ranking use a long tail keyword for successful ranking.
  • Backlinking or re-direction of landing pages need to be done professionally as one wrong link can bring down the business by 20%.

Considering the intricacies of landing pages, it is important to hire our professional SEO content writers to get you effective landing page for business.


Importance of landing pages


1. Generate leads with ease

There are times by re-directing leads to the social media pages or another digital marketing platform; there is a tenacity of losing them. However, when these leads are re-directed to one the landing pages, the conversion rate is higher.

2. A place to provide marketing offers

A properly written landing page by our SEO content writing services India is going to present the offers, deals, and services of your website to clients on one page. This makes it convenient for customers to make sure that they don’t skip any of the good deal or service.

3. Advertising conversion

An effective landing page is also going to serve as a platform for better advertising conversion. It gives way to better marketing prospect and generates more traffic.

Landing page advertising costs 30% less than other advertising. So, invest smartly and call us for our landing web content writing services India.


Which are the SEO factors that affect landing page?


  • Headline/ title: This should be catchy and try to keep it to 80 characters. Also, place a keyword and incorporate the name of the company or the service. Sounds too much work in such less character count? Don’t worry, avail our website content writing services Kolkata and frame the perfect title.
  • Meta content: It consists of Meta title and description. Meta content also helps in improving the rank of a website.
  • Keyword placement: It is important to put keywords that are effective and ensure not to overstuff it; else it can spam the content.
  • Linking/ backlinking: Backlinking helps in improving the informative value of the content. However, improper backlinks can also lead to de-ranking of the content.

You will get all these advantages from our Landing page writing services.


How do we work for you?


Das Writing Services follows an organized and systematic pattern of working like –

Research: Our team of professional SEO writers India makes sure that they perform proper research work and gets hold of proper data as well as information.

Developing the content: They incorporate the data and company information in a flawless manner which gives way to a well-framed content.

Placement of keywords: Google crawlers check whether there is keyword stuffing or not and accordingly, they block the site.

Proofreading: We have a team of professional proofreaders who checks the content of landing pages after the developers frame the content.

Editing: In case if there is any incorrect or improper information, we make sure to change them and provide a proper content.

Delivery of the content: We finally deliver the best landing page to you.

Our web content writing services will never leave you disheartened!


Why are we the best for you?


We choose to put your priority at the top!

  • Error free content
  • Plagiarism free content
  • No grammatical mistake
  • Competitive price
  • Round the year service
  • Free sample
  • Editing
  • On-time delivery

Enhance your website and boost your business profit with our Landing page writing services. Get the best and most from us soon!