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Best Viral Content Writing


Viral content writing! How often have you heard this term? Presently, if you are trying to put an impact in the web world, indulging in viral posts and contents is a must! To be

precise about its importance, here is a little survey detail:

6 out of 10 contents that people read on a daily basis are viral posts. This means, 60% of the contents that people circulate are viral posts which presently has the potential to catch attention. It has a potential of levering the rank and popularity of a website by 25% to 30% within a short duration.

More than 2,500 people read the same viral post daily! 

Being one of the best content writing agencies in India, Das Writing Services make sure to focus on this service the most and deliver the best to our clients.


Bringing Viral posts under the limelight…

The reason why viral posts are so famous is that it is catchy, interesting and is on the trending topics mostly. We have some of the best SEO Content Writers Kolkata who assertively make it a point to enhance the quality of their content.

 Here is what they do –

1. Extensive research!

Our team ensures to keep a tab on the trending topics from different genres so that they can give the best to our clients. As a result, each content has 20% more chance of being viral. And… you will be the gainer!

2. Adding images or video

Memes, GIFs, videos, and images always tend to add that ‘extra’ bit in a person’s imagination. It also exalts the reading experience that breaks the monotony of normal content, making this the ‘special’ and attractive one!

We, the best content writing agency in Kolkata will give way to the perfect images with excellent clarity.

*If you are using images from Google, avoid taking images with watermarks.

3. Catchy headings and  sub-headings

The first thing that makes a reader click on a post is the heading, and we make sure that every heading is catchy.

Also, the sub-headings must be relatable with the content. This is one of the major points that make a viral post a ‘Viral post’!

4. Writing precisely

No long sentences or bullet points as such. It is best to stick to 2-3 sentences maximum. It takes years of experience to come up with the perfect tone for viral posts. Our SEO Content Writers Kolkata can do this flawlessly and once you read their post, you will surely re-read again.

Each content we deliver has the tinge of ‘good-read.'

5. Every Viral content writing follows the SEO guidelines

No matter what you are posting in Google, getting approval is imperative. Following SEO guidelines and writing can get quite difficult if you are not trained to do so. For the perfect outcome, we, the best content writing company in Kolkata will give deliver content that follows all the SEO rules.

As you are special to us, Das Writing Services also checks the content in SEO plugins to make sure that it adheres to most of the SEO guideline!


Why are we one of the better content writing agencies in India?

We are here because of you..

With such intent, we make sure to deliver nothing but the best for our clients. For this reason, here are the following things you can expect from us –

  • Highest quality
  • Perfect grammar and sentence framing
  • Best images
  • Free editing
  • Free sample for our first time clients
  • On time delivery
  • Competitive price

Work with Das Writing Services once to have the best experience ever! So, when are you getting your Viral content writing done?