Yes, you heard that right. Experts call it the cancer of the web which slowly but surely brings down a URL. It starts by eating up your website traffic, which gradually transpires to a ranking demotion and finally, your site is lost.

Are you already freaking out? Wait, there is more… In fact, you may be shocked to know that the ultimate cause of your website’s downfall is probably YOU. We know, we know! You still can’t believe your eyes. So, let’s take up a few causes of bounce rate and justify the above two lines.

Poor or irrelevant title construction:

No matter how precisely impeccable your content is, every inch of effort will go in vain if you do not have a catchy and appealing title in place. Most websites lose their beloved readers due to this reason. On the contrary, some websites may rank in SERPs because of catchy titles, which interests the readers and results in a click.

Website loading time:

Will you spend ‘30 long seconds’ waiting for a random website to load? If your answer is a “NO,” then the above acquisition is perfectly justified.

Uninformative content:

Your title is a “click baiter,” and your website runs amazingly fast. All things passed, now content can play the antagonist. Irrelevant and disorganized content will make people drop interest in your website. So, you lose traffic.

These justifications do seem logical, don’t they? If you are nodding to the above ‘bullets’ and self-realization is slowly deeming on to your worried senses, then welcome to your second phase – “THE SOLUTIONS.”

Time has come to nullify all negatives and take your site to the zenith of success. So, let’s get in terms with the person who can be your venture’s lifesaver at this juncture – it’s YOU, my friend. Even more curious?

Then, gather these weapons in your inventory and start saving the day!!!

The perfect Title:

The perfect title is one that attracts a horde of users to click on your link as well as bear a direct relevance to your site’s content. Your title should make a reader inquisitive and curious about your site’s content which will compel him to click on the blue hyperlink. Among with that, try to add numerical values to the titles. For instance “5 powerful reasons why SEO is necessary” exerts more inquisitiveness in the minds of the user, than a normal one.

Note: Do not forget to do the same for each page of your website. Each drop of water together makes the ocean; so every titled page will ultimately lead to your website’s overall SEO optimization.

Be it your blog or website, the average waiting time for web scrollers clock at 2 to 3 seconds (that’s how patient we are!). So, your website needs to be fast. In this respect, images play a vital role. High-resolution images will take up more cache slowing down your site.

So, optimize your images through an editor or even better; go for Infographics. These come as a useful substitution of images and even include information that enhances your site’s SEO. Before scrolling, check your site’s JavaScript as well (complex codes create slower sites).

The more you optimise your page, less will be the loading time. This will eventually result in the user’s sticking to your website, and therefore, will be instrumental in reducing the bounce rate of your website.

Simplified site navigation:

No one will enjoy finding their way through complex maze menus and submenus to read your blogs or access your products. Therefore, categorizing the content up to this much can make the users impatient and result in an increase in bounce rate. So, design a site that has limited menus or options and clearly demonstrates your website’s posts or services. The lesser time readers take to get to their destination, the more likely are they to stay on your website (and even come back).

Also, avoid unnecessary pop-ups on your site. A large pop up in the middle of the screen disrupts readers’ concentration and often can be very annoying.

This is called enhancing customer experience or CX.

So, feeling much better now? These strategies can precisely help in freeing your site from the clamps of this cancerous bounce rate. What’s more? Gear up; apply these strategies and be a silver lining for your online venture.