According to a report presented by the ‘Modern Workplace 2019’, about 41% of employers extend the remote working facility to their employees. And this figure is expected to rise in future. With the current coronavirus pandemic in view, most of the companies are forced to shut down because of safety measures and rely on working from home or remote working.

While this keeps your business on wheels, a decline in productivity, business growth, work-life balance, etc. can be hampered in significant ways. Despite the challenges faced by businesses, they can evade the situation and grow their business.

Against all the odds, this can be done if you are determined and have a proper action plan to go. Here, this list will help you improve productivity and grow your business while working from home.

Ways to Grow Business While Working From Home

Do you want to know how to grow your business? Read these ways to find out how!

1. Setting up Workspace

Workspace data
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The figure above shows various distractions one may have to face while working from home. Therefore, it becomes a necessity to find a working space where these indulgences can be as minimal as possible. Set proper working hours and ensure that no one disturbs you during that time.

2. Managing Workforce

A company isn’t a one-man army but has multiple employees who work together contributing to your company’s success. And anyone employee or a group not being able to work can be a downfall for your business.

Hence, it becomes imperative to find out if all your employees have the needed tools and equipment such as laptop, desktop, high-speed internet connectivity, router, etc. If not, companies should manage to equip them with the needed resource so that employees can work without any hindrance.

3. Task List Creation

Since improving productivity is your focus, you need to create a task list. It helps you specify all the essential tasks in hand and things you want to do in future. This is essential to understand which task is essential and needs to be done first. Besides, meeting deadlines and weekly goals will be easier if you create a task list.

4. Communication Procedure & Expectation Declaration

Since working from home situation changes the approach you communicate with your peers and subordinates, it becomes imperative that you set communication procedure. You need to find out a proper channel which is convenient for communication, not only for the employer but the employees as well.

They should also ensure to check with the team if they are working correctly on the task. Daily reports or arranging daily meetings over platforms like Skype, Zoom, etc. will help employers to communicate appropriately and ensure flexible work can be done.

5. Maintain Client Relationship & Look for New Prospects

Since the work from the home situation has changed the conventional office process, companies may struggle to function like before. However, businesses need to maintain a cordial relationship with the client. Companies need to communicate with their clients so that they have an uninterrupted flow of work.

Client Relationship
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Besides, they should also look for newer prospects so that they can gain more clients. It will help your business expand client-base and get uninterrupted and increased workflow.

6. Review Objectives and Process

The process you are relying on for your business should be reviewed from time to time. This will provide insight on whether or not the process is effective and is functioning as it should. In case it is not, you will have to modify the process so that your sales or revenue increases with the improved strategy.

7. Decompress Time to Time

Working from home may lead to situations when an individual forgets to take a break and may end up overworking. This may cause adverse effects in the long run as health can be affected. Therefore, one should decompress time to time, take short breaks. This will help maintain a work-life balance.

Conclusion –

Working from home might be a new situation for businesses, but they can improve their productivity and revenue if they have the right strategy. Following these pointers will help businesses to grow further in their respective industry.