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Now, why aren’t they stopping by?

Various sources might have advised you to build blogs for more traffic, but where are the readers? Well, they might not be coming for some of these reasons.

  • The blog content writing is not properly optimized for search engine
  • It is lacking substantial promotions in social media platforms
  • Either the topic is clichéd, or the content is not that engaging to hook the readers
  • Your blog is deprived of a seductive and enticing title that will force web scrollers to click
  • Your blogs are too much sales oriented, talking more about your products and services
  • You haven’t focused on the appropriate keywords
  • Its quality is not up to the standard and readers are finding it boring

Stats say it all!

If you are still wondering why blogs are so important for your business, we believe these facts would answer your doubts.

  • More than 126% of lead growth for small businesses happens solely because of blogging
  • If you write around 20 to 30 blog posts in a month, your web traffic can increase by 30%
  • Of the total browsing time by web scrollers, 23% is spent by them on blogs
  • Companies that opt for professional blog writing services have 97% of more inbound backlinks
  • B2B marketers can generate 67% more leads just by blogging
  • Companies that have positioned their blogs every month for 1 to 2 times have seen a growth of 67% in their sales.

Clearly, statistics have proved that blog content writing is one of the most effective tools for content marketing and brand visibility.

Apart from these, we are aware of the upcoming trends of blog writing in 2018.

  • Paid form of blog distribution and promotion has increased drastically
  • Word count has also increased over the past few years as they are performing better as per demand (top links with average word count - 1,140-1,285)
  • Blogs that contain images receive 94% of more views than those without images

We craft the blogs according to the latest trends and market demands to hook maximum readers. Our professional content writers give more importance to reader interaction through our write-ups.

We will provide you with content curation and perfect blogging plan

We will find out every missing hole in your content plan and cover those with our exciting blog writing service. Our qualified writers are always ready to cater to your needs.Moreover, we will also provide guest posting services for blogs if the client so desires.

  • Custom writing management and selection
  • High quality and error free content
  • Steady publishing schedules
  • Affordable pricing options
  • Effective customer service

So, without any delay, give our content writing services a call today and witness your website’s traffic receive a substantial rise. Our bloggers are ready to cater to every need of yours.

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