Have you always been dependent on the common SEO approaches?

How has that worked out for you so far?

Recently, if you think such approaches are not generating enough traffic for your website, maybe it’s time to adopt better content strategies and approaches.

For starters, you need to shift your focus towards creating quality authoritative content.

Now, when we say authoritative content we are talking about quality content that is relevant and important. Also, such content tends to offer better insight into their respective queries and helps target different search phrases.

When it comes to creating organic website traffic, enhancing search visibility and developing credibility, the role of authoritative content is vital. Especially, at a time when popular search engines like Google are laying more emphasis on meaningful content that is high quality.

What makes content truly authoritative?

Any content would be deemed authoritative if it matches the following –

  • Highlights authority on a topic one has searched for.
  • Offers better insight into a topic and uncovers its newer angles.
  • Fulfils the audience’s search intent in the first place.

Other than these, such content should also have these elements of authoritative content –

  • Lengthy content- Lengthy content creates a notion of extensive coverage.
  • In-depth coverage of the topic enhances its quality and makes the content valuable.
  • Proper citations and accurate information enhance its credibility and create a positive impact.
  • Graphical and visual data or relevant statistics tend to increase the value of a write-up and make it visually attractive.

Given the importance of quality authoritative content in digital marketing, it has become the ultimate need for companies to learn ways to how they can create such content.

How can you create quality authoritative content?

We have listed 10 tips to create authoritative content to offer you a brief idea on the subject –

1. Interactive content

Attracting the target audience’s attention works great for generating organic website traffic. What works even better in your favour is how capable your content is in retaining their attention.

The key to making your content attractive to your audience is making it interactive and engaging.

For instance, if you use blog posts for your website make it a point to work on its tone and deliverance.

You may also consider seeking the help of a copywriting agency to churn out the best quality authoritative content for your website and its target.

Here’s how you can create interactive content for your website –

  • It should tell a story
  • It should be relevant to the topic
  • It should raise questions and offer answers
  • It should have a subtle CTA
  • Its format should be visually appealing

2. Well–researched original content

It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation.”

One of the most effective tips to create authoritative content is using original content for your website. When you produce original and well-researched content it offers a fresh perspective and better insight into an existing topic.

It also makes your target audience appreciate the fresh perspective and enhances the overall appeal of your website. It also creates a healthy notion that the company is equipped with the latest trends in the market and better at catering to their needs and requirements. 

3. Add relevant videos and images

It is a well-known fact that the use of visuals tends to have a greater impact on learning and retention power. Use this to your advantage by incorporating videos and images into your content to make them more attractive and memorable.

Subsequently, you should ensure the videos and images you use in your content are relevant to the discussed topic and will help create quality authoritative content. Doing so, will not only enhance the attractiveness of your website content but will also improve its credibility.

For example, if a content writing agency would produce an article on their services; the image below may serve as a relevant image.

4. Update your content

Why would be anyone interested in your website when there are websites that are churning out a copious amount of fresh content regularly? To withstand the growing competition for lead generation, you must update your content frequently. You do not have to update your content 3-5 times a day, but updating at least one valuable post would go a long way in boosting your website ranking. Producing fresh posts regularly will help

Staying ahead of the pack has its share of perks.

Keeping up with the trends is probably one of the best tips for creating authoritative content.

Websites that are in sync with the changing market trends are better equipped to cater to the ever-evolving tastes and preferences of their target. Use the new market trends by incorporating them into your content and produce authoritative content for blog posts, articles or listicles.

6. Include guest posts

Did you know you can use authoritative content for sales increase?

It’s easy.

Try to include guest posts from influential social personalities on your website.

When you incorporate a blog post of an influential guest blogger, you are more likely to convert website leads into potential customers.

Guest posts help generate organic traffic, expand subscriber base and enhance brand awareness among target audiences. All of which are directly responsible for increasing sales. Nevertheless, it will work best if they produce authoritative content for a blog that is top-notch in quality.

7. Use infographics

Are you aware of the fact that incorporating relevant infographics would generate 94% more views on it?

Additionally, they prove to be 61% more effective in learning and retaining information.

They not only help break the monotony of content, making it visually more appealing but also help the target retain the information conveyed through such representations.

Here is an example of an effective infographic –

But again, while using infographics it should be kept in mind that they are suitable for the topic and has added value to the content.

Website owners may consider hiring a content writing agency, to help them create better authoritative content for blog posts and articles with the help of tailor-made infographics.

8. Webinars and chatbots

With the current revolution in digital media, a webinar is rapidly emerging as a potent tool for content marketing services. As a means of creating quality authoritative content, most websites host webinars as it directly helps them to develop authority and gain trust. All of which are deemed favourable for creating effective business connections.

Similarly, incorporating a chatbot into your website will help enhance customer engagement and allow website owners to accumulate essential data related to target-oriented queries.

The data generated through chatbots can be used to produce quality authoritative content that will prove beneficial for the business in the long run.

9. Include quizzes and polls

Human beings have an attention span that is shorter than that of a goldfish.

Which is why content must be informative and precise.

Adding quizzes and polls into content will not only make the content interesting but will also prove to be one of the most effective tips for creating authoritative content.

You can seek assistance from a content writing agency to produce content that offers tailor-made quizzes and polls on your topic.

10. Cite information from reliable sources

Credibility is what makes a business sustainable and competent.

To produce quality authoritative content, individuals must ensure the information they offer it is accurate, relevant and credible.

Offering credible information not only influences the rankings positively but also has a favourable impact on the company’s brand value. Additionally, to minimise the risk of extending incorrect information to the target audience, it is imperative to use reliable sources. So, plan your content accordingly.

So, next time while planning content for your website, make sure to incorporate these pointers and make it competent quality authoritative content for Google. You can also avail the help of a professional creative writing agency, to produce content that helps boost your rankings and converts leads into potential sales.

Perks of hiring a content writing agency

The role of quality authoritative content in the current times is vital and so is the need for creating it.

This being said, only a professional and competent content developer has the advantage of producing authoritative content that suits the requirements of both a company and its target audience.

Besides producing premium quality content, here are a few other perks of availing content marketing services –

  • Availing SEO-based content for a website and social media.
  • Voice search optimised content that suits current trends and requirements.
  • Well-researched tailor-made content marketing services like blogs, articles and web pages.

To ensure that the creative writing agency you hire churns out quality authoritative content and helps boost your rankings, make sure they have a track record of delivering 100% plagiarism-free content on time.

So, opt for an agency that offers exceptional content marketing services to boost your ranking and give your website an edge over others!