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Hire Us for Bespoke Fashion & Lifestyle Content Writing

When it comes to the fashion industry, the importance of creative content is supreme. By streamlining fashion & lifestyle content writing, clothing brands can reap the various benefits of content marketing. Targeting the right set of keywords for designer apparel boosts its visibility and ends up creating a long lasting reputation for your brand in the market. That is why lifestyle and garment brands are opting for reputed content writing services to ensure the best online performance of their company.


Our Valued Clients in Fashion and Lifestyle Content Writing Services

The trendy fashion accessory brand partnered with DWS to drive user engagement online with bespoke content. From March 2024, Mia by Tanishq received 60+ on-page as well as off-page link building content. With our optimized branded content, the company increased brand familiarity and receive 14% more website traffic.
Specializing in Indian ethnicwear, Koskii is an up and coming D2C eCommerce brand in the fashion & lifestyle industry. We collaborated with the vision to increase their organic visibility to boost sales. With our 100+ SEO optimized category page content, Koskii secured Top 1-3 SERP positions and greater engagement.
Earth Rhythm is a sustainable modern personal care brand. They partnered with us to increase their website visibility and drive user engagement. With our content marketing plan, Earth Rhythm received 15000+ words of product page content as well as blogs to increase their SERP visibility and drive more conversions.
Rupashree Jewellers, a Kolkata-based jewellery and lifestyle store, collaborated with us in September 2023 to enhance their brand through online presence. With 30+ footer contents and 25K words, we ran content marketing campaign for Rupashree Jewellers. Utilizing our SEO-optimized marketing strategies, they achieved 14x growth in visibility and engagement.
Turtle is one of the forerunners in men’s fashion wear. Competing with global brands, Turtle dominates the urban fashion space in India. We collaborate with Turtle to create tailored product descriptions for their apparels. With 1lakh+ words in customized content, we helped Turtle maintain a uniform brand experience.
Pioneers of trendy fashion , Bewakoof redefined the fashion choice for the Indian youth. We collaborated with the iconic brand to create product descriptions that match their voice. Delivering 47000+ words for their online marketplace, DWS helped Bewakoof crack the perfect brand tone to engage new age audience.

Types of Fashion & Lifestyle Content Writing We Provide

We can deliver catchy and comprehensive fashion blogs that can serve informational as well as commercial intent as well. Our write-ups are subtly promotional that educate first and encourages upselling on your products.
Our articles are customised to enhance your authority in the market. We ensure that your audience receives the best quality articles on latest fashion trends and industry news. By keeping them informed, we help you build a robust audience for your business.
You can boost the SERP ranking of your product and category pages by availing our category page writing services for fashion industry. We implement intent specific keywords that align with your brand goals and help receive better ranking on search engines.
Hiring content writers for fashion websites gives you the freedom to work on your products and leave writing to the experts. Our product descriptions are curated to support your product line up and establish a unified brand voice.
Let our PR content for fashion & lifestyle industry help you create an immersive experience that speaks for your brand. We have teams of experienced writers curating personalised content for you to establish better communication with the public.
Our affiliate blogs are designed promote your products everywhere. No matter the platform, you can use our content to create sponsored links and earn brownie SEO points as an extra!
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Why Choose Das Writing Services?

We are a premium fashion & lifestyle content writing company offering high quality copy and content for decades. We have been associated with leading garments and apparel companies across India to deliver crisp and effective content. We are also

Certified Company

9001:2008 Certified Company


Boasting 12+ Years of Market Experience

Full Time Writers

Team of In-House Trained Full Time Writers

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Brand Optimised Content

Creating Brand Optimised Content

SEO Optimisation

Offering SEO Optimisation by Default

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How Fashion & Lifestyle Content Writing Develop Brands?

The kind of content hosted on a platform or an e-commerce website directly impacts the brand identity of a company. Each product description of an apparel or blog about new fashion trends or even style guides play a decisive role in communicating the ideas and values of the company. The 3 factors of a customised content are vital for a uniform brand identity– Choice of Tone, Choice of Words, and Choice of Style.

It all goes on to shape the vision and mission of a fashion and clothing brand. It is this ethos or character portrayed through content that creates a unique identity, draws customers, and retains them. Fashion and lifestyle content writing services pay special attention to curate the right voice that reflects your brand image. And enhance its reputation in the market.

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Why Outsource Fashion & Lifestyle Content Writing Services?

For modern day clothing companies doing it all on your own can be a tedious job. Especially if you run a boutique or a standalone online store, managing it all can be overwhelming at times. But it must not stop your product from excelling at all platforms. That is why, it is ideal to outsource your fashion & lifestyle content requirements to a professional agency.


Cost Effective

Hiring a team of writers and editors can significantly increase your operating cost. Instead, outsourcing to a top-quality lifestyle content writing agency provides a more ROI driven solution.


Quick Turnaround Time

Professional content writing services offer faster deliveries. Because of their access to expert writers, the turnaround time is minimal and helps fashion entrepreneurs to execute their content plan without any hiccups.


Uniform Quality

Professional agencies pay close attention to maintain a uniform quality of content across the board. It blends easily with your existing content and improves your brand value.



Seamless Revisions

In spite of delivering quality content, the dynamic nature of the fashion industry may require revisions at times. Professional agencies help you get through quick revisions in a jiffy. Making sure to not cause any delay to your content marketing plan.


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Benefits of Hiring Lifestyle Content Writing Agency

With the assistance of professional fashion content writers, garment companies and fashion stores can provide a rapid boost to their products. Especially in the age of the internet when most people shop online, attracting online traffic is crucial to sustain smooth operations. With high quality content, you can launch your content marketing campaign in full swing without having to pay a fortune.

1. Customised Content

All brands are singular and require a unique identity to flourish in the internet. Hiring a professional fashion content writing agency gives you access to a set of customised content that serves the niche of your industry. It is instrumental in drawing relevant traffic and solidifies the position of your business among the competitors.


2. Engaging & Better Readability

Expert written fashion content is not only professional in appearance; they also offer optimised readability for the internet. For examples, our content is curated to hook the readers. Since longer session time increases the conversion potential, useful content directly impacts your conversion rates.

3. SEO Optimised

Securing a good rank on the SERP is the most crucial in the fashion industry. Keeping that in mind, we ensure all our write-ups are optimised as per the latest SEO trends to deliver better rankings.


4. Establish Reputation

The quality of the content on a business website is integral to create a lasting impression. With our standardized, pre-formatted, and publication-ready content, you are ensured to command a positive reputation in the market. This is what substantially improves the online performance of your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does hiring a professional fashion & lifestyle content writing agency enhance a fashion brand?

Getting the services of experienced content writers can help you showcase a uniform quality of content. This is the first step in producing brand specific content and gives you a more professional look.

How to find the best fashion & lifestyle industry content writers for my business?

You can get the right agency/writer based on your project requirements, budget and timeline. Evaluate your agency on the following grounds before committing with anyone –

  1. average delivery time
  2. cost per word
  3. industry experience
  4. testimonials of other clients
  5. customised sample

Only when you feel satisfied with their response to the factors above, you can go ahead to work with a writer and company and get the best deal for your project.

Do you hold copyright over your fashion & lifestyle content writing?

Once you clear the payments, you become the rightful owner of all the content that we have delivered to you. Now you can publish it wherever you like without worrying about copyright or plagiarism.

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