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Backlinks are still a determining page ranking factor in 2021 because of Google’s Page Rank algorithm. Google continues to give priority to sites that have inbound links coming from other websites. Inbound links increase the domain authority of a website. Hence, the website rank rapidly increases in SERPs.

So, how to get backlinks to your site? The No. 1 way to get backlinks to your website is via guest blogging. Guest blog writing on third party sites contains inbound links to your websites.

But what are guest blog posts? Guest blogs are posted on another website similar to your niche. That site should allow the inclusion of backlinks.

Guest blog writing for backlinks

Das Writing Services has actively partnered with clients on their endeavour to accumulate backlinks. We know that guest blogging is a chance for the client to promote themselves on another website. With potential audiences widening and Google ranking surging, guest posting is an essential component of the SEO journey. 

DWS creates guests posts with strict adherence to the rules of the third party website. Moreover, guests blogs will have organic placement of backlinks. 

Promotion on 3rd party site

Wider audience

Increase site rank

Increase traffic to a site

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The Art of Guest Blog Writing

Guest blogging requires skill and an editor’s eye. In addition, the text needs to conform with the third party website’s rules. The target website will only allow you to post provided your content is relevant, informative, and unique.

Some of the guidelines you need to follow are the blog tone, formatting, number of hyperlinks, images, etc. Writing blogs that readers skim through will only increase that website’s bounce rate. A higher bounce rate will cause website rank to go down.

Hence, ensure that your guest blogs matter to readers as target websites take a risk by giving you the opportunity.

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How to write the perfect guest blogs?

Writing a guest blog that keeps the readers engaged throughout requires help from content writing services like Das Writing Services Pvt. Ltd. The professional writers that we employ know the ins and outs of blog writing and guest posting.

We understand that guest blogs are key content that helps to shoot up rankings. However, writing one is not easy! 

Hence, at Das Writing Services, we ensure that the guest blog has:

Hence, at Das Writing Services, we ensure that the guest blog has:

Relevant information for the reader
Unique and educational content
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Content is niche-specific
High search volume keywords
Organic backlink integration
Widens target audience
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Why Wait Any Further?

You can boost your lead generation by 67% at least if you post the right blogs. Reach out to us for professional help, as we are here to save your day with our blog writing services and scale the SERP!

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How do we work?

The writers at our disposal have spent countless hours perfecting guest post writing services. Moreover, blogging requires a highly specific tone and language usage. Hence, writers start learning thoroughly about clients and the products or services they provide. Next, they determine the target audience for your blog and the writing specifically for them.

There are plenty of more steps in between the perfect guest post and a backlink. First, writers have to research the keywords and infuse the keywords into the content seamlessly.

Next comes the exciting part of framing the guest post. Again, writers seamlessly integrate hyperlinks to relevant anchor texts. After the above steps, our editors enter the scene.

They run the blog through various programs to ensure that the blog is relevant to your needs, grammatically correct, SEO friendly and plagiarism-free. The primary motive is to make sure you have a great guest blog!

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