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If you are a YouTube creator, you know how important it is to have a compelling and SEO-friendly description for your videos. A good description can help you rank higher on YouTube and Google search results, attract more viewers and subscribers, and increase your revenue.

But writing a good description is not easy. It requires creativity, research, and optimization skills. You need to know how to write a catchy and informative summary of your video content, how to use relevant keywords and phrases, how to include a call to action and social media links, and how to format and proofread your description.

We will study your requirement and get set to writing the best YouTube video description so your brand succeeds.

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Video Description Writing

YouTube video description writing isn’t a piece of cake. However, if you want your hard work to be viewed by several people, you will need the help of a good description. After all, SEO-optimized descriptions are the first way to get your video content to rank!

Channel Description

We will integrate keywords organically, mostly long-tail ones, in the YouTube channel description. Also, a crisp channel description can tell your audience what your business or brand is all about. Moreover, it can inspire them to click on the link to your website.

Hence, good video and written content go hand-in-hand. So, contact Das Writing Services for a free sample today!

Video Script Writing

Apart from YouTube video description writing, we also offer scriptwriting!

All great YouTube videos come with a script that the presenter narrates. This script should start strong, with a bang, and continue to be lively. It should clearly explain whatever the presenter wants to say. Moreover, the script should succeed in captivating the audience. 

Further, a script should also be short and to the point. It should help build an online persona that people will want to hear again and again. Hence, Das Writing Services can help you create the best video transcripts for your requirements. 

Choose Das Writing Services today for your YouTube video description writing and related content!

Video Title Writing

Video title writing is a very nuanced job. It involves deciding which keyword to rank for on the YouTube result page. Therefore, it can be quite a challenge to figure out exactly how to frame a title.

If content creation is not the business’s focus, you can always outsource the job to us. But, to save you from this entire trouble where you spend enduring hours to formulate the RIGHT title, our team is here!

Hence, choose video title writing options from Das Writing Services and watch as your video races to the top of YouTube’s search results. 


Why Partner with Das Writing Services?

With our YouTube video description writing services you get access to top quality contents:

– Customized and original descriptions that match your video content and         style
– Keyword research and optimization to increase your visibility and reach
– Call to action and social media links to drive more traffic and conversions
– Proper formatting and grammar to ensure readability and professionalism
– Unlimited revisions until you are 100% satisfied

The last decade has seen a colossal digital boom on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  Being ahead of the game entails you invest aggressively in all these marketing channels.

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How We Work?

At Das Writing Services, we ensure the quality of your YouTube descriptions by following these steps:

  • We carefully review your video content and script to understand your message and purpose
  • Conduct thorough keyword research and analysis to find the best keywords and phrases for your niche and audience.
  • Write a catchy and informative summary of your video content, using the keywords and phrases in a natural and relevant way.
  • Include CTA and social media links to encourage your viewers to take action and follow you.
  • Format and proofread your description to align with industry standards.
  • Check your description for plagiarism and originality using reliable tools.
  • Send you the description for your feedback and approval, and make any changes if needed.

Why Outsource YouTube Video Writing?

Coming up with the right YouTube content to engage your audience is labour-intensive. By hiring professional video script writers, you are assured to get customised scripts and descriptions curated for your business. With us, here are some of the benefits you enjoy:

  • Cost Efficient

Writing YouTube video description content for your channel is not a piece of cake. It requires extended resources along with intensive research and development to come up with a content that engages the viewers.

  • Professional Quality

Writing professional contents for YouTube takes years of practice. Our professional video description writers are trained to provide consistent high quality scripts and descriptions that improves the performance of your channel.

  • Best SEO Practices

SEO is integral for every video in the internet to get maximum attention from the users. Our in-house SEO trained writers use the latest and trending SEO strategies that can put your videos on the top of the search rankings.

  • Brand Enhancement

By outsourcing YouTube video description writing, you are assured to receive customised content that is tailored to your brand vision and ideals. With them, your video marketing strategy gets a jump start to yield faster results.

  • Time Efficient

For a business, time is always of the essence and it cannot be wasted on months of research and strategizing. That is where a third party agency’s expertise proves useful. With expert writers and industry leading practices, you get the best quality content at the earliest!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Write Content For My YouTube Channel?

When writing a YouTube video content, the audience is most important. Keep in mind the consumer persona and write your content accordingly.

Should You Write a Script For a YouTube Video?

Writing a high quality and engaging script is essential to attract and retain audiences to your video. Using videos without a well-defined script can be time consuming and produce below-average results.

How Do You Start Writing a Video?

You should start with defining the topic and the end results of your video before going into the particulars. The end goal should be to explain your topic entirely with interesting visual clips or data to retain the audience.

Do Vloggers Write Scripts?

It depends on the preference of the particular vlogger. Some like to stick to a loose script while others just go as they like. Based on your performance and target audience, you should determine if you need a script or not. A well prepared vlog always has higher chances of retaining viewers.

How Long is a 10 Minute YouTube Script?

A 10 minute long video script usually has roughly 1400-1500 words. Depending on the preferred time length of your videos, you can work out how long should your script be. Keep in mind that the scripts are supposed to be listened, not read – so, make sure the scripts maintain a conversational tone throughout the video.