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Hire Content Auditors and Planners to Boost Your Digital Footprint

Are you not getting enough engagements on your content? Are you not receiving steady traffic even after publishing new blogs? Whether you are a seasoned entrepreneur or newbie in the market, harnessing the full potential of content marketing can be challenging for the uninitiated.

Don’t be disheartened, help us help you! Avail our complete content audit & planning services today to get measureable results for your content marketing goals. As a reputed content writing company, we extend content strategy services to help you achieve your digital marketing goals and generate impactful leads for your business. Contact us to book your personalised consultation today!

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Why Content Audit is Essential?

When stepping up your digital marketing game, a thorough audit of your present content strategy and performance is essential. With us, you get comprehensive content audit & planning services: 


Identify Gaps in Content Plan

Content audit allows you to trace the gaps in your existing content plan. It opens up the option to explore a new genre of content that helps you attract an increased number of your target audience.


Optimize Keyword Strategy

By optimizing the choice of keywords for which your business intends to rank. A thorough content audit by professional content experts lets you tap new demographics and locations of the audience.


Create an Efficient Content Inventory

A content audit is also a good opportunity to get a complete list of content published across different platforms. That inventory helps you track the performance of your posts and update them efficiently.



Evaluate SEO Performance

Hiring professional content auditing services also entitles you to get a thorough diagnostics of the SEO performance of your website. By knowing what works for you and what does not yield results, you allocate your time and resources more optimally.


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Why You Need Content Planning Services?

Digital marketing is a systematic process that requires planning and research to come up with the right strategy that works for you. Each business is different and they need personalized SEO content planners to get measurable results. Here is everything you are missing out on without an impactful content planner service provider:

1. Receive Steady Traffic

By creating and publishing relevant and valuable content on a regular basis, you can attract the target audience and retain loyal readers to drive more organic traffic to your website. A consistent flow of traffic is the first sign of a useful content plan.


2. Rank for Convertible Keywords

With strategic usage of niche intent-defining keywords, you can get commercial traffic to the website. This helps you receive qualified leads for the product and services and optimizes your marketing campaign for results.

3. Generate Brand Awareness

By creating and distributing informative, entertaining, and educational content, you can showcase expertise, authority, and credibility in the industry. This will help you to build trust and loyalty among your potential and existing customers.


4. Improve Search Engine Performance

Publishing well-planned content that is helpful to the readers on a regular basis gradually builds your credibility in the industry. It boosts the overall search engine performance of your website and gets more impressions and clicks for each post.


5. Optimize ROI

By measuring and analysing the performance of your content, premium content planners identify what works and what doesn’t. This allows them to optimize your content strategy and budget accordingly and maximize your return on investment (ROI).

6. Establishes Thought Leadership

Original and innovative content that is published periodically allows you to establish a unique reputation in the market. They allow you to emerge as a thought leader that demonstrates leadership in the industry.

Our Content Audit and Planning Process

As one of the leading SEO content auditors and planners, we follow a proven content strategizing process that ensures quality results and customer satisfaction. We follow the following steps to produce a ROI driven content planner:

1. Define Business Goals

At the onset of our collaboration to outline your content strategy, we define the goals of your business and the objectives you want to realise. We align them with your content goals and KPIs to set the target.

2. Assess Competitor Positions

Having defined the content marketing goals, we conduct a comprehensive competitor analysis to assess their strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities. It enables us to formulate just the right content strategy for your business.

3. Brainstorm Effective Content Strategies

With our thorough understanding of the competitors, we formulate the right strategy as part of our content planning services. By choosing niche keywords, and targeting competitor keyword gaps, we curate performance-oriented content plan.

4. Create Custom Content Plan

Here we create a customized calendar that outlines the scope, timeline, budget, resources, roles, and responsibilities of the project. We also create an editorial calendar that specifies the frequency, type, topic, format, channel, etc. of each piece of content.

5. Align with Organisational Expectations

On creating the custom content plan for you, we communicate with you to ensure that we are on the same page. We solicit your feedback and approval at every stage of the project to make sure that we meet or exceed your expectations.

6. Test and Evaluate Performance

Our work does not end with just planning your content. We test and evaluate the performance of your content using various tools and provide detailed reports and insights on the results. We also suggest improvements and recommendations for future projects.

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How We Help With Content Audit & Planning Services?

Our content planning services are optimized to deliver complete content calendar services that guide the growth of your website. It enables us to offer comprehensive content planning solutions for businesses of all sizes and industries. We help you with:

Streamlined Operations

Our team of experienced and skilled content planners work with you closely to understand your goals, challenges, and expectations. We handle everything from keyword research to execution to delivery, saving you time and hassle.

Cost Effective

We offer affordable and flexible pricing plans that suit your budget and needs. With our expertise in content strategy, you the get the best value for money and pay for only what you need.

Generate Effective Leads

By creating custom content plans that align with your buyer personas, and conversion goals to draw in highly convertible traffic to your business. With premium keyword planners create engaging and persuasive content that motivates your prospects to take action.

Define Target Audience

Our thorough market research and competitor analysis helps define your target audience segments. We create buyer personas that represent their demographics, psychographics, behaviours, needs, pain points, and preferences to reach the most suitable target group.

Optimize Content for SEO

We use the latest tools and techniques to optimize and plan your content for search engine performance. We ensure that your content is relevant, keyword-rich, well-structured, user-friendly, mobile-friendly, and fast-loading.

Measure Effectiveness

We use advanced analytics tools to measure the effectiveness of your content. We track key metrics such as traffic, bounce rate, dwell time, click-through rate (CTR), conversion rate etc. to ensure you get your money’s worth.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a content plan?

A content plan is an operational document that outlines strategic content that are relevant for a business. It also creates a schedule for periodic publication of the content to achieve desired marketing goals.

Is content auditing part of content planning?

Content auditing is the first step to produce an effective content calendar that aligns with your marketing strategies. While both are different services, you can get combined services – just give us a call!

Do you offer both content audit and content planning services?

Yes, you can avail both content auditing and planning services with us. You can avail these services individually or get our comprehensive package that includes complete content solutions for your business.

What is SEO content plan?

SEO content plan offers strategic planning for online content that is helpful to the users and optimized for higher search engine rankings.

What makes a good category page?

It must have a clear and to-the-point category name with adequate images that describe the product and services. The text should describe and highlight the features of the offerings and the benefits that the customer can get with the product.