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Das Writing Services is offering the best Resume and Curriculum Vitae writing service now! We are highly professional in making an impeccable CV as well as resume to ensure

our clients can present their experience, skills, and proficiency compactly.

We have a separate team dedicated to writing professional CVs and resumes for clients belonging to any field of profession. Interestingly, when we constantly use both the term

resume and CV along, people often confuse it to be the same thing. This is where we as a Content Writing Agency Kolkata excel in explaining the difference!


What is the difference between CV and Resume?

As a professional Resume and Curriculum Vitae writing service, we would like our clients to have a better idea regarding both.

Resume – It is a very precise way of summarising academic degree, skills and experience considering the field for which one is applying. It is a customized way of summarizing the details of our client for a particular job interview.

Usually, resumes are not very long and are maximum of 1 to 1 ½ pages. All the details are written in bullet form to make sure the interviewer can know about the intricacies at a glance.

Here are the things that you will get from our professional resume writing services –

  • Personal information
  • Education and degree
  • Work history (related)
  • Skills (related)
  • Hobbies and interest (optional)
  • Contact details

Curriculum Vitae – CV is an in-detailed version of writing our client’s profile. This Latin word itself means a course of life.

Das Writing Services, the Best CV Writing Service Provider in Kolkata will offer the following sections –

It has different sections that include the following –

  • Contact information+ Biography
  • Academic qualification
  • Other academic degrees
  • Area of academic interest
  • Employment history
  • Achievements and responsibilities
  • Internships
  • List of technical skills
  • List of language skills
  • Professional certifications
  • International Experiences
  • Presentation and public speaking experiences
  • Communication
  • Field of interests
  • Exhibitions
  • Memberships
  • References

These are some of the important topics, and there can be more. Das Writing Services, being the best CV writing service provider in Kolkata we also provide cover letters along with CV.

*Though the CV details cannot change, the cover letter needs to different for different companies.  

We, as a proficient Content Writing Company in India also provide Resume or CV as per country and place. Take a look at this –


Where to use a CV?

There are some specific countries and places where people are only allowed to use CV like Europe, Middle East, Asia, and Africa.


Why should you consider us as the best content writing agency Kolkata?

Once you make a deal with us, our actions will speak louder than our words. Here is what you will benefit from us –

  • Detailed formatting and proper template designing
  • We make sure to give complete details in the CV as well as the required information in resume appropriately.
  • We also offer same day delivery of CV and resume
  • Our formatting is different and extremely catchy
  • We never miss deadlines
  • We offer the best price in market

Das Writing Services as a budding Content Writing Company in India gives all of these and even more to our clients. We make sure that they get the best in the market and edit their CV as well as resume as per demand or requirement.

Our policy is to provide you service with the motto of ‘no question asked!’

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