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Blog Content Writing Services In Kolkata

Are you looking to boost your digital content with a special focus on blogs? The world of internet is continually changing, and new styles and techniques are coming up every day. As a result, someone who is not as proficient with the internet might find it a tad bit confusing.

Here is where we come into the picture. Our content writing company in Kolkata keeps track of the latest digital trends and integrates them seamlessly in the blog section of your company website so that it gains more traffic.

However, before getting into the nitty-gritty, we would like you to have a fair idea regarding what a blog is, its purpose, and how you benefit the most out of blogging services.

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Seamlessly innovate multimedia based premium interfaces.


Seamlessly innovate multimedia based premium interfaces.


Seamlessly innovate multimedia based premium interfaces.

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What is a blog?

Even though almost everyone has a fair idea about this; a little revision never hurts.

A blog is a frequent content update on oneโ€™s website to keep it active and generate improved SERP rank. It is mostly written in a journal or diary (informal) style with a hint of opinion. Moreover, it is a compulsory section in most websites where clients can read a post, give their views and advice as well as share the same.

A blog should be engaging, relatable as well as unique. The content should satisfy the requirements of your clients. A premium copywriting agency like Das Writing Services Pvt. Ltd. helps you to publish blogs that meet all these conditions.

How is a blog different than an article?

Most companies still put up blogs which are more like articles written in a first-person tone. However, this is not what makes a blog stand out. Before you hire a copywriter, know what makes a blog A BLOG!


Title frame

The title of a blog should be robust, precise, yet engaging. For example: โ€˜How to speak in public?โ€™ is a good title, but it is more article oriented. For a blog, it should be โ€“ โ€˜How to speak in public when you hate public speaking?โ€™ Our expert website content writer comes up with catchy titles like this which will direct more traffic to your site.


Tone and Style

Blogs should have a conversational tone. Along with that, it should also contain well-researched information. Sounds a little confusing? Our best professional content writer is an expert at setting the right kind of tone for your content that will keep your clients interested.



A well-formatted content is crucial to keep readers hooked on. For this purpose, most companies stuff their blogs with bullet points and sub-heading. Now, that makes it easy to scan through, but to reiterate, this is not a blog format.

Blogs should consist of small paragraphs (2-5 lines), fewer subheads, fewer bullet points and more questions. When you hire a professional content marketing agency, you can be assured of properly formatted blogs along with interesting content.

You can also integrate voice search optimisation within your blog to reach out to more customers. Accordingly, you need to hire one of the best professional content writing agencies who are experts in SEO techniques like this. Individuals can search by โ€œcontent writing agency near meโ€ to know about such agencies.

Why Choose DWS

Most companies still put up blogs which are more like articles written in a first-person tone. However, this is not what makes a blog stand out. Before you hire a copywriter, know what makes a blog A BLOG!

SEO friendly content

Appropriate selection and usage of keywords

Employ tools like Grammarly, word density for an impeccable outcome.

Checking each content in Copyscape to avoid plagiarism.

Using the Yoast plugin to enhance a contentโ€™s readability.

As one of the top SEO content writing service Kolkata, we believe in transparency. Which is why we keep our clients updated every step of the way. You can also rely on us for โ€“

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