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Das Writing Services has come up with the best blog writing services in Kolkata. We are constantly updating the writing style and pattern to make sure that our clients can fetch the maximum profit from our services.

Before getting into the details, we would like our clients to have a fair enough idea regarding what blog is, its purpose and how you can benefit the most out of blogging services. Take a look below and enrich your idea about the service now!

What is a blog?

Maybe it sounds very generic and almost everyone has a fair share of idea on this; however, a little revision never hurts.

A blog is a frequent content update on one’s website to keep it active and help to generate higher Google rank. It is mostly written in a journal or diary (informal) style with a hint of personal opinion. Moreover, it is almost a compulsory section in most websites where clients can read a post, give their views and opinion as well as share the post.

We, as one of the best Content Writing Company in Kolkata like, to let our clients know why they require this blog section and blog post.

Did you know that blog is the short form of ‘weblog’?

What is different about a blog than an article?

As we have seen over and over again that most of the companies still put up blogs which are the article with just extra first-person tone. However, this is not what makes a blog stand out. Rather, here are the few points to know that makes a blog A BLOG!

  •  Title frame –

It should be strong, precise yet engaging. For example: How to speak in public? This is a good title but it is more of an article oriented. For the blog, it should be, How to speak in public even when you hate public speaking? Now, that is a blog! As the best content writing company in Kolkata, we ensure to make titles that will certainly draw clicks!

  •  Format –

What do you expect from the best blog writing services in Kolkata? A well-formatted content, right? For this most of the companies fill blogs with several bullet points and sub-heading. Now, that makes it easy to scan, but it is again not a blog format. Blogs should have very small paragraphs (2-5 lines), fewer subheads, fewer bullet points and more questions.

  •  Tone and Style –

Too much of I…I…I… never makes it a blog but just a self-centric content. Blogs should be more on the conversational side along with precise information and proper placement of well-researched facts to support the statements. Sounds a little confusing? Just to ease up things for you, we are here to provide you the Best SEO Content Writing Service Kolkata and make your blogs a hit in Google! What sets us apart from other Content Writing Company in India?

‘We are here for you….And it is not the other way round.’ Das Writing Services always puts their client before anything, and that is why we put our effort to deliver better than they think. Have a look at how we will give you the best –

  •  Best SEO for your content
  •  Correct selection of keywords
  •  Appropriate usage of keywords.
  • We use tools like Grammarly, word density for an impeccable outcome.
  • Our company checks every content in Copyscape to avoid plagiarism.
  • We also use the Yoast plugin to enhance content’s readability.

We believe in transparency so that every client can know about our working process…. This is our charm as the best SEO content writing service Kolkata.

Why are we the best for you?

‘Das Writing Services not only makes promises but delivers what they say.’

Our work determines our intention, and you will never be disappointed with us. Here are few of the things about our service that you must know –

  • We will notify you of a regular blog update.
  • Our company never misses a deadline.
  • In case if you are not happy with the content, we will edit it without any extra charges.
  • Our customer service is very active and there to help you anytime.

Contact us soon and enjoy our best blog writing agency in Kolkata!