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Have you even come across an advertisement that is quite catchy and instantly grabs your attention? This is the magic of classified ads and we at Das Writing Services create that

magic with our Classified Ad Writing Services!

Writing a great classified ad can be quite complicated as these are not general content that you often see in websites.


So, what are classifieds?

These are small texts which are sometime followed by images to spark potential digital marketing of a company, service or product. Like the prints that are usually published in newspapers and magazines, this classified ads do the same but in the internet world.

Hence, it is public to more people. There can be different categories and types of classified like –

  • Write a classified ad for a job

Suppose you have a company and you need to hire more people. Now, if you are new in this competitive market, why would a potential candidate come to you?

This means you must platter the job ad in such a way that it lures candidates. This is where we, a Content writing service company can help you.

In 2015, professional content writing services have helped small business to receive 40% more job applications by classifieds.

  • Classifieds for a product

When a company, be it a small business or brand is launching a product, their customers need to know about the product. But, before that, it is important to know that there is a new product is out in the market.

As per survey, one can boost their online product promotion by 60% with classifieds. 

  • Service related classifieds

Content writing services India is going to ensure that the classifieds for promoting or branding a service is carried on in the perfect manner.

A proper online classified campaign can boost your service promotion by 37% within a week. This is going to draw more traffic to your site and turn them into potential customers as well.

  • Classified ads for business

These Classified Ad Writing Services are written on a formal note and it is more about the company branding. When writing for business classifieds, the content has to be perfect without any flaw in it.


How to write effective classifieds?


We have Classifieds ad Posting Specialists who is going to give out the secret of writing impeccable classified ads. Have a look here –

  • Understand the customers

It is important to know what your customers are looking for. As a professional SEO content writing service company, we make sure to incorporate all the details that is going to help the customers to know more about the company and its services.

  • Grab the attention

Catch phrases, small sentences and catchy lines are the key to your success. It is important to incorporate all these aspects in the classified to get more traffic on the site.

  • Look for your competitors

Always go for a survey of your competitors and see how they are doing. This way you will get an idea that where and how you need to compete. Let us know the details and we will play it to make them your strength.


How will this benefit you?


As a provider of SEO content writing services India, this is how a  well written content is going to help you –

  • Save time and money

Online and digital Classified Ad Writing Services will cost you 45% less than publishing in paper or magazine. Also, once you publish the advertisement, it is going to stay there for a long time.

  • Wider market

It will reach more people at a short period of time. This is the best possible way for creating better marketing prospect.

  • You can tab the response

You will be able to understand if the classified is working for your business or not, making it a safe play.


Why us?

Amidst several Content services providing company, we are going to offer you the maximum –

  • On-time delivery
  • Competitive price
  • Unique content
  • Error free content
  • Free sample
  • Editing

If you want to know more about our Classified Ad Writing Services contact us soon!