Have you heard about the term ‘self-sabotage’? Unfortunately, that’s what most copywriters end up doing. There’s no doubt about your writing skills, but you cannot ignore the usually-unnoticed content writing mistakes that we writers often make, can you? We are one of the top content writing company in India, please let us know if you have any query.

A friend of mine writes brilliantly engaging content, but alas! No-one stopped by to read. Why does this keep happening? 

Is this because there was too many content writing ‘don’ts’ in her write-ups that made her lose readers?

While there’s absolutely room for creativity in the world of online content writing, there are also many content writing mistakes many writers keep repeating. Unfortunately, such silly mistakes cost writers the attention of most visitors, leading to many simply clicking out the website/blog.

I have asked some of the best content writers I know to list all the possible ‘do nots’ in their content. Given are some of the top things to avoid while writing content, according to these experts. 

Read on to find out more!

5 things you should avoid while writing content

The following is a short list of common mistakes that every writer should try to avoid.

1st, A messy headline: 

The H1 tag of your content, i.e. the headline, is what welcomes your readers. This is a chance to tell the reader what your post is about and to grab their attention. Unfortunately, many writers mess with this part, and the readers immediately turn away from the content.

Don’t just write “Wedding decorations Texas ideas” using the keywords or stuff in irrelevant words. Make it more original and engaging. It is important because 80% of readers decide to go through the body after reading headlines.

2nd, Compact layout: 

Would you read an article with never-ending like sentences and long paragraphs? Perhaps not! So, let’s not expect that from our readers too. Try to keep the layout clean, clear, crisp and properly structure. The reader should not have to struggle to find out the information that they are looking for.

3rd, “Good writing should evoke the sensation in reader’s mind”: 

Now, you have well-structured your layout, but again, we ourselves don’t like boring content, do we? Readers love what they can connect with, both emotionally and practically. So, it is important that you first understand what you are writing about and how your work relates to the audience. Only then your target group will get attracted.

4th, Keywords, Keywords, Keywords! 

This is perhaps one of the biggest content writing mistakes made by most writers. In a rush to meet the SEO criteria, we fill most of our content with maximum keywords, and that is actually keyword stuffing. Google will instead rank your article down as it results in a negative user experience.

Therefore, you should try to integrate the keywords as if they were a word that you would normally use in your content. Also, maintain the proper keyword density so that it goes in sync with the whole article. 

5th, Don’t ever forget to proofread

No, the question arises because, in a hurry or sometimes carelessness, good writers mix up or mis-type these homonyms. How to avoid? With adequate proofreading. After you finish writing content, take enough time to proofread for grammatical and spelling errors. That would help you deliver quality content and not make mistakes between words like piece and peace? 

If your readers are mere passers-by, consider revising these do nots. Make sure you leave something for them in your content that they would stop by to read what’s in it. Then your readers will stay for a while and actually go the entire content. This will drive down the bounce rate on your website/blog and increase traffic.