Have you noticed the exponential rise of eCommerce content marketing over the last couple of decades or so?

Surely, we all have. And, the main reason for this revolution is the sudden realisation by big brands that marketing content is indeed the real deal. More people are on the internet than ever before, and the chances of them bumping into your site (if you have one!) have also increased as a result.

However, with such a rise in online traffic, the competition among eCommerce sites has increased as well.

We mean, just log on to see the mad rat race going out there!

In such a situation, we thought of helping you out with some tricks, which might help you in creating marketing content that will appeal to the reader’s senses.

But first, our experts thought you need to understand what on God’s green earth is eCommerce content marketing

Hence, let us start from scratch and look at what it is all about

If you have not been living inside a cave, then you must have heard this saying – ‘Content is king!’

Well, this saying is probably most appropriate when it comes to content marketing.

Thus to put it in layman’s term, eCommerce content marketing is nothing but creating relevant content and circulating them, to reach your target audience. And, maybe if it is good enough, it just might help you in converting them into potential customers.

Not only that, but a well-written content will also go a long way in understanding the mindset of your target audience, thus enabling you to know how to engage with them more fruitfully.

Therefore, if you can manage to maintain a level of standard in your blogs, articles and social media posts, half your job is already done. But you have to make sure that standard remains! Otherwise, you might see a significant downfall in traffic.

Always remember that for eCommerce success, your content is your best friend that can very well turn into your worst enemy.

According to our experts, a solid strategy for your marketing content can easily triple your conversion rate. And, as you know, with more people on your side, you will be able to improve your site even further and be of better assistance to your customers.

It is exactly here that our experts come in to play.

Now, coming back to that solid strategy we were talking about…

Allow us to explain why you need a proper content marketing strategy

First of all, let us start with another popular saying – ‘Numbers don’t lie’.

It does not. After conducting thorough research, we have come up with some fascinating facts, which will explain as to why eCommerce content marketing holds the edge in current times. And, by holding the edge we mean, why this form of marketing is way ahead of your traditional marketing strategies.

So sit back, and go through them. It might very well blow your minds!

  • Because of so many people being online, this naturally transfers to more leads when it comes to reaching out to your audience. Our experts say that eCommerce content marketing produces nearly 3 times or even more leads than its traditional counterpart does.
  • They have also concluded that content marketing is more than 60% cheaper than traditional methods. This is mainly because you have spent that extra buck for advertising your product.
  • More than 70% of users have confessed to the fact that they would rather collect information about brands through online content rather than following the traditional way.
  • Again, after interacting with consumers, our experts found that 70% of them felt more at ease and at one with a particular brand when they read a unique marketing content.
  • And, finally, more than 80% of those with whom we managed to interact with said they were able to form a better opinion about a particular brand after going through quality content.

We guess you already understand where we are going with these facts and numbers! If anyone of you finds these facts hard to digest, then you should better work on your marketing appetite. We mean, it would be silly to ignore such compelling facts, right?

Anyways, let’s now move onto some even more serious business – HOW CAN YOU IMPROVE YOUR CONTENT to attract more traffic.

Here are some tips that might help you in the long run:

1. Carry out thorough research

Researching the current status of the market is more important than you might think. It not only helps you to form a general idea of what your target audience is expecting, but it also helps to form a general idea of where the market is heading towards.

One way of approaching this is to carry out keyword research. We think this is one of the best ways to gauge what people are searching for on their devices, and then use that information to come up with an appropriate piece of article.

Doing this properly, regularly is a sure-shot way of taking your eCommerce content marketing to the next level. After all, that is what you desire, right?

Once you get the hang of what your audience wants, then you will be able to create blogs or videos circling those ideas.

2. Make proper use of videos

Let us face it, this generation, speaking generally would rather watch a video than go through a piece of writing. It is the generation of audio-visual entertainment.

Therefore, you can make use of videos as much as possible to optimise your eCommerce content marketing. Videos, according to us, not only gives you the freedom of personalising any way you want, but it also makes sure your message gets delivered.

Ask yourself which would you rather prefer – watching a video or going through an article (no disrespect to articles and blogs!). We think the answer would be an emphatic ‘YES’ in favour of videos.

3. Be creative while answering the FAQs

Creating a genuine piece of article or a blog for your marketing content is challenging enough. However, tackling various kinds of FAQs is a whole different ball-game altogether. And, there is no escape from this maze as every eCommerce website has to include an FAQ section.

FAQ Content writing services

On a positive note, this section allows you to interact with your audience, who have a lot of questions about a particular brand or company. You also have the freedom to answer these questions in a satirical or witty way so that the person on the other side, finds your marketing site to be an interesting one.

In short, it is a great way to boost your eCommerce content marketing.

4. Try to follow a list based pattern

Once you have decided on the topic, try to present it on your site in a constructive way. One way of doing this is to follow the list based pattern.

It is not only more convenient for your readers, but it also helps in getting straight to the point. Another advantage of this pattern is that it gives you the independence to represent your site more ornately or if you are not able to gather much information on a topic.

Our experts say that once you begin to practise following this method creating marketing content becomes easier than ever. It is also a great pattern to follow for writers who are just starting in the field and find it difficult to formulate what they want to convey.

5. Never underestimate the potential of pictures

The whole concept of eCommerce content marketing might get monotonous at times, both for you and your readers. Adding relevant pictures or photos to your marketing site does not only spice things up, but it also attracts more audience.

Guess what is the first thing that consumers look when they visit sites like Amazon? Yes, you nailed it. They first want to have a look at a picture of what they are about to purchase.

A single picture of a product has a massive influence, and hence if the picture you give doesn’t quite match up with your content, you are going to lose out on attracting more traffic.

Always, make it a point to add only the best possible pictures you can find to your blog, article or social media posts.

6. Add a buyer-guide to your content

You can consider this a rather new trend in eCommerce content marketing. And, if you think about it, your target audience has every right to go through a brief description of the product they are going to buy.

If can find your unique way of adding both pictures and a brief product description in your marketing content, it will not only be a lethal combination but also give your site the legitimacy you think it deserves.

In conclusion

In the end, it all boils down to this – whether you are adept at targeting the right group of audience and creating relevant content for that mass.

Once you become confident and start creating outstanding content for your marketing site, you will see the effect it has on your stand in the sector, and also notice your conversion rate skyrocket within a matter of months.

Follow the tips that we have pointed out above, include them in your eCommerce content marketing, and start noticing the difference it makes.