“Time and tide wait for none” is a common proverb. Hear it from the horse’s mouth: one working with a content writing company. Any sort of content demands a certain amount of time for its framing. And writing fast is the fundamental idea.

No one is a robot and nor are they expected to be one. It requires a balanced approach of proper thinking, efficient research and proper incorporation of the same to write SEO article. This helps in creating a full-fledged document of the matter concerned.

A number of factors play their respective roles behind the whole framework, such as amateur or expert writer, content relevance, linguistic relevance, to name a few. Amidst all, confidence is the key. Alongside, moving in the right direction is the basic requirement. A copywriting agency looks for all these qualities to make a choice.

Average time needed to write SEO article:

The following points manifest as factors in writing which can be broadly classified into three fields, namely;

  • Topic
  • Writer and
  • Language

1. Topic:

The first and foremost thing to consider while writing an SEO article is the topic. There are n number of topics that exist, or can crop up. Your part of the job is to assess, analyse, and conduct a thorough research on the given topic. And this takes up a considerable amount of time while you write SEO article. 

a) Area of expertise:

One has to have a niche and is expected to excel in that. Hence, it is required to identify one’s area of expertise because only then, he/she can minimize the writing duration. The more information one has on a topic, the more he/she is in their comfort zone and thus making it easier for them to provide more information.

However, writing skills are also necessary. Indeed SEO articles have all the requisite information regarding any subject and are written to rank a website at the top of Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).


Having an acknowledgeable amount of knowledge in the recommended field can boost up both the writing quality and quantity, thus minimizing the timespan of writing. Although everyone is a writer, ranging from writing a personal diary to professional content writing, nevertheless the latter is quite different from the former in many ways.

A 500-word personal blog content or a story and a 500-word web content for the promotion of a start-up; the latter requires business like writing whereas the story-writing might be inept. So an experience in the chosen niches is required to write SEO article of good standards. 


No one is expected to store the information of the entire world in their head. Thus, having given an unknown topic, one has to apply his/her research skills. And a systematic research with an efficient gathering of relevant information and finally presenting them in an organized manner will be fruitful.

Spending more time on research makes it a drag, while the writing less efficient. Hence one needs to have a balance between research and writing.

2. Writer:

The quality of content greatly depends on the writing skills. Whether one is a new-comer or an expert in the concerned field hugely affects the quality of the content. Skilled writers focus on providing sufficient information, while new-comers have the problem of dragging the same statement over and over. Thus, the content of a skilled writer, always reflects his/her diligence, research, and grasp on the given niche.

As mentioned before, a niche is obligatory in this field, as it will reduce the duration of writing the content. Blog content might be easier than a professional content for some, while it might be the other way round for a few others.

3. Language:

Language is no more a hurdle in writing SEO articles as major portion of writing is done in English. Moreover, English being the official language is known to almost anyone and everyone who wishes to work in the field of writing. It is almost like a second mother-tongue to the Samaritans.

Proficiency in the relevant language can prove to be an add-on in the field of writing. Even blog content showcases English as the preferred language. Since time management is the primary objective, this can surely be regarded as a source of strength to write SEO article.

In a nutshell:

The above-mentioned factors indeed take on to create an absolute article and the ideal time could be around 120 minutes (including editing and proofing) in case of a copywriting agency. Nonetheless, there exist certain other factors such as-

  • speed of typing
  • interest in the recommended topic
  • mood of the writer
  • attention during the whole process etc.

These also become contributing factors while writing an SEO article. Therefore an ideal scenario being far from reality, it would be unethical to comprehend based on certain factors. However, keeping in mind all the realities, two hours is usually considered more than enough to write SEO article consisting of 400 to 500 words.