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Keyword Cannibalization

Take 4 Shots at Keyword Cannibalization to Deal with the Issue


Cannibalism suggests an individual consuming another individual of same species. Neither victim nor culprit is at a benefit in this case. The same goes for keyword cannibalization.

There are times when a particular site publishes multiple articles on a similar topic. This is not unnatural, neither is it instrumental in creating a critical SEO issue. The problem arises when those articles target the same keyword with the hope that the targeted better-ranked keywords will lead to better ranks.

However, according to some SEO pundits, the stuffing with similar keywords creates confusion for Google. It affects the ranking of either both pages or one of the two.

The notion is not to scare you, but to explain that despite the severity of this issue, the solution is incredibly simple and easily do-able.

Shoot at keywords cannibalization:

Here are the 4 bullets we promised you. Go on, take your aim!

  1. Merge –

Merging similar pages into one encyclopaedic page is the easiest and most popular solution in keyword cannibalization 2019. When you blend resources into one master resource, the essence of both pages remains; it is more informative, and proper subheads and bullet points will draw the most relevant traffic. This option is best availed in case both pages bear quality content.

  1. Delete –

In case of low-quality content for both resources, it is preferable that resources are deleted and started from scrap. This is the best option for this case because as it is, neither of them will provide with any quality visitor, nor a relevant chance of conversion.

  1. Noindex –

This runs valid in case of blogs. It is beneficial if it ensures that it does not rank in search engines at all. The page will bear immense potential to clients and yet will not cannibalize another page with a similar keyword.

  1. De-optimise –

De-optimising content is the last resort that one can fall back to for keyword cannibalization 2019 if none of the above three is possible. The process includes three ways:

  1. Removing any keyword reference that exists in that content.
  2. A change in anchored inbound link will ensure that the attention, and hence, the ranking attracted by previous inbound links stays unique in one of the pages.
  3. Changing the keyword-enriched internal links for the less-desired page.

Keyword cannibalization has the potential to negatively impact the ranking of not one but two resource pages simultaneously. Hence, the need for a deeper intruding looks into this matter.


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