Against all the odds, LinkedIn continues to prevail as a brand which connects business professionals across the world. While it seems to thrive as a brand supporting B2B marketing, it becomes all the more essential for enterprises to strengthen their LinkedIn marketing strategy.

According to a report presented by Microsoft, the statistics for revenue of LinkedIn grew 24% in the second quarter (Q2) of the financial year 2020. The platform has over 30 million companies registered under it. And, it wouldn’t be surprising if you already have a spruced-up marketing strategy for LinkedIn.

However, if you are yet to decide whether LinkedIn is the right platform for your B2B company, then look at the image shown below. It displays a few statistics related to LinkedIn in the present times.

Find the Right LinkedIn Marketing Strategy

Businesses mostly use LinkedIn as a platform for lead generation and to help their business grow. In this venture, finding the appropriate strategy can shape the future of their enterprise.

Linkedin Marketing strategy

This blog includes some of the most effective LinkedIn marketing strategy 2020 for companies. The strategy can be broadly classified into two categories before they are segregated further.

1. Inbound LinkedIn marketing strategy

As a marketer, you will be able to improve your chances of generating inbound leads with these strategies.

  • Compelling LinkedIn profile

A journey to grow your business begins with your LinkedIn profile. If you want to gain the attention of prospective leads, then three things your profile must show – Credibility, reliability, and personalization. Begin with choosing a banner and profile image that shows you are credible. Make sure not to have over-promoted company images.

  • Native content

A case study has shown that users who share native content on the platform are likely to get more visibility than the ones sharing regular content. It is because LinkedIn wants to keep the audience on their site instead of pushing them to any other social media. Therefore, share native content of various kinds such as photos, text-only posts, articles, and videos. Besides, sharing content from your personal profile from time to time also helps, for that reason hiring a social media content writing agency can help your cause.

  • Organize and stay active

While you are onto your social media marketing spree, make sure to organize your day’s work so that the tasks are completed smoothly without causing much havoc. You may dedicate a specific time to check incoming messages and replying to them or sharing or commenting in posts.

2. Outbound LinkedIn marketing strategy

The business world is yours for the taking, and you must reach out to your target audience to make the most of this platform.

  • Create an influencer image

LinkedIn is a business platform, yet people rely on and trust other people rather than companies. One is likely to be influenced by reading blogs or watching videos from influencers.

The endorsements made and suggestions from an influencer will help your brand connect with more leads and convert them.

  • Define ideal lead

While you are on this platform to devise effective influencer marketing strategies, it is a necessity for you to determine the ideal lead for your brand. Write down pointers or criteria which one must suit to become a potential lead. This will save a lot of your time and effort. Consider company size, industry, targeted markets, etc. in mind for the determination.

  • Sales navigator search

Sales Navigator is a platform extended by LinkedIn, wherein you can hunt and discover prospective leads for conversion. Utilise the search and filter properties and ensure to get a personalized result for your leads. Log In to explore the Advanced Search options based on criteria such as Industry, keyword, geography or location, past lead, company headcount, etc. Here, look at the image shown below, which depicts the advanced search made using the tool.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  • Script

While devising an effective LinkedIn marketing strategy, you must focus on the script you write while sending out messages. Since it is the first contact you are attempting to make with a potential lead, you must not overdo it. Or else, you might ruin your chances of getting a potential conversion.

 Therefore, make sure to write a professional and crisp message without being too desperate to show all your achievements at a go. Remember, patience is the key!

End Notes

Besides this, a critical LinkedIn marketing strategy is to stay put and observe the changes and updates made to the application. With newer upgrades and features, it is viable to change your policy because there’s no single way to success. Therefore, you must strive hard for it as you keep adapting to the technological advancements incorporated every passing day.