“Less is more. Keeping it simple takes time and effort.” Jeff Bullas

It is true; one struggles to express the most straightforward of things but fluently conveys complication. But confusion has never brought anything worthwhile to the plate, and it is better if you avoid that as well.

The same applies to creating the most effective marketing plan 2021, a year that has already is carrying the complications created by 2020.

Here are some tips and tricks that will help you reach your target audience and create a strong presence on the internet.

Decide your objective

You can convey only so much through a single marketing campaign. It is because an overload of information can distract the viewers from the main point. Thus, deciding a specific objective will provide a direction to your plan and the entire campaign. Research, see which concepts relate to your brand, and come up with something to the point.

Define objective

For example, a cosmetics brand can decide that its 2021 objective is to let people know how different people of colour can use their products.  Just different skin colour shades, no ethnicity or cultural boundaries are put to broaden their target audience.

Check your competition

There might be someone who had the same idea as yours and used them in their marketing strategy. See what your competitors did, how they performed, and areas where you can improve them.

You also need to check the different ideations utilised by the companies targeting the same population as yours.

When you put this two information together, you can find a marketing plan 2021 that is different yet remains somewhere around the same idea.

And you know who your greatest competition is? You.

You need to reflect on what you did in 2020 and try to become better than that. There is a lot to learn from the decisions you made in the past, eliminated what didn’t work and keep that is showing positive results.

Improve Your Reach

People often mistake “reach” for advertising in as many platforms as possible. While that is a part of it, you can do other things to garner more attention within these places.

Once you are already there, mould your content in a way that either informs them or benefits them significantly.

While the later is not always possible, you can always put one or two cool trivia related to your brand now and then. People will not pay attention if you do not bring something unique to the plate.

In the last quarter of 2020, Zomato asked its customers to make visual ads for them, and they will pay one lucky winner and use their ad.


They did not just get an advertisement made at an extremely low price, but they involved a vast majority of quarantined India that had nothing to do.

You do not have to go out of the way like this, but engage your target audience, break the fourth wall or tell them new or unknown facts so that they come back for more.

Know Your Resources

Like it has already been discussed, not every brand or businesses have the same resources to dispose of like Zomato or any other established brands.

You are still trying to make it big, and you must understand what you have and how you can make that work.

While funds might not be one of your most vital aspects, you still have the internet to browse through and time to invest. Use them and figure out the latest trends on digital and content marketing and incorporate them in your brand.

Brand value

For example, more people are optimising the pictures in their content to reach people who search through apps like Google lens. If your work is related to clothing, food, etc., add this trend in your marketing plan 2021.

Understand Your Audience

Any marketing efforts can work when used at the right time for the right kind of audience, much like Zomato, who understood that people in quarantine would pick up on social media trends faster than they did in the previous years.

The key to best conversion rates is understanding the customer base and framing the content, visuals, the entire experience according to their preference.

If your target audience is new parents, tell them about things they should know about a newborn. Engage them in doing DIY projects for their babies, and interact with them more.

Apply these while you make your marketing plan 2021 and don’t stop trying new things.  It is a hit and miss process where you have to try different methods before finding the perfect branding method. But do remember the simpler your presentation us, the more people will like it.