Any content you come across on the internet is written to improve their PageRank and domain authority. While quality content is a must, you also need to build a good flow of backlinks to get best results. Brian Dean at Backlinko introduced the Moving Man Method that ensures high quality backlinks to your site. To implement this method, you need to know what it is.

What is Moving Man Method?

This is a backlink building method that ensures high quality to your website. Here you are providing sites with a replacement for the hyperlinks in their post that do not work anymore.

These are not broken links but just an empty link that provides no value to the page that hyperlinked it. These URLs exist in the eyes of the link checkers. Henceforth they are tough to pinpoint.

You give a heads up to the pages that have hyperlinked outdated resources. And at the same time provide them with an alternative that is your link. This method creates more inbound links for your page.

So, how can you implement the Moving Man Method to your advantage?

Simple, you just need to follow these backlink building strategies and enjoy the results.

More than often, you will come across companies that are either changing their names, rebranding or closing for good. This change results in them abandoning their website, which means the old URLs are of no use.

You can locate them by searching:

  • Your keyword + shut down + out of business + rebrand on Google News.
  • Your keyword + service no longer available + this resource no longer updated on Google Search.
  • Just “rebrand” on Press Release portals.
  • You can directly search terms like “This page no longer exists”, “service not available”, and similar statements.'s

As you can see in the above picture, this webpage of’s URL exists but the page does not. 

2. Keep an eye on your competitions.

You don’t have to always look for outdated resources. Only look for the ones that match your keywords. Your content about elephants cannot replace the link for penguins.

So, focus on only the ones that you can replace. You are the man in the Moving Man Method, and you are moving the outdated links with your quality content.

3. Quality-Check your content.

High-quality backlinks can be only generated from pages that have high domain authority. These pages only hyperlink pages that match their level of quality. Make your content so crisp and informative that they ought to use your link. Skyscraper contents are best for this purpose.

Always remember the quality of your content makes or breaks your SEO.

4. Find the Sites that have Hyperlinked these pages

ahref page

Use services like Majestic SEO or aherfs to track the sites that have linked to these empty pages. You have to list these sites down as that is the crux of Moving Man Method. Transfer the list of websites in an excel sheet and contact them one by one. Chances of them using your link is very high. So contact them with confidence.

5. Frame your message carefully.

You might have the solution to their problem, but they don’t “need” to use your link. You have to convey the message that you are doing this to help. If you sound too pushy or nagging, then forget about the backlink. You should have confidence in your content and not buttery words.

Remember this will not only help your site but also improve the experience of the site you are contacting. A page with a useless link hinders the readers from having a seamless flow of reading.

Emai format

This format is an example of how you should approach the other party, in Moving Man Method.

High-quality backlinks will profoundly influence the ranking of your page. When Google crawls through pages of high authority and finds a URL that links back to your page. The credibility of your page will increase significantly.

Though a little time consuming, the Moving Man Method is relatively new and extremely useful. Not many people are implementing this method in their SEO. Take this opportunity and get ahead of your peers.