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Pogo Sticking

3 Swift, Easy Steps to Stop Pogo Sticking and Yield Better Rankings


Pogosticking’… Reminds you of Pogo channel, doesn’t it?

Well, this issue is not as entertaining, but solutions for it are easy enough.

As a starter, let’s delve into the basics.

What is Pogo sticking?



When a reader approaches your website and finds it unsatisfactory, he leaves yours and visits another website for the same search. That website offers him required information, and he, thus, lingers there for a more extended period. This is the pogo stick issue. Our Cyber Holmes aka Google scrutinises this inefficiency from your end and ranks you down.

This issue is measured under ‘bounce rate’ and is the latest talk of SEO town.

As simple the problem seems, solutions to prevent it are equally simple. A few easy steps can help you come back on track and climb the SEO rank ladder.

‘Curing’ the issue of pogo stick in SEO

When your page drops in Google ranking despite your best efforts, it obviously gets frustrating. However, as SEO experts advise, changes that you need to introduce are minimal and easily achievable.


  1. Knowing your target audience:

Imagine this:

You are accidentally stranded in the middle of a secluded area. You type in looking for cab service at that location. The first result shows you services of cab close to your home; second, food services in your neighbourhood: and third, cab services along with approximate costs that could be charged to reach from there to your home.

Which of these will you opt for?

Now, what if your website is one of the other two? Pogo sticking, and hence, lowered Google ranking follows.

Therefore, aim to provide with the perfect informative content that you would have opted for in case you were the client.

  1. Short introductions

Practically speaking, the clients skim through the introductory stanza as they look for the original information. So, more concise and crispier introductions are essential. You need to assure your readers that you will be providing them with the best information without consuming much time.

The time required is inversely proportional to the conversion rates.

  1. Mandatory: Bullets and subheads

Ever noticed how you have skimmed through this article in a swift manner? That’s a strategy to avoid pogo sticking in SEO services.

The readers are always looking for easy-to-read yet informative content. To the point addressed, the targeted issues will make them stick longer to your site.

These basic follow-on points will help you avoid the problem and give you a better SEO ranking.


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