Do you like all the guests who come to your house? The answer will be NO! This is quite justified considering their behaviour and intent, as some of them will only come for their betterment and provide you with nothing in return. Some may even cause harm to you and your home. Do you realize the situation can be quite similar for guest bloggers too?

And a reader may exclaim – “What??? Is this is even related???”

It is. Google is the home, and you are a guest there. It is upon Google to categorize you in the good or bad guest blogger list. The only difference is, Google algorithm will not judge you by your nature; rather by the productivity, information and purpose of your publish. Sound fair, but tricky too!

The point is, your tag as a guest blogger needs to be in Google’s good books. To achieve this, you need to know about the important points of writing as a guest blogger. Once your published posts tick the checklist of Google’s algorithm, you will have all the chances to increase traffic on your blog and earn recognition for your new brand. 

Without further ado, let’s try to understand guest blogging and then get to some of the best guest blogger tips in 2022.

Interesting facts about guest blogging

Before we get the pro-tips of guest blogging, we first have to understand the basics of making guest posts on reputable websites/blogs. 

There are two main factors to consider for guest blogging:

  1. You write a post that will be published on someone else’s profile
  2. Someone else writes a post that will appear on your blog site

For a successful guest blog post, it will not only need to pass the Google algorithm; but it also has to convince and impress the owner of the blog. So the pressure doubles up!

One of the biggest challenges that new bloggers face with guest posting is finding high-authority domains that will accept their posts. What you need to solve this problem is – a bunch of pro guest blogger tips!

6 Pro-tips for guest blogging

Let’s go through some of the most effective guest blogging tips for 2022. 

1. Follow the rules….

…. to the T. Yes, you must follow all the SEO rules perfectly so that you can increase your chances of being on the top Google ranking by 40% more. Apart from scoring 100/100 in SEO ranking, the following points also demand equal importance –

  • Image source and quality
  • Format, tone, and style of writing
  • How many links are allowed per post
  • What is the word limit?

It’s always a good idea to have complete knowledge about the target blog. Know their audience, what type of blog posts they make and the type of content they prefer. 

Use these guest blogger tips for your posts, and you’ll get top-notch sites to accept them.

2. Make yourself presentable

What defines you is your blog site, so make sure it is designed perfectly. There are two times when readers will totally judge your site –

Firstly, when you post on someone else’s page, in the end, there is a tag written – Guest posted by.. And your name will be there. When some reader is checking out your blog site by clicking on your name it means you have successfully grabbed his/ her attention. If your profile is presentable, it means you have added the reader to your list of traffic.

Secondly, when you place a backlink. This means when a reader clicks on a work that directs them to your site, it immediately calls for casting the spell to make the reader YOUR Traffic! The best way to do this is by following two rules –

• Make your backlinked post RELEVANT

• Direct them to a ready content with a story, data, information, and example

Also, don’t forget to make your blog site visually appealing!

3. Continue to work on providing information

This time it is not only on your blog site but also for your content post. Add images, videos, and links to make it more interesting. Make sure that all of these will provide extra information to the reader. Your readers need to feel that there is much more than you can offer to your readers. Your target blog will want informative content that provides value for their audience, and it’s up to you to deliver on the expectations. 

Quick note: Guest bloggers can increase 20% more traffic on their by adding extra information.

4. Pitch yourself with an air of mystery

Have you ever thought what makes a trailer more interesting? The phrase ‘coming soon’! This successfully increases the urge of audiences to know more the same. As a guest blogger, you can try the same trick. Post a part of writing; then to get the cream and cherry, the reader needs to click on your site’s link. Make sure to post relevant links that deliver on the expectations and new visitors will get hooked to your site. 

A little trick never harms anyone!

5. Make yourself easy to find

Don’t create a mixture; rather stick to a particular point. This will help Guest bloggers in choosing the appropriate keywords which are absolutely needed for a good content post. Once choosing the keyword is over, it is time to place properly. Key points of placing keyword:

• Add it in the title

• Try to place it in the first and last paragraph (easy for Google to locate)

• A couple of times in the body

• Add it in the meta tag and meta description too

Note: Don’t clutter the keyword; keep it below 1% and above 0.5%.

6. Incorporate CTA tone 

CTA – Call-To-Action tone. What does this mean? In content language, this is the section where readers will develop an interest to know more about the service. Also, it depends on the editorial guidelines.

Among the most important guest blogger tips is encouraging readings in a communicative manner to engage more with the writer. This is why; adding a sentence to encourage them becomes very important. You can simply do that by stating – “If you like this post, please comment” or “Do you have any more ideas? Please let us know below here”.

Once they do so, you will get the chance to redirect them to your blog and add on to your traffic list!

Bonus: The ‘+1’ Tip!

The most important and pro tip regarding guest blogging is YOU. Your style and tone of writing must have a dash of uniqueness to leave an impression on readers. It is also known as ‘self – branding,’ where you create a signature style; so that, people can read and REMEMBER you.

This will build a better online reputation and engage more people to follow your blogging site. Hence, the purpose is solved. So you can now understand the amount of expertize is needed for guest post writing, & the quality is needed to be approved in a top site. Hiring a top Blog Writing Services can solve this issue.

However, Guest bloggers should not over promote their style; it might end up in a wrong notion. Just reflect your persona and brand image are in words.

Follow these tips to have your guest posts accepted into high-authority domains and get high-quality traffic from them. 


Hi readers! We are looking forward to knowing about your opinion, so do share your thoughts…

Regards – Guest Blogger!