Press Release Writing

Das Writing Services is here to take care of your latest news be it a

  • Product launch
  • Introduction of new service
  • Discounts or sales
  • Promotions and events

Our team of adroit writers are particularly trained and experienced in this particular genre.

Power of PR

Power of Press Release

Press Releases significantly establish the values’ exclusivities provided by a company to fulfil customer and market demand. We as a content creating company present those benefits with utmost perfection giving a sense of assurance to our clients.

A vociferous content is what you need to reach your news to the right audience group on the right platform. Your attention gripping press release shall make every reader and journalist sit up and READ.

We are living in an era where every content space is at its premium and reader attention span is shorter than ever. Moreover, with every social media platforms jam-packed with too much brand content (a marketing deal), you will face difficulty to post contents that will stand out in this claustrophobic crowd.

What do you do in this situation?


You call us or visit our site and feel free to let us know how you want your press release to be. Our professional team of writers will create the perfect content having concise and compact articulation.

DWS’s specialised writer group will makes sure that your news gets across every plastform you want!

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