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Taglines and banner text writing have been one of the business trends since time immemorial. LG’ “Life’s Good”, Apple’s “Think Different”, McDonald’s “I’m lovin it”, and Nike’s “Just Do It” are some of the world famous catchphrases that have defined the companies for decades.

On the other hand, numerous companies have had slogans that received mass criticism like:

  • Burger King – “Be Your Way”.
  • Audi – “Truth in Engineering”.
  • Volkswagen – “Relieves Gas Pain”.
  • Under Armour – “I Will”.

To avoid the above, you have to ensure your catchword interprets your company. And for that, you need some professional help.

Who to take help from?

Das Writing Services Pvt. Ltd. provides tagline and banner text writing services specifically for his cause. We make sure that the words that we choose truly align with your business and not against it.

We have a team of professional creative writers that can create catchphrases that:

  • Associate your business niche.
  • Grabs your audience’s attention.
  • Persuades them to buy your product or services.
  • Are memorable.
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The importance of slogans

You may think that slogans are clichéd and mainstream. However, their existence has helped companies become the brand they are today. Almost, every global conglomerate comes with a tagline.

Although your business might not have such a large-scale operation, you want it to achieve that position.

A tagline:

  1. Creates a unique brand identity of your business. This identity helps customers differentiate your brand from others.
  2. Promotes your brand and helps people recognise it. Your company logo and tagline are two of the key components of your brand. Hence, a unique catchphrase helps promote your business and aid in recognition.
  3. Spreads desire in your customers. A slogan tells a lot about your products or services in a few words. It tells individuals about their qualities and helps your business spread desire among your target audience.
  4. Builds a positive attitude. A catchphrase is all about branding. It aids your company to build a positive attitude with your customers.

The creative writing team at Das Writing Services Pvt. Ltd. keeps in mind all of the above when crafting your slogan.

How do we work?

Our team works in the following steps when providing you with tagline and banner text writing services:

  • They find your strengths

The first step to crafting a catchphrase is to find your strengths and USPs. Listing them helps us come up with a tagline that affiliates with your company.

  • They list words that associate with the above

The next step that our creative writing team involves in is to list our words that are associated with your business and its USPs.

  • They begin phrasing

Next, our team begins drafting various phrases concerning the above points. They exercise all their expertise when doing so.

  • They edit and make them better

Last but not least, they begin editing the taglines. The primary aim here is to refine and tweak the taglines.

Give us a try to deliver you superb tagline and banners that we have been doing for the past 8 eight. We guarantee you will not come across any disappointments.

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