Optimise Your Videos for Search with the Right Description

Producing a video only involves filming and editing. However, these two are gargantuan tasks which require considerable time and investment.

You may either create a full-fledged video by involving cameras and people or simply with templates.

Whatever the case may be, your video will eventually find a place on the internet. However, it will pain you if it does not get any views or generate revenue. Ione One of the primary reasons that can cause the same is lower search results ranks.

The solution?

In such cases, a well-crafted video description can help you out. A proper description is more than just information about your video. If framed the right way, it will rank your video higher in search results both in Google and the website (For example, YouTube).

How do video descriptions help?

Crafting video descriptions has been part of video SEO, which originated somewhere around 2007.

Ensuring the description contains the right information will help your video to rank higher in Google and YouTube search results. Thus, your video views will increase and with it, your subscriber count and revenue.

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How to write the correct description?

Das Writing Services Pvt. Ltd. is here to help you out with the same. Our creative writing services team can frame descriptions that are relevant to your video and optimised for search.

They create descriptions that:

  1. Are long

Writing a short description will not help your video in any way. Keeping it 250 to 300 words will cover all the essential information and help the website to index it more quickly.

  1. Contain brief details

Giving out all the details about your video is not recommended. It will only make users skip the video. The video description must contain information that is brief, which does not give out much about the video and intriguing, which makes sure that individuals watch it.

video writing
  1. Include keywords

Keywords are critical for ranking your videos. Our in-house writers will add keywords that are relevant to your video and have high search volumes. They will also add other alternate and synonymous keywords to it.

  1. Have hyperlinks

Another crucial aspect of video descriptions is the inclusion of hyperlinks. Hyperlinks will invite viewers to your specific product page, blogs, or articles.

  1. Have a call to action

Lastly, the most significant requirement of video descriptions is a call to action (CTA). A CTA is crucial to invite viewers to your website.

Why avail our creative writing services?

Bespoke and integral are two words that we at Das Writing Services Pvt. Ltd. associate our products with. The descriptions our writers frame to pass through stringent quality guidelines.

Next, our editors will come in to make sure the descriptions:

  • Conform to your requirements.
  • Don’t have any grammatical errors.
  • Are conceptually correct
  • Have the right frequency of keywords.
  • Are free of plagiarism.

Also, we are experts in delivering your product in time without any delay and that too, with affordable pricing.

Combine your video description with a catchy title, tags, and thumbnail to make it rank higher in Google and YouTube.


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