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According to HubSpot, 55% of marketers said that website blogs was their top priority for inbound marketing back in 2018. Blogs also have a direct impact on social media – 66% marketers used blogs in the social media content back in 2016, claims Social Media Examiner.

What are blogs on a website?

A website blog is crafted around keywords with high search volume. Simply speaking, when individuals search with these keywords, they come across your website.

Hence, these blogs help you increase your website’s SERP ranking.  Thus, more visitors, more conversion.

TechClient claims that websites with blogs have 434% more indexed pages compared to ones that don’t. However, HubSpot found that around 43% individuals admitted to skimming blogs back in 2016.

The primary reason behind the above is a significant reduction in attention span – 8 seconds. Also, website blogs that fail to intrigue readers in the first two or three sentences result in users skimming them.

(For example, the first paragraph of this article contains statistics, one of the ideal ways of keeping readers engaged.)

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What is the solution to keep readers engaged?

To make sure that your website blog engages individuals, you need some professional help. That is precisely where we at Das Writing Services Pvt. Ltd. come in. Since 2006, we have been providing informative and invaluable blogs to our clients.

Our blog writing services have helped numerous websites climb Google SERPs to become more visible to domestic and international readers.

Why take our services?

Das Writing Services Pvt. Ltd. has been one of the pioneers in content writing services. The primary reason for this position is our experienced writers.


Blog writing is a niche of a majority number of our team members. Storytelling is the key, and they the same seriously.

Not only do they have:

  • A sturdy grip of language.
  • Comprehensive vocabulary.
  • Proficient writing skills.

But, they also:

  • Have a vast knowledge of keywords.
  • Know the importance of SEO.
  • Know, most importantly, how to create intriguing blogs.

How we ensure your blogs are up to the mark?

Das Writing Services Pvt. Ltd. delivers you the right product you seek to make your website more visible by combining the proficiency of our writers with:

  • Engrossing headlines to catch your readers’ attention.
  • Content that is crafted with precision around your provided keywords.
  • Writing that educates users with the latest information.
  • A conversational tone that makes sure your readers don’t skim.
  • Writing that communicates with your target audience.

What else do we have in stock?

As a premiere content writing agency, Das Writing Services Pvt. Ltd. ensures the integrity of your blog posts by making them:

  • SEO friendly.
  • Grammatically accurate.
  • Plagiarism-free.
  • Properly formatted.

Each of the content produced by our in-house writers goes through a series of online and online programs to make them integral.

Last but not least; time is an aspect we keep in high regards. Hence, our products are always delivered within the deadline no matter what.

So, contact us today for website blogs that will take your website to new ranks in SERPs!

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