TikTok is a popular social media platform wherein one can make and share videos. This mobile app can be considered as karaoke for this eon of digitalization. This social networking app is owned by a Beijing-based company called ByteDance. The founder, Zhang Yiming, established this company in 2012.

From the very inception, the purpose of this app is to upload short comic, lip-sync and talent videos. The primary feature of this app can be considered as a TikTok marketing strategy in itself. In one hand it renders you a platform where you can express yourself, on the other the increasing number of videos and its viewers enables the authority to monetize the hashtag trends.

Evolution of TikTok โ€“

TikTok rolled out in 2017 as an Android and iOS-friendly mobile app outside of China. The strategy that this brand opted has borne fruit for the enterprise as today this company holds the rank of 7th most downloaded app of this decade.

Later, on 2nd August 2018, ByteDance merged with Musical.ly and re-mastered their company as, TikTok. This step opened a bigger opportunity not only for the entrepreneurs but for also the users. 

By incorporating such a marketing plan, TikTok enables users to share longer videos while maintaining their existing accounts!

Throughout time, different companies have merged with one another to increase marketability. Among such conversions, the TikTok has shown its potential to shatter the boundaries of digital marketing.

Today, TikTok stands as the number 1 free mobile app and this social networking service has 800 million active worldwide.

TikTok data

Who is the Target Audience of TikTok?

While Musical.ly mainly considered women as its potential user, TikTok, on the other hand, appeals to both. One of the basic similarities between both of the apps is that both are immensely popular amongst the younger generation.

Attracting generation can be considered as an important TikTok marketing strategy. Because the younger generation tends to use gadgets more and with an increasing number of users and their viral videos, the company can easily reach its goals.

It is not a surprise that approximately 66% of the users are below 30 years. Other than the popularity among youngsters, this app is becoming famous amongst celebrities. The loved talk-show host Jimmy Fallon is one of the users of TikTok.

Quick Facts Regarding TikTok Marketing strategy โ€“

Other than the potential users, a few factors regarding this app would help one to understand the nitty-gritty aspect of this social networking service. The factors are provided in the following image โ€“

TikTok about

The above image would guide one to understand the influence of this app. Other than that, one can develop a TikTok marketing strategy for beginners depending on the provided facts.

Is TikTik Good for Marketing?

As celebrities are getting involved with TikTok, this platform is giving space to every individual a chance for media marketing.

Considering the immense impact of social media, the influence of TikTok is also increasing. This app has reached a certain threshold wherein it becomes an ideal platform for content marketing. Different brands are incorporating features of TikTok in their brand endorsement.

What Makes TikTok Standout in the Crowd of Marketing Strategies?

To explain simply, this TikTok marketing strategy can be compared with the concept of barter. Both the parties are exchanging each otherโ€™s services and enjoying the benefits.  

Which Companies are Using TikTok?

Keeping the simple strategy of TikTok in mind, few enterprises have included this app as part of their marketing. Following are a few renowned brands which are has incorporated the trendy features of TikTok to reach out to its target market โ€“

  • NBA
  • Chipotle
  • Guess
  • The Washington Post
  • Elf Cosmetics

The above-mentioned enterprises are implementing the beneficial features of TikTok to endorse their companies. Furthermore, including such innovative ways to spread brand awareness has proven beneficial, as it attracts people.

How Can You Implement TikTok for Marketing?

TikTok for Marketing

There are a few features that you can consider as TikTok marketing for beginners to develop your companyโ€™s awareness. The essential aspect of these features is that it enables one to attract his target crowd with ease.

As TikTok is a platform for expressing your talents, the features included in this app renders few fun challenges. This, in turn, would keep one user hook to the social networking service and assist the developers in monetising the hashtag trends.

Following are a few of such techniques โ€“

User-Generated Content โ€“

An influential TikTok marketing strategy is content generated by users. According to this technique, one can share DIY videos. If users get a chance to share their talents amongst their peers, it will keep them engaged to educate others regarding a certain subject. Other than that, such DIY videos will also encourage other users to share their videos.

Hashtag Challenges โ€“

One of the most attractive aspects of TikTok is that it promotes various fun challenges for one to participate. Among such challenges, the hashtag became famous during the years. This sort of video marketing would have a catchy name which can attract users and also make the challenge memorable.

One of the most loved hashtag challenges of TikTok was #tumbbleweed. According to this fun game, a user has to drop and roll on the ground like tumbleweed while playing a western song in the background. Talk-show host Jimmy Fallon made this challenge trendy, and after that, most of the users followed this trend.

TikTok Advertising โ€“

The media analytics suggests that TikTok marketing strategy has been proven beneficial for advertising. Though this technique has not gained much appreciation yet, it is without a mistake a cost-efficient way of spreading awareness of your enterprise.

The authority has crafted a pitch deck for advertising in late 2018. It simply indicates the sort of advertisement that can be made depending on the given data. Such B2b advertisements can be in the following formats โ€“

TikTok Advertising

Influencer Marketing โ€“

Influencer marketing can be considered as one of the most impactful TikTok marketing for beginners. According to this method, an influencer would make a trend popular, and its widespread depends upon his or her followers.

For influencer marketing, the most important aspect is content strategy. The way an influencer crafts their content and promotes it becomes the USP of a certain product or trend.

The generic essence of such content is that it has to be authentic and catchy.

Create Unique Content โ€“

This TikTok marketing strategy may seem quite similar to the user-generated content, yet, there are a few basic differences. This strategy is generally opted by a company to promote their product or their aim.

In order to create unique content, you are required to establish a channel within TikTok. In such social media channels, you are required to upload your videos. Wherein you are educating your target customers regarding your product.

Considering the various benefits of the mentioned TikTok marketing strategy for beginners, it can be easily said that this new trendy marketing strategy should be opted by most enterprises. The contents and its portrayals are engaging, and its popularity amongst youngsters can make a company renowned in just a few likes.