ChatGPT in content writing functions similarly to other AI writing tools. This AI chatbot conducts human-like conservation and delivery of outputs with respect to any command. Moreover, the applicability of this algorithm is anticipated to be detrimental to the jobs of content creators in the digital marketing field.

Despite this, different research conducted since the inception of ChatGPT states that there are countless loopholes of ChatGPT in the content writing field. This article highlights hindrances and states specimens as to why this algorithm cannot be solely depended on for content creation. 

chat GPT Answer
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The above-mentioned screenshot states how ChatGPT generates content through a command given as “Write a poem about trees in summer” and “What are voice assistant’s benefits”. 

7 Reasons Why ChatGPT Won’t Replace a Content Writer

There is a plethora of factors that one must keep in mind while creating authentic content. While AI can generate pages of content, it will be lacking in certain aspects. The following are some areas where AI is still under development:

  1. Lack of Human Touch 

Content creation is a creative activity that is a production of human brain cells. The majority of the brands look for a personal touch and empathy in the content, considering the search intention of their readers. Mostly for brands who offer services, using ChatGPT in content writing will not be able to state experiences. Hence, this robotic language in the content will be unable to meet the brand’s requirements and increase the bounce rate on pages. 

  1. Inability to Customise

Brands will want content writing companies to customise the content as per their audience and other parameters of business models. As different businesses are offering similar products or services, the onus is on a content writer to create unique content and customise it so that it stands out from the wad of other websites. Implementing ChatGPT in content writing will be unable to make this exception and produce generic content that will have a cluster of information. 

Inability to Customise

  1. Inaccurate Information

A pivotal limitation of ChatGPT is that it creates sentences that might not be information-wise correct. This is mostly due to the version available, following which it has been created. This tendency is “hallucination” and is most prevalent in the models of machine language. In addition to this, using ChatGPT for content lacks proper references or citations which acts as a major drawback. Hence, it is ideal not to refer to ChatGPT for any research content as it cannot state the viable source from where the information has been taken. 

  1. Limited Knowledge

As the ChatGPT version came into force in November 2022, it can only create content using information that is from 2021 and earlier. Hence, this algorithm needs to rely on individuals to add the latest information to its content in 2023. Thus, this is a major drawback in the presentation of content due to insufficient knowledge of facts in its database. 

  1. Authenticity and Uniqueness 

It is undeniably true that ChatGPT lacks authenticity and uniqueness and hence has been banned by several universities and educational institutes. GPT contains data from the Common Crawl which has several copyrighted materials published by authors and content agencies. Hence there will always be a concern about creating copyright infringement from the outputs. 

ChatGPT Interface

Using copyrighted content on web pages will turn down the ranks and can give Google a chance to delete the content in some adverse cases. Hence, in the fast-spacing business world, marketers need to update content frequently. While they think of using ChatGPT in content writing, the above-mentioned drawbacks will follow, acting as a barrier to an advanced marketing campaign. 

The Advantageous Side of ChatGPT

Even with these limitations, AI has its own benefits which you can use to improve the content you write. However, to do so you first need to have the required skills of a content writer. Only with that, you can benefit from it. 

You can use it to help you ideate better, search for keywords, learn new ways to phrase a thought etc. With practice, you will find your own unique way of manoeuvring the bot to deliver what you need. 

Also, since it is still in a developmental stage, having a sound idea of both content writing and this AI tool will give you an upper hand over the ones who rely only on one.

Not so late after the launch of ChatGPT, in February 2023, Microsoft integrated the conversational generative AI in its browser Bing and launched Bing Chat. You can now write prompts, and make queries in Microsoft Chat itself to get your answer. It will give you a short answer and provide links from where it fetches the information of the answer.

Going in the same direction, Google has also rolled out Search Generative Experience. The Google SGE search result, however, is a little different than the search result generated by Bing Chat. Visit our blog written specifically on Google SGE to find out more about it and its difference from Bing Chat.

So, if you were planning to enter the content writing industry this is your moment. The best part we have a complete content writing course to give your career a jump start. 

Why Take a Content Writing Course? 

There are several ways in which an advanced content writing course can help in building writing skills and establish you as a proficient writer. Here are the below-mentioned reasons stating what one can learn from a content writing course: 

  1. Know How to Incorporate Keywords

With powerful and consistent content creation, a website can attract new prospective traffic and target audiences who take a genuine interest in the product/service. Hence, one of the pivotal modules that an all-inclusive content writing course adds to their module is understanding the usage of keywords. 

  1. Understand Your Target Audience 

Content marketing is more intricate than you think and requires understanding you will read your content. It requires knowing who your audiences are and creating well-versed content based on their level of readability. 

Signing up for a content writing course will help you understand how to frame sentences which are backed by correct information and the right choice of words. This type of content will establish a strong connection with the audience and will increase engagement. 

  1. Learn How to Research 

It is important to know from where the research of a particular content should begin. Content writing training will help you to streamline your search and help you find information that is correct and relatable to the topic. Strategic research will allow you to save time and derive your content from authentic sources and citations. 

Content writers are a powerful resource for any digital marketing or content writing agency. In addition, the creation of content requires a plethora of knowledge, skill development, and tons of practice. 

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To sum up, the essence of ChatGPT in the content writing market will be very much dependent on the content writer. The machine can develop but it will require fine-tuning and substantial editing before it becomes of any use.