Content is the de facto driving force for companies these days. Especially if you are trying to get clients online, content writing and marketing are arguably the best ways to make an impression on your target audience.

With such importance on content, almost 75% of top companies outsource content marketing jobs to experts. Simply because doing it all on your own is resource-intensive and may produce subpar results. However, finding a reliable content writing agency can be similar to finding a needle in a haystack.

So, we decided to compile a list of everything our top clients looked for on their way to partner with us. Before finding out how to choose content writing agency, here are some of the signs you need professional content writers to boost the online performance of your business.

7 Signs You Need a Content Creation Agency

Sure, writing content is no rocket science – yet, many businesses fail to generate results when trying to create content themselves.


For starters, you need expertise, dedication, and consistency to produce high-quality content. While some confuse the target audience, others tend to go overboard with the details – scaring off the audience with too much information. These are some of the factors why your present employees, no matter how qualified they are, are unable to get results with content marketing.

So, if you are seeing the following patterns, they are a clear sign you need to check out professional content writing companies:

1. Your Website Traffic is Reducing

Your organic website traffic is the foundation of your business. If the traffic is not increasing over time, it is a sign you need to learn about how to choose a content writing agency.

website traffic reduction

You can check your website’s organic traffic via Google Analytics or head to Semrush to find out if the people are finding your website. A high bounce rate and low session times are some of the vital indicators you need to upgrade your content game and hire an agency.

2. You Don’t Have Enough Time

Content writing and marketing is a labour-intensive practice, it requires both patience and expertise to produce optimal results. If your marketing team is constantly busy with other important things, this is high time to opt for a content writing service provider.

A good rule of thumb is to hire a dedicated content writing service provider – that way you can get specialised focus on content alone and generate visible results faster.

3. Your Content Quality is Inconsistent

With the introduction of AI in content generation, search engine algorithms have become increasingly sensitive towards the quality of a content. You can no longer churn out generic information and hope to rank. Without creating genuine value, ranking on search engines becomes difficult and ultimately drains your resources without the ROI.

E-E-A-T & Content Quality

As per Search Essentials Guidelines, businesses are instructed to incorporate E-E-A-T in their content to incorporate help and guide the user.

4. Your Content Budget is Skyrocketing

Having a team of in-house content writers can be the best decision – as long as they are producing enough results to balance your expenses. Considering the hiring expenses, paying for their salary, and insurance – it all contributes to pushing your budget through the roof.

And since content marketing is a time-consuming method, business owners fail to generate enough ROI to sustain the operations.

5. SERP Presence is Declining

Head out to Semrush and take stock of your organic ranking keywords on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). It will look something like this.

organic keyword ranking Semrush statistics

If the graph is stagnant or on the decline, it’s a major sign that you are missing out on a huge chunk of your audience. And it is time to check out a few content writing specialists out there.

6. Not Receiving Enough Leads Without Ads

This is no secret, PPC and ads are an increasingly expensive way to generate leads. Instead, a structured content marketing strategy that guides users through different stages of the marketing funnel helps you get qualified leads.

So, test how fairly is your website generating leads on a regular basis. A daunting step is to pause your ad campaigns for a month and gauge your situation. If the lead generation takes a hit without the ads, it’s time to reconsider your content strategy.

7. You are Struggling with SEO Optimization

The world of SEO is as straightforward as it is complicated. On the surface, there are not many things to do. You use the right combination of keywords and maintain the density and that should be all, right? Only if!

Proper SEO content writing needs years of experience and familiarity with the latest SEO trends and algorithm updates. Since professional SEO writers keep themselves updated, outsourcing your content writing requirements proves to be an efficient way to get scaled content as per the latest SEO techniques.

If you want professionally crafted SEO content, check out our repertoire of content and copywriting services in the portfolio section. Or connect with us directly!

connect with dws

Top 7 Tips to Choose the Right Content Writing Agency

Once you decide to go with a third-party content writing service provider, here comes the difficult part – how are you going to find the right one for you?

Just like every business is different, your content strategy too should be unique as per the target audience. And not all agencies can be as useful for your industry.

Locking in with an inefficient content agency can be a huge blunder which may put your marketing game two steps behind. So, follow these tips when deciding to outsource your content writing.

1. Research and Narrow Down a Few Names

As the proverb, do not put all your eggs in a single basket – do not put all your expectations for quality content in a single company. Look for at least 6-7 content writing companies that are experienced in working for your industry.

Based on your preferences, from price, to average turnaround time, to area of expertise, you can go ahead to choose a few content writing agencies with whom you can then continue the conversation.

2. Reach Out to Individual Content Writing Companies

Once you have determined on a few preliminary names, it’s time to do the groundwork. Connect with each of the companies individually and learn about their prices, offerings and average turnaround time.

At this stage, you can perform an audit of their own content as well. A great way is to check out their blogs section. Before actually asking for samples, their blogs are a good indicator of content quality while also giving you a glimpse of their authority and expertise in the field.

For example, At Das Writing Services, our blogs are specifically dedicated to creating knowledge on SEO content marketing as these are the services we offer to the clients. A writing company that only talks about grammar and syntax should hardly be your choice for serious projects.

3. Learn about Their Clients

This is the most important part of choosing a content writing agency. Check out what clients they have worked with and what kind of tasks they have accomplished.

Go to the portfolio section of their website and see if they have worked with any clients from your industry. It should give you an idea if the agency is capable of handling your requirements.

4. Choose your Position on AI: Cost vs. Quality

With the advent of generative AI in content creation, many content writing companies that used to rely on freelancers are using AI to create blogs and articles. Because of this, they offer highly competitive pricing that is lower than the market rate and promise delivery within a few hours.

How to Choose a Content Writing Agency

However, as many of us already know, AI-generated content is mostly generic and often contains errors. That is the price you pay for cheap service. So, if the quality is your concern, an AI content writing company is best avoided.

At Das Writing Services, we exercise a strict no-tolerance policy on generative AI in content writing. Our quality is our identity and that is why we have a team of in-house trained writers who are experts in creating tailored content. You can learn more about your operations by contacting us.

5. Communicate your Expectations

Writers are only as good as the instructions they receive. So, when finding the right content agency for your business, communication must be the top criteria for picking a content creation agency.

Try to get hold of the writers and communicate your expectations to them. It is a good idea to be prepared before the meeting with a few pointers you would like to discuss. Ask your questions directly and notice the questions they are asking to you. After the meeting, ask yourself, do you feel heard and understood by the agency?

If yes, it’s a green signal and you can proceed to the next steps.

6. Get Samples from Content Writing Agency

Now that you have performed a vibe check with the writers, it is time to ask for a sample. Based on the company, you can either get a free sample which is generic or avail a customised paid sample to gauge their capacities.

We would encourage you to go for a paid sample if you truly want to understand their ability to deliver customised solutions. In case you want our writing sample just hit us up with a quick mail and we can take it from there.

7. Choose an End-to-End Content Marketing Agency

The last pointer is based exclusively on our experience. Despite delivering high-quality SEO-optimised content, we have often notice many of them not performing optimally on the SERP. The reason, we found is a lack of planning and execution in posting which turned out to produce substandard search engine performance.

That is why having an end-to-end content writing and marketing agency proves useful. So you can try opting for one that takes care of A-Z content marketing. From planning, and writing, to posting – we can take care of it all. Thanks to our efficient and experienced team of writers and SEO professionals, you can bid adieu to all stress by outsourcing your content marketing campaign to Das Writing Services.


Having gone through the entire blog, you should be able to hire a content writing agency that serves your interests and supports your content marketing goals.

Did we miss anything? Let us know what other strategies you use to choose a content writing agency. Tell us in the comments below.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the Top Content Writing Companies?

Some of the top content writing service providers for businesses include:

  • Das Writing Services Pvt. Ltd.
  • Pepper Content
  • Verblio
  • Italics
  • Godot Media

2. What is the Rate of Hiring a Content Writing Firm?

The rate for content writing is typically based on a PPW (price per word) model. For top agencies – the price ranges between INR 1-5 (0.12 – 0.6 USD).