When you try to flourish your business beyond the seas, finding clients is most important to thrive in the competitve landscape. If you are facing a similar situation in your business and thinking of how to get clients for export business then take our expert advice. We can provide you with the right strategies and tactics to help you in finding export buyers.

Without further ado, let us start with our discussion of finding customers for export business.

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What is Import and Export Business?

Export business is a process by which a country produces some goods and then they sell it to other countries. Such international trades are great way to generate revenue and on the positive side, it increases the influx of foreign currency for a country.

On the other hand, import business is a process where a company buys certain products or services from abroad. This does not result in an influx of foreign currency, but it goes out in the process of making payments.

Together, import export businessand the flow of cash contribute to the economy. We can also say that in an open economy model, imports and exports shape the vitality and growth of a country.

If you are into the export business then feel proud as you are responsible for the inflow of foreign currency. With that being said, let us see in greater detail how to get clients for export business.

Top 6 Tips on How to Find Clients for Export Business?

Any business requires a proper client base to bring revenue and run efficiently. However, finding buyers for your export business can be tedious if you do not know where to look for.

Especially for a new business, proper research is primary to find a client base and understand their preferences. Finding potential customers who are interested in your exported goods can be difficult when you do not know where to look.

Let us see some strategies for mitigating the question of how to get clients for export business.

1. Use Export Promotion Councils (EPC)

Export Promotion Councils are bodies established by the Government of India, they promote export-related activities and act as intermediaries between the government and the export industry. If you want a confident answer to how to find clients for export businessthen this is your best shot to find buyers for export.

The council plays an instrumental role in creating a growth environment for exporters, organising trade fairs, and providing necessary guidance. These councils are also more trustworthy for foreign clients and thus creating the perfect platform for your high quality goods.

2. Contact Agents Who Facilitate Finding Export Business Clients

Foreign companies can be sceptical when it comes to dealing with an overseas vendor for the first time. This is one of the most prevalent reasons why exporters are unable to seal a deal with international buyers. Mostly these foreign enterprises will have some agents that work closely with the organisation to supervise imports.

If you are trying to expand your market, finding out and get in touch with these agents to help you in your journey. Try to maintain a steady flow of fresh, or quality products to make the companies hook into your products. This is going to increasingly benefit your import-export business in its starting to advanced phase.

3. Optimise Online Presence or Use Digital Marketing for Exports

Start by building a professional website for your business, and invest in digital marketing and its benefits. Try to seek the relevant keywords that foreign clients use, by referring to keywords research tools. Always change the target country or choose an appropriate target country in the keyword research tool.

Once you have gathered a couple of location-based keyword ideas, start targeting the appropriate consumers by implementing content marketing strategy. By targeting location based keywords you can ensure organic ranking in relevant areas to get maximum visibility to the potential buyers. Rank on Google SERP and make your business visible to others.

Additionally, you can also use the social media platforms to get clients for your export business. The fundamental of exporting to an overseas market is to first ensure your presence to the target market. It helps you attract new customers and establish your authority in front of the new clients.

4. Create Helpful Content to Showcase Products

Content is one of the proven ways to secure buyers for your export prodcuts. In this case, the way to find customers is to target relevant platforms where you can be visible to the importing agencies and firms. You may opt for business newsletters and leverage guest posting platforms to reach out to potential clients for your export-import business.

From there, the products are effectively marketed to people who may seek to use them. When you target and send this newsletter and e-papers to your preferred audience or people who visit your website, chances are you can convert them as your clients. This can be a great solution if you seek how to get clients for export business.

Start understanding pillars of content writing and create a strategy that efficiently pulls in consumers from the email list for sending newsletters or e-papers.

5. Conduct a Survey Abroad

This might seem a little hectic, but if done correctly this is extremely useful for understanding what the client’s needs are. This action falls under market research and helps to understand and create a consumer persona which we can use to deliver appropriate products.

You should visit the trade expos, and business fairs to connect with prospecting buyers. Meet new prospects and interact with them to get ideas for the products or services that they demand. This is your first step to getting international orders from people abroad.

Combined with a digital survey targeting the potential customers, you may develop a comprehensive idea about the market.

You can learn various factors affecting foreign trade to cater products and services according to them. If you need to understand how to get clients for your export business this is one of the essential qualities that you must focus on.

6. Explore Online Foreign Marketplace

Alibaba is one of the online places, where you can find buyers or suppliers for your products. For example, if you are a gold member of Alibaba, you get a wider prospect of clients looking at your products. They may buy from you, if your product has a value in their lives.

Similarly, you may also use Tradekey, which is a similar online platform that helps in direct client communications if you are a paid member. Moreover, if you are trying to source buyers for clients in Europe, you can use Europages, a company that offers a B2B marketing platform. You can increase your client communications and grab profits easily using such platforms.

If you want a platform that does not restrict your ability to find buyers online, one of the best places is ‘go4WorldBusiness’. Here you can list your products and let the customers ask you for an offer, this is mainly an international buying and selling platform.

If you are new to the import-export business then this is the best place for you to find clients online.

How to Identify Your Potential Clients?

Notice that we have repeatedly emphasised on the importance of zeroing in on the right market. For unless one is quite sanguine about the kind of people it wants to cater to, it will be increasingly difficult to do business.

As we have already discussed how to get clients for export business, the next step is to identify the target group. Here are a few tips specifically intended to target export clients for your business:

  • Understand the demographics of the clients by identifying their location, age group, occupation, education, and others.
  • Identify the behaviour of your clients, and assess the types of products suitable to cater to their needs.
  • How long does a buyer wait before making an order, or what frequency of ordering? These things help in creating a strategy and making a product that hooks your consumers better.
  • Identify your competitors and ensure that you have more value to offer to your clients. Make your business beneficial for all your clients so they choose you more readily!

Apart from all these, you need to identify if the consumers have shifted their demands. If they do, you need to provide them with the necessary products or tweak your product designs to meet them. Such a strategy helps to shape your import-export business better and attract clients easily.

Lastly, produce value-driven products, and do not lag in designing and research. Always try to outrank your competitors by finding out the scope for improvement in their products. These are some of the effective ways to answer how to get clients for export business.

What We Suggest?

Our suggestion, in promoting export business to foreign clients, is to balance a two-pronged strategy. Use the online and offline media well to your advantage!

Create a website and add your services for different locations. By studying their demographics and the competitors you may streamline foreign client acquisition. To promote your import-export business, you can opt to make data driven choices.

Watch out for EPCs, trade fairs, and any requirements the clients have posted in online media. Keep your services readily accessible to them, by maintaining a steady overseas transport, if required.

Connect with clients, or dealers abroad regularly to get information about any requirements they seek. Deliver value-driven products to ensure that they keep coming back to you.


In short, to venture out and find clients beyond the borders requires a strategic approach. Try to foster a strong connection with your clients’ using platforms like, ‘go4WorldBusiness’ or ‘Tradekey’ to buiild long term connections that pave the way for good business. When you are looking for how to get clients for export business leave no stones unturned to identify customers that can get value out of the content.

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