When you write a blog for a company or yourself the main aim is to make it visible to as many people as possible. Any type of content whether a blog or an article is beneficial only if it is targeted to the right kind of audience and the content is relevant. You can easily create value-packed content however reaching the right type of audience might be tough. This often happens due to a lack of understanding of content promotion. 

If you are to understand content promotion in simple words it is the job of distributing any type of content through a variety of media channels. Whether you are not getting enough traffic or conversions or sales, it is all because of inadequate content promotion. There is an unlimited number of options where you can promote your content. 

Implementing right techniques and tools not only helps in disseminating your content to the maximum number of people possible but also the right audience as well. Here are 20 best content promotion tricks and tips that are sure to drive more traffic to your content.

20 Best Content Promotion Strategies That Will Make Your Content Visible

Content promotion helps companies drive organic traffic, reach new audiences and boosts conversion rates. Companies both small and big develop long-term content creation strategies. 

Creation of quality content is very important to attract more prospects and customers. However, when a company enters a market, not many people are aware of the company. In this case, promotion becomes very important. 

Even if a company is there for a long time, promotion is important for retention in the minds of the audience. Content promotion is extremely important for establishing trust; building strong relationships and gaining a sizeable customer base.

Now that you are aware of the reasons why content promotion is important, let us take a look at 20 amazing strategies:  

1. Understand Target Audience

This is not a content promotion strategy but is important for your content promotion strategy to be successful. If you are a new business it is important to analyse the target audience of your competitors. 

As per the survey by CMO Council, only 12% of marketers think their content is targeting the right audience. While promoting your content it is important to choose platforms where your target audience spends maximum time. There are some platforms that are not very obvious but promoting there might bring new audience.

Detailed information like their age, gender, location and which browsing device they use is important. Other than that information regarding which social networking sites they use, brands they follow, type of content they share, time of the day they use it, time they check their emails, and their interests are also important for target audience analysis. 

There are various tools to gather such information like Google Analytics, email marketing software and social media analytics. These tools will help in getting an idea as to who your target audience is. For existing companies, these tools will help understand which is your best-performing content. 

2. Use Keywords Effectively For Organic Content Promotion

It is possible to attract consumers organically by including keywords that the target audience mostly uses to search for similar content. Google keyword planner is a good way to search for keywords that are most suitable for your content. Other than that you can use Ahref’s Free Keyword Generator or Answer the Public tool to get relevant keywords. 

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3. Try out Guest Posting

Publishing your content only on your website is not enough. By guest posting on other high-quality sites, you can boost your authority as well as brand. This will also increase visibility of your content. 

However, you should not treat guest posting simply as an SEO trick but also as a way to make more people know about you. The guest post must be of high quality to be able to get a place in a high authority site. 

There are n-numbers guest post sites where you can submit content to draw backlinks? Check out this list of free guest post sites that can offer amazing results.

guestposting snippet

4. Make Use of Social Media

Creating good content won’t do the trick if not promoted properly. When you create a new content you need to promote it using various social media platforms. Simply sending it to your email list will not help in getting the result that you are expecting. 

Nowadays there are loads of social media platforms starting from Facebook to LinkedIn. Find as many ways as you can to share and re-share your content on social media networks. 

You need to prepare a social media content promotion strategy even before you have completed preparing your content. This will help in cross-network promoting your content and make sure that you have covered all bases in terms of distribution.

social media promotion

5. Include Share Buttons for Social Media 

Creating good content which is worth sharing is the first step towards content promotion. However, the next step is to make this share-worthy content shareable. While posting content it is important to provide share buttons that are easily visible and are easy to use. 

Even the share link needs to be visible so that instant sharing is possible. Whether it is an image or a blog post, content needs to be optimised for sharing.

social media share buttons

6. Repurpose Content

If you wish to promote your content through social media video content acts as the Holy Grail. Videos are a great way to brand storytelling. Creating a short clip for any type of content might be a great way to attract more audiences. 

For instance, you have written a blog with quotes from a highly-followed influencer. You can also create a small snippet of the influencer sharing their insights. This will be a great way of repurposing your content and making more people read the main blog.

If you want to know more about this you can check out our blog on content repurposing.

repurpose content

7. Tap on Influencer Marketing 

In this digital era, there is hardly anyone who does not use social networking sites. Influencers are a creation of social media platforms. They generally have a huge impact on a large group of audience. 

As the influencers have a niche, therefore, opting for their help allows for a more targeted distribution of content. Suppose you are a beauty brand and have come up with a new eyeliner. In that case, you need to take the help of a fashion influencer or beauty influencer who has a huge number of followers. 

While writing a blog about tips to wear eyeliner like a pro you can take some tips from that influencer. This way when you write the blog and mention their name in the blog, the influencer will also share the blog as it will be good publicity. This is a great way for promoting your content. 

influencer marketing

8. Utilise Email Marketing

Email listing is a way of targeting people who are interested in your brand and wishes to get regular updates. While promoting content through email marketing, it is crucial to make the subject line compelling. 

This will at least compel the receiver to open and read the mail. You also need to keep the email body concise and include some snippets of the content along with right visuals to provide a basic idea as to what the readers can expect. 

Include proper CTA along with the link of the content for driving traffic to your content directly. Some analysis is required regarding which is the correct time and day to send out newsletters. According to Campaign Monitor, Monday is the best day for achieving highest open rates. However, Tuesday receives maximum click-to-open rates.

9. Make Use of the Comment Section

Comment section is a great place for showing authenticity. This is the place where people leave their honest reviews after viewing any type of content. It is very important to remain proactive and respond to every comment that you get. This will encourage the audience to interact when any content is published in the future. 

Another good strategy for content promotion is leaving thoughtful comments on content uploaded by other businesses. This is also a good way to engage with the audience. It is good to portray oneself as an authority. Along with a short note, you can also insert a link to your content belonging to the subject to drive more traffic.

comment section

10. Convert your Content into Videos for Social Media Promotion

One of the most important steps for content promotion is customising your content as per the requirement of the channel. Tone is a very important aspect when you are promoting your content. It needs to match the content that you are promoting. Outlining some of the benefits of reading the piece of content also might motivate the audience. 

Your message needs to be customised according to the promotion channel as every channel has unique ways. Using witty messages or fun GIFs or short videos might be apt for some channels. While for emails it requires a more personalised approach.

social media promotion

11. Try Out Paid Promotion

Apart from using free content promotion techniques, it is good to try out the paid method if you have got the budget. Paid promotion can be a great way for generating more traffic to your content as well as increase the number of followers. According to WordStream, 77% of B2B marketers use ads on Facebook to increase traffic. 

By investing in pay-per-click ads on Google, and social media ads you can show your content to a highly-specific audience. These highly specific audiences will find your content to be most relevant. 

However, if you are just getting started with paid ads it is wise to start with small budgets to discover ways to achieve desired results. 

Using social media and search engine ads you can retarget people who have shown interest in any of your blogs or have visited your website or taken some type of action.  

ads promotion

12. Create a Content Promotion Calendar

When you are coming up with your content promotion strategies, it is important to keep track of all types of communication that you are planning. A content promotion calendar will be a great way to monitor all the schedules like the exact date and time of your content publication. As every business has different requirements therefore the promotion plan also differs. 

You need to create a promotion plan according to the target audience you are catering to, whether you will use internal or external communication or both and content that you are distributing through different channels. On the basis of your promotion plan, your content promotion calendar will be created. 

The content promotion calendar will be like a game plan for how to go ahead with different types and communication and when. It will work as an itinerary or as a to-do list. It will help you get organised as per the timeframe and send email reminders when any task approaches.

content calendar

13. Use Content Promotion Tools

If you are just a beginner and do not have much knowledge about content promotion strategies you can try out some content promotion tools.  There are huge numbers of content promotion tools available these days that will successfully distribute your content to the desired audience. 

SEMrush is one such platform. It offers a wide range of amenities like a topic research tool, SEO content template, SEO writing assistant, Brand monitoring tool, content marketing calendar, social media tool, content marketing toolkit and post tracking tool. These tools offer a 360-degree solution for content promotion for any type of company. 

There are other tools as well as like Hootsuite, Buffer and BuzzSumo. These tools help right from the creation of high-performing content up to promoting it in different channels. 

tools for content promotion

14. Create a Content Feedback Group

You can create good content in a jiffy however it is important to get ample amount of feedback. This is only possible if a large number of people read through the content. Feedback helps in improving any task that you do. If people read your content and critically analyse your claims, point out the mistakes like grammar errors, wrong flow of content etc. you will be able to correct them. 

People like your friends, family, colleagues or someone from a similar industry might help in this regard. The best way to get feedback might be by creating a group including such people and sharing any content when you create one in that group. 

This group will provide constructive criticism and give a chance for you to improve your content. It will also work as a good promotion avenue. If anyone in the group likes the content they will in turn share it with their friends or colleagues. 

customer feedback

There are plenty of niche-specific newsletters which can turn into great avenues for promoting your content. If any such newsletter features your content then there are high chances of receiving increased traffic to your content. Your content can be picked up either organically or you can contact the creator to introduce your content. 

It is not necessary to promote all your content in these newsletters. However, maintaining a cordial relationship with the creator is a good way to take their help whenever required. The best is if you can run your own newsletter and swap content with other creators. 

newsletter marketing

A very important aspect of content promotion is adding internal links to your previously produced evergreen content. If you have written blogs in the past that have got you a lot of traffic and conversion you should keep utilising them to get good results. 

When you are linking such a blog in any of your new content you are increasing chances of better engagement. The more evergreen content you have in store the more you can interlink with other related content. 

internal links

Reaching out to other bloggers belonging to your niche and arranging a value exchange partnership is a great way of content promotion. Asking these bloggers to backlink some of your best content and in return providing backlinks or a social media feature might be worth it. 

Sending a cold mail is the best way to connect with such bloggers to pitch your offer. You need to personalise this email by referencing any of their current accomplishment and mentioning about your interest to be featured. 

Your mail should have an approach that specifies how this might be a good exchange and might benefit them. It is however wise to get back links from a site that has high domain authority. As getting a backlink from them will increase your domain authority in return. It is best to start with this process as soon as you publish your content.


18. Automate Content Promotion

If you wish to efficiently promote your content without wasting too much time you can use marketing automation tools. This tool will help in queuing content in advance so that they get posted on time on particular promotional platforms. 

It will help in saving the marketing team’s time. Along with posting, these tools also help in identifying best time to post for maximum engagement. 

By analysing content engagement and using artificial intelligence some advanced platform help in targeting audiences at different times. 

Snapshot of marketing automation software

19. Time Your Content Promotion Strategies

Timing can make a huge difference in your content promotion strategy. Therefore it is important to analyse which are the high-traffic times. If you send email to your target audience at midnight when all of them are sleeping then it will not provide good results. 

Suppose you have an active Twitter following. In such a situation you need to schedule tweets at peak hours. However, if you are re-sharing your content, in that case, choosing a low-traffic time when the noise is less might be helpful.

content promotion schedule

20. Make Changes in Content Promotion Strategy According to Your Results

After running a promotion campaign it is very important to analyse the results of the efforts. This will help in analysing ways to enhance your future campaign performance. Experimentation is a consistent aspect of content promotion. 

As there are no sure shot strategies for content that are sure to bring success, therefore you need to try new ways. You can change one variable at a time like time of the day, day in the week, channel for promotion and organic or paid promotion. This will help in understanding the impact of changing any particular aspect of a content promotion strategy. 

Granular data is important for tracking progress. If you find that tweeting a blog post brings more engagement than posting it is Facebook then you must focus on Twitter. 

updating promotion strategy

Even if your content is perfect from the perspective of quality and research, content promotion holds a lot of importance. When you are able to promote your content to the right kind of audience it is successful in driving more traffic this is how content marketing affects sales. If you are having a problem creating good content you can also take help of a content writing agency. This will help you grow your business exponentially.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is content promotion, and why is it important for my online presence?

Content promotion refers to the different strategies used for spreading your online content to a wider audience and is crucial for increasing visibility and engagement.

2. What are some effective content promotion channels and tactics to consider?

Effective content promotion channels and tactics include social media marketing, email marketing, SEO optimization, influencer collaborations, and paid advertising.

3. How do I determine the right budget for content promotion, and are there cost-effective options?

Your content promotion budget should be based on your goals and resources, with options ranging from free strategies to paid campaigns depending on your needs.

4. What are the key metrics and KPIs to measure the success of my content promotion efforts?

Key metrics to measure content promotion success include website traffic, click-through rates, conversion rates, social media engagement, and return on investment (ROI).

5. Can you provide some tips for creating a content promotion strategy that aligns with my specific target audience and industry?

Tailor your content promotion strategy by researching your target audience, understanding their preferences, and aligning your content with industry trends and best practices.