Issues faced while blogging

Blogging is fun. Isn’t it? Sharing your daily humdrum with your readers and receiving their feedback and comments in return is not only intriguing, but enticing as well. But it so happens sometimes, that your blogs do not attract more readers.

However, do you know the reason behind this unwanted mishap? Truth be spoken, the fault lies in your blogs.

Tips to get better at blogging

Listed below are few tips that would give you the required mileage to get more readers to your blogs:

The title of your blog

“I want more readers…….” Hey, come on! Don’t cry over spilt milk. Rather, ponder on your blog’s title. Web scrollers are an impatient bunch of people who will not even think of clicking on a link unless they find it attractive enough.

Here is some free advice. A good blog title often starts with digits. For instance,

  • 7 tips to make the best chocolate cake, or…
  • 6 ways to design a website in 30 minutes.

Numbers attract readers conveying a sort of guidance through a post. Your users will deem it as helpful and voila!! Their mouse clicks!!!

Identify and maintain a specific genre:

Imagine a blog site whose first three posts are on cooking, the fourth one highlights a camera review while the fifth and sixth posts embrace fashion.

Frankly speaking mate, a user will forget why in the first place he or she subscribed to your website. So, do not just write for the sake of writing. Instead, go niche.

“I love this website. It projects new and unique cuisines every week.”

Now, that is a feedback you would crave to receive from your readers. To do so, identify your genre and start penning down right now.

Post/write on a regular basis:

Keeping the users’ waiting is a crime! (Remember, web scrollers are impatient humans!) Instead, right regularly or at least thrice a week for sure. This affects your blogs in two ways-

  • First and foremost, it gives a reason to your subscribers to visit your site daily.
  • Secondly, it ensures Google to believe that you are an active child of her world.

Make these two happy and your site is sure to touch the zenith of success in no time. 

Split your writings into episodes:

Are you familiar with the phrase “to be continued”? Yes, that very phrase at the end of a movie or soap that keeps you anticipating about the next part with utmost eagerness.

Why not leave your readers in suspense as well? For instance, you may be reviewing a couple of upcoming DSLRs. Review one and leave the other for your next write up. To escalate the effect, leave a hint and let suspense do the rest.

Your posts should be enticing enough:

You are writing to communicate and even more truthfully sell your skills or your products and services. So, make sure that entice your readers enough so as to convince them to avail your amenities.

However, if you are an independent blogger, then your readers should definitely come back to your site regularly. That is what makes you a successful blogger.

Be dynamic, and learn to go with the flow/trend:

Accept the new, leave the old behind. Irrespective of your blogging genre, embrace this idea as your blogging Bible. For instance, suspecting about the possibilities of World War III?

Why not write about the Indo-China ongoing cold-war or USA-North Korea apparent nuclear tension?

A fashion blogger? Post a blog about the rainbow Key stripes that is trending this season. Just choose your news and start blogging!

A stepwise approach to success

Therefore, your dream of becoming a successful blogger now looks practical and achievable. Follow these 6 basic tips mandatorily, and do not be surprised to see your website hit even the First Page of Google! The primary thing you need to keep in mind is to make a step-wise approach. Once you get the steps right, there is no way one can stop your blogs from ranking on Google!