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5 Secret Jewels to Increase Your Website Visitors Now!

Search Engine Optimization! The much-sought-after throne which has multiple heirs and a crowd of aspirants! SEO is the key to the ultimate glory in this virtual arena. So, if you are reading this post, no-doubt, you are one of those, desperately seeking to make their online presence felt somehow!

Well, wait! Let’s clear one thing,

SEO is not just about writing unique contents or stamping on click-baiting titles. In fact, SEO has a lot more to it than what meets the eye.

So, hold your patience and bear with me. Let’s take you on a journey far away from the world of articles & keywords, hyperlinks and guest posts.

Get that snippet right

Snippets…those featured texts that arrive in rectangular boxes each time you post a “who, what, how” question. They precisely answer a query being asked with a “blue” link to its host site. So, how exactly do they matter?

Notice closely and you will find that most of these snippets belong to sites that do not even rank in the first ten pages of Google. However, surprisingly, they get more traffic than the rest and hence, will find themselves in Google’s first page very soon.

Whisper…Whisper… a proper snippet can increase traffic of your site by more than 100%. It’s a secret- Keep it to yourself!

Answer trending questions through your post

Now, that sounds new! Have you ever thought about the questions being asked on forums such Quora and similar sites? Why do people ask these questions? BECAUSE THEY NEED ANSWERS…!

Do a small survey. Identify a common problem posted by most users in the last few days. For instance,

  • How to secure organic backlinks?
  • Is organic backlinks the right approach for SEO?
  • Provide some information on organic backlinks.

Here, “organic backlinks” is the common phrase. So, script an article that uses “organic backlinks” as its primary keyword and provides an answer to the above trending questions.

Get active with a Handycam

Video cams…and…SEO!?

Has this person gone mad?

Well, the mantra is simple, “Whatever you write, make it live”. Simply, start a YouTube channel and convert your blogs to vlogs. Say, your latest blog post lays out the recipe to cook Biryani. Your step by step procedure is precisely perfect; but, why not make a video out of it?

So, cook yourself or get someone to cook for you. Sprinkle your blog’s link in the video description and see the difference! Your readers will increase and they’ll just love the idea.

Culminate cannibalistic content

The term’s simple – Anything which eats its own kind. A simple example will help you understand.

Suppose, you have written two posts on an upcoming iPhone release.

  • 7 facts about the new iPhone.
  • iPhone design leaks for you.

Both these posts concentrate on a similar topic- new iPhone and contain near-about similar information. Now, say, one ranks 5 on Google’s Page 1 while the other ranks 2 on the same page.

So, when a reader visits your first post and likes it, he or she will search for more information. However, arriving at similar information with another post will not only make the person leave your site but also increase the bounce rate.

In a nutshell, two similar posts can be mutually destructive.

It’s a big release!

Perhaps the biggest mistake people make is- accessing blog posts only by the “Publish Now” button. Get one thing right, if you don’t give importance to your content, no one will.

Rather, think of your post as a new blockbuster release. Spread small hints on your website, Facebook, Twitter and other social media pages building up hype for your post (a YouTube trailer works wonders!).

Once the hype is at its max, BOOM…POST IT!

See the hits rising and likes bulking as your post becomes the new #trending of Social media platforms.

So, what are you waiting for? Remember these secrets and reveal their true powers with your website.

Go…Go…Hurry Now! Your readers are waiting for your new release.

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