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You have heard of Siri, Google Assistant, Alexa, but you have overlooked one – CORTANA. Cortana is to Microsoft what Siri is to Apple. And here, at Das Writing Services Pvt. Ltd, we curate Cortana optimised content.

This virtual assistant integrated with Windows 10 provides you with an all-inclusive task range to which you can type in or speak to! 

Starting from reminder set to getting the trending news across the globe, Cortana is your very own personal secretary. 

The reason we cater to this genre of content is because of voice search optimisation.

The magic boom in this domain where people today won’t have to type but just say has given content writing services a new angle to think about. No longer do we create only traditional SEO friendly content but also voice optimised ones as the future is about it only.

Digital helpers have cropped up, as mentioned right at the beginning, and Cortana is a multi-tasker. Just like the other digital assistants, there is a large population that depends on it to get daily information. So, by targeting it, you gain the attention of all your targeted audience that belongs to that population.

Get the most out of Cortana with our content writing assistance.

What is Cortana optimised content?

Voice search trends are what the world is talking about. Your future SEO will be secured only if you have voice optimised content. DWS has a professional team of SEO content writers who are true maestros at penning down such an unconventional genre of write-up.

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Intelligent voice assistants have long dominated mainstream science fiction. Now, it is here. The major players in the digital voice assistants industry are Apple’s Siri, Google Assistant, Microsoft’s Cortana (which initially promised to become a standalone AI platform, but Microsoft has since backtracked), and Amazon’s Alexa.

There are also smaller players like Robin, which does not have the same market heft as its bigger rivals, but nonetheless has enough search capabilities. It is still in its Beta stage, however.

She’s still learning.

The moot point is: the rise of AI and Natural Language Processing or NLP has now led to voice assistants gaining prominence.

Our voice optimised content makes sure that –

  1. Your content is optimised for Cortana so that it has no problem in making it present the write-up when asked a relevant question.
  2. It makes your website rank high on the search engine ladder.
  3. The content is empowered to give instant answers to a related query.
  4. It reduces confusion and also increases your website traffic to a great extent.

We know how to curate the right set of keywords as per the latest voice search trends. Our team of content writers know the relevant long-tail keywords which will suit your content. Their diligence at harbouring the perfect troupe makes our content stand out.

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Featured snippets:

We all see more and more of featured snippets in the SERPS, the search engine results. Such qualified results that are portrayed right on the top of the SERPS are what you are aiming at. A substantial chunk of your content gets shown right at the top way before the ten tabs!

And what better way can it be to increase your website visibility? 


Target audience research:

To have Cortana optimised content, we know the exact conversation mapping system, which will help you grasp most of your target audience.

Voice searches dedicated to your service or product need to be enhanced and provide a viable part of your branding games. What your visitors are typing now to find your service shall be spoken in the recent future, and we know it.


FAQ formats:

Our content writing services have integrated a dynamic approach for formulating voice search optimised content. There lies a particular pattern that allows framing your content in the form of FAQ. These reflect the voice snippet answers the best!


We help by framing short answers that…

…fit in your customer’s queries.

Choose Us! As we look at your website pages to determine what exactly the voice queries can be for your niche. Moreover, our writers understand whether your visitors are seeking info regarding your services or your company history.

Get Cortana optimised content right now and get set ASAP.