In today’s world, millions of blogs and articles are published every day on the internet. Uploading quality and refurbished content on your website is very important as it builds authority and brand value.

However, creating an ample number of blogs will be a daunting task for you. Therefore, you must hire a ghostwriter who will help you with content writing to fulfil your content goals. 

In this guide, we will discuss everything about ghostwriting and how it can benefit your business.

What is Ghostwriting?


As their name suggests, ghostwriting is a process where anonymous writers create content for clients on their behalf. They are experienced in creating well-optimised content that will attract more audience to your website. 

Moreover, ghostwriters know how to create engaging and on-time content for your website. They usually work in a long-term commitment where they will write unique content for your audience. 

So, whenever you read an article or a blog on a website without author credit, it is most likely written by a ghostwriter. 

Types of Ghostwriting You Can Choose

There are several types of ghostwriting services available and you can choose the one according to your requirements. Following are some of the types of ghostwriting:

Types of ghostwriting

1. Website Content Ghostwriting

Nowadays, many business owners pursue the services of ghostwriting individuals or companies to produce content for their websites. It saves their time and effort as they outsource it to a professional, and it helps them to develop their brand. In addition, asking a professional writer to write content for your website will help you get a higher rank on the SERP.

2. Academic Ghostwriting

Certain ghostwriters and companies write academic content according to the requirements of the students. They write a thesis, essays and term papers for the students. However, many universities and colleges do not allow academic ghostwriting services.

3. Non-Fictional Ghostwriting

After website content ghostwriting, non-fictional ghostwriting is the most desired. Celebrities and public figures hire professional ghostwriters and agencies to craft their autobiographies. 

Some celebrities even ask ghostwriters to create ”How-To” content, fitness and cooking guides for their audience. After publishing the content, they will sell it to their loyal fans and audiences.

Things to Look for While Hiring a Ghostwriter?

Ghostwriters are professionals having experience in writing content adhering to SEO guidelines and client requirements. If you want to opt for ghostwriting services, you must look forward to the following qualities of a ghostwriter:

Qualities of a ghostwriter

1. They Should be Attentive and Can Communicate Well

Ghostwriters are attentive and have great communication skills. They pay close attention to the details you are providing them. When you opt for ghosting services, you want the writers to understand the ins and outs of your business and the products and services you sell. 

However, professional writers will understand your products and services before writing content. They will even discuss everything with you during the meetings and suggest you unique ideas that will build your company’s brand value.

2. They Can Narrate in the Voice You’re Looking For

Every day, millions of blogs are uploaded to grab the first-page position in search results. Even if you attain a position on the first page, there is no guarantee that the readers will find your content engaging and informative.

To do that, you need to opt for ghostwriting services. Ghostwriters are proficient in writing well-optimised and engaging content for your audience. They have the narrating power and can influence your target audience to buy your product or service. 

Furthermore, they will include informative data in your content, attracting the audience to try the product or service.

3. They Should Have a Knowledge in SEO

This is mostly important for businesses who are trying to attract and engage their audiences by sharing their expertise. Here, writing content may seem easy, but that’s not correct. You need to know the SEO guidelines when you are writing content. 

Ghostwriters msut know how to write well-optimised content and be familiar with the Google algorithms and their functioning and take advantage of them while writing content for your audience. 

In addition, they also know the exact number of keywords required and how to incorporate authoritative sources into the topic. They even have the quality to properly optimise the meta tags, which will help the content in becoming a viral hit.

4. The Ghostwriter must be Innovative Enough to Come Up With New Ideas

Ghostwriters are creative and know how to innovate new ideas related to your content. They can make any content creative, whether it is a complex or trivial subject. Ghostwriters understand the need of the target audience and can transform the content accordingly. 

For instance, if you want content on investment and home insurance, they will create content covering all the providers. They will also include information which is useful for you. The ghostwriting agencies have trained writers who can incorporate such information into the topic without any unnecessary adjustments.

What is the Role of a Ghostwriter?

Ghostwriters know what the target audience wants from your content and will write content accordingly. They play a crucial role in the content marketing process. The following are the key role of a ghostwriter in content creation:

what should you check while hiring a writer

1. Ideation

Once you have decided that you require a new blog, the ghostwriters will think up new ideas and topics relevant to your business to craft content. They will properly analyse the keywords and the related search to write well-optimised content.

In addition, they will also research what your audience wants from your blogs and articles so that they can make it more engaging and outrank the competition. They will brainstorm every aspect so that they can write informative and unique content for the audience.

2. Analyse and Research

After the topic is selected, the ghostwriters will conduct proper research for the resources that will help them to frame the content. They will analyse industry reports, competitor’s websites and other articles related to the same topic. It will help them to write better quality and informative content than others. 

Meanwhile, they will create a framework so that all the topics related to that keyword are included in the content. It is helpful when they are crafting content on complex and informative subjects. Professional writers will also add several outbound links to the topics to establish authority. Furthermore, doing proper research also helps them in writing informative content for the target audience. 

3. Crafting Quality Content

Once research and analysis are done, the writers will write the content according to your requirements. They will follow the SEO guidelines while writing the content to ensure it attains a better ranking in the search results. Furthermore, they will include several call-to-action on the topic, which help in lead generation and give you a better return on investment. 

When you outsource your content creation to a professional ghostwriting agency, you will get customised content for your audience. They will write content according to the style and tonality you use to attract your audience. 

Hence, Das Writing Services offers tailored content for its clients. We have experienced teams who can handle your content requirements and provide you with customised content at an affordable price range. 

4. Quality Check

Once the content is written, they will proofread it and check for errors. Certain ghostwriting agencies have in-house editors who review the content and ensure the quality is at its finest. They scrutinise the content for grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors. In addition, they even examine whether the content is plagiarism free. 

The ghostwriters use premium versions of the tools such as Grammarly, Yoast and Copyscape to check the overall quality of the content. In addition, once the content is uploaded, you can ask the ghostwriters to repurpose the content if required in the future. It will help in boosting the content and reach a larger audience. 

What are the Benefits of Hiring a Ghostwriting Company?

Hiring a ghostwriting company for your content requirements will help you establish authority in front of your target audience. Following are some of the benefits of hiring ghostwriters for your business:

Benefits of hiring a professional writer

1. Content Quality

When you hire ghostwriters for content creation, you need not worry about content quality. They have expertise in creating quality content for their clients. Ghostwriters give a fresh perspective to the content making it more engaging and attracting a lot of new audiences to the website.

Moreover, they also follow the SEO guidelines while writing content which helps them to achieve a higher ranking on the search results. They even follow different writing styles and tonalities for each client to make their content stand out. 

2. Search Engine Optimised

Search Engine Optimised content gets a better rank on the SERP. Hiring a ghostwriter is crucial if you want optimised content. They know the guidelines which will affect the ranking of the content. 

Therefore, while writing content, they follow the SEO guidelines such as doing proper keyword research, link-building strategy, competitor analysis and recent trends in the industry. They even optimise the meta title and descriptions, URLs, images and videos of the content properly to attract more audience to the website.

3. Cost Efficient

When you opt for ghostwriting services, you will save a lot of money. Ghostwriters are usually cost-efficient in comparison to your in-house content writing team. If you hire an internal writing team, you will have to spend money on their accommodations and monthly remunerations. It will increase the overall cost of your content requirement.

Nevertheless, if you hire a ghostwriting agency for content creation, you can minimise the expenses. You have to pay them on the basis of per word, article or project. It will reduce the overall cost, and you will get high-quality content at an economical price.

4. Time Frame

If you want on-time delivery of your content, you can avail the ghostwriting services. The ghostwriters work efficiently to deliver the files before the deadlines to their clients without compromising their quality. 

According to Hubspot, a professional writer requires around 1-2 hours to craft a 500 words blog. However, in the case of an inexperienced writer, it will be difficult to craft content in such a short duration. It will affect your content creation budget as you will have to spend more money. So it is ideal for your business if you opt for a ghostwriter for creating content. 

5. Content Scalability

When you opt for ghostwriting services, you can easily increase the content volume. You can ask them to write more content related to your business, and they can fulfil it by adding more writers to the project. However, it will not be possible if you have an in-house team of writers.

Ghostwriters can handle the enormous content requirements of their clients as they know how to finish the project before the deadline. They can expedite the writing process without compromising the overall quality of the topic. Furthermore, they will offer different writing styles and tonalities, making the content more engaging for your target audience. 

What are the Things to Consider When Availing Ghostwriting Services?

When you are looking for a ghostwriter for your content requirements, you must check a list of things to ensure that they are the ideal choice for you. 

Following are some of the things you should consider when you are hiring a ghostwriting company or writer for your business:

Things to do before hiring a ghostwriter

1. Quality

Uploading quality content on your website will attract more audiences. Therefore, when looking for a ghostwriter, you must ensure they submit quality and engaging content. 

Having informative content establishes authority in front of your audience and will help you in turning them into your potential customers. Furthermore, it will attain a higher rank in the search results and give you a better return on investment. 

2. Expertise

Opting for experienced ghostwriters is crucial as they know the strategies which will help your content rank higher in the SERP. They can understand your requirements and write content according to your suggestions and inputs. 

Moreover, they will propose unique and fresh ideas to make your content more captivating. Hiring experienced writers for your content requirements is a perfect solution, as they follow the SEO guidelines while writing the content. It will help you outrank your competition and provide informative content to your audience.

3. Check Portfolio

One of the crucial things that you should consider before hiring a ghostwriter is their portfolio. You must check their portfolio to understand the client they have worked with and know how they work. It will also help you understand whether they communicate properly with their clients regarding any issues or necessities. 

Checking their portfolio will help you to ascertain whether they can fulfil your content requirement and manage content scalability. Portfolios also help you to determine how they can improve your content’s ranking in the SERP.

4. Get Samples

When you want a hire a ghostwriter for your content requirements, you must ask for samples from these writers. The sample will help to determine whether they understand your requirements and can provide you with quality content for your website. 

Through these samples, you can understand their way of writing and the tonality they follow. It will also help you ascertain whether the written content aligns with your business. The sample will give you insights into their innovation and creativity, which they require while crafting your content.

5. Timeframe

There are many ghostwriters who work on many projects simultaneously with multiple clients. Before selecting the ideal writer, you must ensure that they understand your requirements and deadlines. If they do not submit the work on time, it will lead to unnecessary delay.

Therefore, you must discuss the deadlines early so the writer can plan accordingly. It will help to make necessary changes in their schedule so they can fulfil your requirements before the deadlines.  

6. Cost

Price is one of the crucial factors when you are hiring a ghostwriter for your content. You must ensure the price they are charging is within your content creation budget. However, you can negotiate the price if you provide them with an ample number of topics to create content.

Certain ghostwriters charge their clients on the basis of per word or article. However, hiring ghostwriting agencies will be the best option as they charge on the basis of the volume of the project. 

Hence, we provide customised content at an affordable price, which will help you attract the target audience to your website.

7. Agreement

An agreement is a must once you have hired a ghostwriter for your content requirements. You and the writer must sign an agreement before the project starts. It is crucial because ghostwriters cannot claim ownership of the content they have written for you. 

Furthermore, they must follow all the rules and regulations of this agreement. The agreement must include all the important details related to content creation, and the writer must abide by the terms. Moreover, you must also obey the rules of the agreement and be aware of your responsibilities. 

Final Takeaway

Ghostwriting services will help your content shine and attain a position on the first page of SERP. However, you need to carefully analyse their samples and portfolio before assigning them to the content writing task. You must overall check their content quality and communication skill. 

One of the easy routes is to integrate with a ghostwriting company. They will take care of everything on your behalf and ensure the quality is not compromised. It will save you time and money, as they understand how to write engaging content for your audience. 

So, you can contact us for ghostwriting services. We at Das Writing Services, understand your requirements and craft tailored content according to your needs. The content is written following the SEO guidelines that will help your brand grab the highest position in the search results.  

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is it called ghostwriting?

Ghostwriters do not take credit for the content they have written. The name itself implies the writer is the ghost and the client is the author of the content. 

2. Is ghostwriting ethical?

Yes, ghostwriting is ethical. Ghostwriters help you to convey your message to the audience engagingly and creatively. They will also help you to get new and unique ideas for your content requirements. 

3. Does your company provide ghostwriting services?

Yes, we do provide ghostwriting services to our clients at an affordable price range. We offer you customised content according to your requirements which will boost your brand’s online ranking.