Did you know why fashion content writing is in demand these days? 

The world is driven by fashion and with the rapid increase in digitalisation having an online presence for any clothing brand is important. 

With the rise of the e-commerce industry, it is natural that the number of people shopping online will also increase. 

Did you know that the number of digital buyers is at 2.64 billion in the year 2023? That accounts for around 33.3% of the world’s population. 

So basically, every one in three people around you shops online. 

Fashion Content marketing
Source: eMarketer

As you can see in the graph above, the industry is going to see a rise year after year. So having a voice of your brand online is essential now more than ever. 

The fashion industry is dependent on online shoppers more than offline shoppers. This is one of the positive effects as even local clothing brands have the opportunity to reach out to thousands and crores of people at once.

But do you know how to mark your presence online?

The answer to that is content marketing. Yes, it is the only and best way to do so.

Fashion content writing can help you attract your target customers and build a brand through various techniques and strategies.

A lot of fashion content writers forget to keep a few basic but important things in mind before writing for a clothing brand. This article will help you in understanding what you should consider and some fashion content writing tips.  

9 Tips to Consider While Writing Content for Fashion Industry 

If you want to write high-quality fashion content and attract and convince customers to purchase the product or service consider these below-mentioned points: 

1. Write as if you are speaking to an individual customer 

Everyone likes personalised attention. Try to formulate your content in such a way that when a reader is visiting the blog they feel that it is meant for them. 

If you are confused about how to do so, write your content targeting a single customer who is your target audience. 

It will make the customer feel as if the content and product are tailored for them and it increases the probability that they will purchase the product. 

2. Instead of boasting let the customer decide

‘I am the best’. If you are writing like this then there are high chances that it may turn off your customers.  

Now this does not mean that you will not promote and advertise your content. Just do not boast about yourself. 

The best way to understand your customer is by keeping yourself in their shoes. 

For example, you are a fashion expert and a person who does not know a thing about fashion criticises your work and boasts about themselves. It will be upsetting for you right?

The same can happen to the customers who visit your site. Instead of saying yourself let them decide whether they feel that your product is the best in the market or not.

Any type of content you are writing requires up-to-date knowledge about the topic. The same goes for fashion content writing. This will help you in selecting the proper keywords and improve your writing quality. 

It is important that you know about the recent fashion trends in the market and what the other competitor brands are doing. 

Be well-informed about the company’s recent designs, clothing labels, and reviews on the web. 

This will also help in grabbing the attention of customers who are searching for trends. 

fashion trends
Source: Google Trends, Brandwatch consumer research

4. Put emotion in your product description

A product description should not be taken lightly. It showcases your product’s features and benefits and should be optimised accordingly. 

A lot of you avoid putting effort into the product descriptions and keep it on the side.

If there are no emotions in your content then people will not connect with it on a personal level. 

This can make them disinterested and turn away from your product. The best way to handle this is by putting emotions in the content. 

To make the process easier you can imagine as if you are talking to a probable customer in your shop and pitching them to buy the product. Writing product descriptions can be a little tricky so for that you can take the help of creative writing services.

5. Focus on the benefits rather than the specifications

The main need for specifications is for advertisement purposes; no one actually reads them. 

Why? Because specifications are generally mundane details which the majority of people ignore or overlook. 

So what is the use of wasting your time on writing this? Instead, you should focus on the benefits of the products. 

The benefits of a product in the fashion industry can be the selling point. For example, “This shirt is made with the highest quality of silk available in the market, which will give you a luxurious feel at the same time as it is thermoregulating in nature”.

By doing this you showcased the benefits without wasting any time and effort and will resonate with the audience. This will improve your fashion content writing technique. 

6. Have consistency in your content

Having parity with your content title is important throughout the entire content body. 

The fundamental point of fashion content writing is consistency and relatability. This improves the quality and information of the blog. 

For example, if your topic is “Top Fashion Trends of 2023′, you should make your content like “The following trends are the most common in 2023 that top celebrities are following to look glamorous and exquisite.” 

Do not steer the content towards a different topic, provide the audience what is promised in the title. 

7. Familiarise yourself with the fashion lingo

Now this is not important for beginners who are just starting their journey. But it should be definitely taken into consideration if you want to show your expertise. This communicates that you are a well-known brand or an excellent writer as you will be able to use stylish lingo. 

Below mentioned are some effective fashion content terms you should remember:

  • Haute couture

It is a French term that translates to custom-made, hence it is used while referring to customised clothing. This term also describes elegance and exclusivity; unique designer clothes for important people like models and celebrities. 

  • Très chic

This term can be translated as fashionable and is used when defining specific clothes like jeans or suits. It can also be used to complement a specific place or event. 

  • Glitterati

Is used as a term to define crowd and glamour. You can use it when referring to a group of stylish people, this will make you look well-known about the words used in the fashion industry. 

  • Prêt-à-porter

This is another French term which translates to ready to wear. This phraseology is used for high-quality clothes but unlike haute couture is not only reserved for celebrities or high-class events. 

These can be purchased by the common man, although a bit pricey and are only found in high-end stores in the exclusive sections. 

  • Faux pas

It is a term used to express a blunder as a mistake. Try to use this term only when there is a dressing mistake like white gloves with white suits and blue socks with pink shoes. 

8. Use adjectives to describe products

Use luxurious-sounding adjectives that do not express their standings in the market but specify what it is and its quality. 

Also, keep in mind that you are not unnecessarily bragging about the product. 

To help you understand this, we have created an example:

“The clothing brand is not only elegant but is also the comfiest and most stylish product in the market”. You can also use these adjectives to describe the product: romantic, radiant, elegant, alluring, nostalgic, etc. 

9. Sales should be the bottom line

At the end of the day, generating ROI(Return on Investment) is the main goal. For a fashion brand, the main objective should be marketing and selling the products and services of the company. 

If you forget to add actionable CTAs (Call To Action) in your content that will remind the customers to make a purchase it is most likely they will leave. 

Keep in mind not to overdo it. Adding too much pressure can irritate the user and they can leave your website immediately. 

The optimal palace will be at the end of your content when the reader is done going through your content and is interested in buying. 

Want to know more about drawing more audience to your website? Check out our blog on how to increase website traffic.

sales graph
Source: eMarketer

This chart showcases the revenue earned by the fashion industry from online orders. 

Content Ideas for Fashion Content Writing 

You can create a blog series, which can be a daily, weekly or monthly feature. Just make sure you are consistent as that will make the readers revisit your website time and again. Below mentioned are a few ideas that you can use to create a thriving fashion blog. 

Here are some ideas for themes or series:

  • The Best Trends for this Season
  • What’s New in Stores This Month
  • My Monthly Fashion Favourites
  • What I Wore This Week
  • Outfit of the Day (also known as OOTD)

Other than this you could also introduce a collaborative element into your blog.

This will help in making your readers feel closer to you as well as reach a varied range of audiences. 

Here are a few ways you can use collaboration in your blog

  • You can include the readers and social media followers for questions and write an Ask Me Anything or Q&A. 
  • Invite someone influential from the fashion industry (e.g. design, PR, retail) as a part of the interview series on the blog.
  • Do a collaboration with another fashion blogger, for example, a haul or “inside the wardrobe of” feature.

Fashion content can bring life to any product by describing it vividly using words. The fashion content writing tips mentioned in this blog will help you understand some key pointers that you should not ignore. 

It will significantly improve your writing style and techniques. Although following all the tips and tricks can be a little tricky.

Do you want to enjoy a hassle-free experience but at the same time keep your website updated with the latest blogs and articles? In this case, you can contact a creative writing company with professionals who will do all the hard work for you to rank higher on the search engine.