It has been nearly 6 months that you have started your singular venture – a website and yet no luck with SERP ranking? Well, have you looked at your SEO tactics?

What I mean is – have you garnered the art of link building?

Your path to better ranking is paved by arranging maximum clicks to your site and reducing bounce rate. But a website that ranks 25 lac (say) is something that isn’t going to see too many visitors. You have to master the art of link building by hooking your site to those at higher digits and drop the link of your site.

It is undoubtedly the most effective technique to raise your web traffic by leaps and bounds.

Here, you will discover the multiple forums and platforms which will help you climb SERP…

Come, master the art of link building with us!

Read along the following ways which will help you to master link building-

1. Article directories

Article directories are more commonly referred to as “content farms” as they are a collection of articles on various subjects. Each post should have between 400 and 500 words, containing unique information and not simply spun articles.

Below each post, one can drop the website link to attract more traffic to his site. The most popular ones include,, and similar others.

P.S. – Remember the 2012 Google algorithm Penguin started de-ranking sites that tried posting back-links on posts of other sites. So remember, no cheating!

2. PR distribution sites

When you post a PR on a site, it remains limited to that singular platform only.

What if I told you that there are paid PR distribution sites who will post your press release to 100 different sites! And as the PRs get circulated, so does the link of your site.

Consequently, you can expect to get a considerable rise of traffic to your online venture.

3. Blog commenting

Look for the top blogs in your domain. Now start building a comment chain there.

For instance, there is a blog which discusses about different types of electric guitars. You can comment the names of eminent musicians who play or prefer those guitars during concerts or recording sessions.

Get my point?

So, don’t try building comment chains for the sake of it. Read. Analyse. Research. And then comment something that’s valuable and triggers maximum likes on your post!

4. Forum commenting

Another way of mastering link building to increase organic traffic, is commenting on forum posts.

You must be quite acquainted with the names AskOpinion or Quora.

Well, these platforms allow people like you to create comment chains by posting solutions to the problem raised. And if you can initiate an attractive comment chain, then drawing traffic and increasing click rates will no more remain a headache!

However, all SEO seekers must make a note here:

When you create these comment chains on popular forums, ensure that the site rank is higher than that of yours. It is like hooking the load of your traffic to theirs; and as they climb the SERP, they pull your site along. On the other hand, building a thread with a lower ranked page might just do the opposite – bring your page lower.

5. Social media forums

I guess there is no need to even explain why social media postings are a great way to drive traffic to your page.

Some easy statistics: Facebook has 2.07 billion active users; Twitter has 330 million users; Instagram has 800 million users.

Therefore, posting regular feeds on these social platforms and drawing back-links is a great technique to increase visitors to your page. It will help popularizing your blog or service page.

6. Image sharing sites

More than textual information, the present audience feeds upon image tutorials. If you can maintain an active and attractive profile on Flickr or Photobucket and manage interesting posts on a regular basis, hosting traffic will be as easy as 1..2..3!

If Google traces that high amount of visitors are clicking on your link on Facebook (which is one of the most frequented site on the World Wide Web), your page rank will inevitably increase.

Remember to keep a track of Google analytics!

Okay, another thing you must keep your minds upon – keeping a track record of your site traffic on Google analytics. It allows you to trace from where maximum clicks are coming. That is a hint to post more content there.

Also, you will be able to track broken links which are big de-rankers for your page. Google analytics will alert you about them; so each time you find one, remove your post immediately.

So keep building your network through back-links and see your site climb SERP like a pro!