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Watch out Siri, Bixby and Google Assistant: Amazon’s Alexa is now considered one of the smartest digital assistants in the world.

With more than 100 million Alexa-capable devices sold around the world by January 2019, Alexa is set to take the new frontier of technology, that of a smooth-talking, self-deprecating and always-on AI-enable virtual assistant.

2018 was a great year for most voice-based online assistants, but no company had as many shipments as Amazon’s Alexa. Jump to Christmas 2018, and we saw a rapid spurt in sales of Amazon’s Echo Dot devices, with Echo Auto following close behind. Echo Auto brings Alexa’s location-sensitive capabilities to any car.

Herein comes the need for Alexa optimized content.

Is your website ready to deal with voice searches?

Or are you still waiting for Alexa voice service?

Voice searches are going to change the way we look at the entire ‘search’ process, especially in the E-commerce segment.

Voice searches are different from conventional, typed searches in many aspects, but the main difference is that voice searches are more conversational, involving long-tail keywords.

Besides, consider the following points:

  • By 2022, almost 55% of adults across the world are expected to own a smart AI-based device which relies on voice search.
  • Voice shopping will swell to a $40 billion industry around that time, according to studies.
  • 24% of respondents say they will prefer searching by voice over conventional Internet searches, Capgemini reports.
  • A large number of marketers suggest that more sales will be driven by voice searches by 2022.
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The shift is going to happen soon, and you must be ready.

At Das Writing Services Pvt. Ltd., we can help you garner more traffic and reduce bounce rates by providing you Alexa-optimised content. We also provide Siri-optimised and Google Assistant-optimised content.

How is Alexa optimized content different?

Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant is constantly on the lookout for more ‘skills’, third-party vendor-developed functionalities which impart its intelligence. It is AI-based, meaning that the algorithms controlling Alexa’s hive-brain structure will change over time, as Alexa learns to ‘deal’ with humans.

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At the moment, Alexa voice service can fetch you the latest weather reports, read out to your local and international news, and practically fetch you answers to anything you ask. Powering Alexa is a variety of conversational AI-based technologies, including Wolfram’s search prowess.

But the biggest source of Alexa’s data is Amazon’s database, where millions of people ask billions of queries, make their purchases and leave.

What many people do not realise is that with each click of their mouse and every tap of the smartphone, Amazon gathers intelligence about its customers.

How much of that data is used to train Alexa is anybody’s guess. Alexa optimized content is now your best resort.

To rank your website over your competitors, here’s what you need to do.

Use longer keywords:

When people speak, they do not keep keywords in mind. They speak in chunks. Voice searches thus incorporate bigger keywords, sometimes phrases, to optimise results. For example, someone in Toronto looking for a pizza may ask: “Alexa, find me a local pizza shop now” instead of typing in the disjointed words “pizza shops Toronto.”

Conversation AI-based search is the future of voice-based search. And such AI uses different tricks.

Create better content:

Alexa optimized content has to focus on Amazon’s requirements. As of now, Alexa has not yet reached the same scale of use that Google has. Alexa-based SEO trends are still unclear. Over time, things will become clearer. It is thus imperative that you carry out a regular SEO audit.

Focus more on how people speak:

This might seem easy at first glance, as the content creators are humans. But humans do not speak to machines the same way they speak to their peers, creating a digital paradox. On the one hand, they believe that their digital assistants are smart enough to understand and assist them. And most studies indicate that smart speakers like Alexa voice assistant will dominate future searches. On another, they believe that their machines may misunderstand them at times and speak to them slowly, as if to a child.

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What’s the key takeaway here? That creators need to focus more on how people interact with machines. This is where customised content comes in; a content marketing agency like Das Writing Services Pvt. Ltd. can help you create such content.

Expect rejections initially:

Be prepared to face rejections and failures initially as it takes Alexa some time to learn new skills, says creative content agency 360i. Gradually, Alexa voice service will cut through the noise and ‘grow’, resulting in better search output. Often, even the simplest of search queries may require multiple reiterations and rephrasing.


Deploy chatbots:

Chatbots load as soon as a page finished loading, or may load later as a separate entity. These issues can be customised. The point is: chatbots are harbingers of AI-based search technology. They can act as an interface with the searcher and can deliver results in real-time. Plus, chatbots eliminate the need to have a full-fledged customer support team, which is expensive to set up initially.

Use updated software:

Amazon regularly releases updates for its Alexa-enabled devices. In November 2018, for example, Amazon rolled out its latest version of Rekognition, its facial and object detection software, which has drawn criticism from some quarters. You must incorporate these updates as soon for your Alexa optimized content as they are rolled out.

Write better content: This might sound clichéd, but it is true: there is no substitute for good content. A well-written, well-researched and voice SEO optimised page will invariably rank better and for longer. If you are wondering how to write better content, perhaps it is time to contact a professional content marketing agency like Das Writing Services Pvt. Ltd.

Leaping faith

The best time to opt for Alexa optimized content is now.

And what better way can there be than to work in tandem with a professional SEO and content marketing agency?

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