Google Assistant Optimized Content

Google Assistant, along with other voice search platforms such as Siri, Alexa and Brixby, is the new frontier in intelligent technology which asks online niches to adopt Google Assistant optimized content.

We are currently witnessing a paradigm shift in how people interact with the electronic appliances around them, and voice search are at the eye of this spectacular storm.

The rise of Google Voice Search Online

Google Assistant is an AI-based digital assistant available both on Android devices and smart home solutions. Google Assistant actions cover everything from ordering a pizza to playing music and reading the news.

Although the popularity of Google Assistant android has soared in the past couple of years, voice search has been around for some time. Google itself had a different voice search platform called Google Now which came with its Allo app.

Google Allo has since been discontinued, and the Google Assistant has taken its place. Currently, the Assistant controls a staggering 43% of the global intelligent assistant market with Amazon Alexa coming in a distant second.

It’s not surprising considering that Google Assistant is the most accurate platform there is. In a recent study, Google Assistant, Alexa and Siri were asked 5,000 questions. Google Assistant answered 90% them with over 85.5% accuracy while Siri and Alexa fell significantly behind.

The introduction and subsequent boom of voice search 2019 have presented a unique challenge to marketers and online businesses. An increasing number of people are shifting to speech-based inputs rather than text inputs for regular searches.

Let’s take a look at some relevant voice search statistics to understand its full implications.

  • 27% of all internet users use voice search on a regular basis.
  • 34% of users have a favourable opinion of voice assistants and would like to purchase one shortly.
  • Teenagers are the most active voice search users with over 55% of teenage smartphone users reportedly using the feature regularly.
Google Assistant
  • In the next five years, the market for intelligent speakers is expected to grow at a staggering rate of over 1000% to over 2.1 Lakh Crore rupees.
  • Google sold approximately 6 million units of Google Home in the last quarter of 2018.

These voice search trends indicate that it is not something that businesses can take lightly anymore.

They must optimize their existing or new websites to reflect the shift towards voice search. Enter Das Writing Services Pvt. Ltd for your ultimate Google Assistant optimized content.

Rank high on speech-based queries with voice search SEO

Das Writing Services Pvt. Ltd., a leading digital content agency, offers website optimization solutions that help it to rank in the top results for voice searches.

Voice search optimization is fundamentally different from standard SEO practices in many ways, and our gifted writers have mastered it through regular training sessions from industry insiders.

Google voice search is a dynamic entity, with the metrics for ranking changing ever so frequently. You have to stay in tune with the changes to remain relevant in the voice-first environment.

Hello Google (2)

There are few proven ways in which we can optimize a website so that it stays at the top of SERPs.

  • Localized content is paramount for Google Assistant. Voice queries are three times more likely to be local searches.
  • The integration of Natural Language Processing (NLP) in Google Assistant optimized content has made it critical for websites to have a more conversational tone.
  • Long tail keywords have gained added significance because of NLP.
  • Since most voice queries are question-based, featured snippets are also gaining relevance.
  • ‘How to…’ and ‘what is…’ are the two most common voice searches by a long margin. Your Google Assistant optimized content should try to answer these questions in a way that Google understands and can process.

Google Assistant optimized content is inarguably the most crucial factor that will determine the fate of most, if not all, online businesses in the very near future. Be prepared; the voice revolution is here to stay!

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