“The key ingredient to better content is separating the single from the stream.”

This quote posted by LinkedIn Magazine on their Twitter page is one of the best ways to describe authoritative content. With Google changing its algorithms frequently, SEO analysts are often left in a tizzy-in-a-bid to figure out how to get websites to rank on a search engine.

However, even with this uncertainty regarding changing algorithms, the one thing that remains constant for this search engine is its preference for authoritative content for Google.

Nevertheless, is the creation of classy content solely to help websites rank higher on the search engine?

Of course not! The creation of quality authoritative content also helps a website fulfil the most important goal- to provide readers with genuine and trustworthy information that can be of value to them.

In this blog, we will learn what authoritative content is, why authoritative content can be more effective than SEO. Add on to this the fact that it also helps individuals learn some tips to create authoritative content. It makes sure that your website has plenty of valuable information.

Authoritative content: how is it different from other content?

Authoritative content Google

As per a recent survey conducted on various content marketing strategies, it was found that almost 45% of consumers prefer authoritative content when it comes to adjudging a brand’s authenticity.

It means that when a person visits a certain company’s website, they seek quality content to judge whether the company’s services are trustworthy or not.

Thus, creating authoritative content for Google means curating

  • videos,
  • blogs,
  • articles,
  • images and
  • social media content

-that can provide quality information to users. It is different from other content in the respect that it is not rewritten or reconstructed from existing information.

When we visit a website to look up information or to seek any service, we do it in the hopes that the particulars we receive from it are authentic. We want to read content written by individuals who know what they are talking about. And to help us with it, Google ensures that these content rank high on its search results.

This is where quality authoritative content comes in.

In recent years, especially, Google has started shifting from ranking websites based on Google algorithm updates to putting more emphasis on quality characteristics – Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness or E.A.T. to deem websites rank-worthy.


The process of integrating E.A.T. in judging the quality of a website is especially important in today’s age when clickbait-y articles and fake news circulate like wildfire.

Thus, creating authoritative content for Google is crucial if you are hoping for your website to rank on a search engine organically.

Authoritative content over SEO: Why is Google making this shift?

Going by the latest SEO data collected in 2019, Google receives more than 63,000 searches every second on any given day. It is because people trust Google to provide them with relevant information about any topic under the sun.

To do so, Google (alongside other search engines) are shifting their traditional search engine optimisation techniques to emphasize more on quality content.

Even though this shift, in no way, means that content creators should forego optimising their meta data and stop looking for relevant keywords, the focus has somewhat steered towards putting up quality content.

“Content is king”-

These words penned by Bill Gates in 1996 hold more importance than ever today.

Thus, if you are hoping to make sure your website features on top of Google search results, you should prioritise integrating elements of authoritative content into it rather than follow the usual methods of Search Engine Optimisation.

While we are talking about authoritative content for Google, it is also crucial to remember that Search Engine Land has reported that other search engines like Bing have also developed their variety of Google’s Panda algorithm to choose high-quality websites by focusing on factors like authority.

Also, since Bing accounts for about 7.27% of the total global desktop search traffic, second only to Google, focusing on creating quality authoritative content is crucial if you are hoping your website to rank on these search engines.

That is why content writing companies nowadays not only focus on creating Search Engine Optimised content but also pay special attention to creating high-quality content, with real-time examples.

It brings us to the next obvious question-

How feasible is it to integrate elements of authoritative content into a website?

Well, while Google algorithms were at times complicated to figure out, SEO analysts almost always managed to crack them.


Creating quality authoritative content, on the other hand, is a far cry from being simple.

If you consult the experts at a copywriting agency, you will find them asking questions like-

  • Who is your target audience? 
  • Which market do you want to venture into?

and similar iterations.

It is because to create quality authoritative content, it is extremely crucial to have a solid understanding of one’s target customers.

Creating newsworthy and relevant content requires you to dig deep and focus on topics that will resonate with your readers. If you manage to implement the tips to create authoritative content into your material properly, it will automatically be leveraged to your target audience and catch the eyes of influencers, prompting them to share your content with a wider audience.

If you manage to bring your content under the radar of influencers, it will automatically boost your website’s social signal, thus validating the content you are putting out.

Search engines like Bing have integrated ways to look out for social signals to determine whether the content’s author is recognised, legitimate and considered an expert on the particular subject matter.

Sounds great, right?

Thus, creating authoritative content for Google not only helps to generate organic traffic but also helps to create a good reputation concerning your website among readers. It then automatically becomes much easier to make your sale if the reader starts trusting you.

Now that we have learned why authoritative content is important to help your website rank, let us now move on to how you can create quality content for your website.

Take up case studies –

One of the very first tips to create authoritative content is to integrate real-time examples into your website, and the best way to do so is by conducting case-studies.

When you hire a creative writing agency to create quality content for your website, you will find them conducting studies and research on relevant topics.

Case studies are useful modes to boost authority because they allow companies and service providers to demonstrate the effectiveness and value of their product/service and not just talk about them.

EO case studies

Case studies are also, in turn, one of the reasons why authoritative content hold so much value for company websites.

Analyse and REPORT!

Another tip to create authoritative content is to conduct a thorough analysis on requisite topics; because when you are curious about something, the next obvious step to satiate your curiosity is to conduct thorough research on the same.

Also, in-depth analysis of any topic allows you to learn every bit of current affairs about it and consequently report it on your website.

Even though most people emphasise on creating evergreen content, publishing current data and analysis reports makes for a much more high quality take on any topic.

Speak your mind.

One of the reasons why authoritative content is instrumental in helping a website rank is because most people look for ideas that don’t always follow the norm.

For example, when news reporters hop on to a bandwagon and parrot content which do not have any personal touches, it becomes generic and even, at times, boring.

Therefore, one of the elements of authoritative content is putting down personal ideas, differing views and sometimes controversial matter (as long as they are not misleading), to help your content stand out among the millions of pages on the search engine.

Make good use of multimedia content!

One of the best ways to create engaging authoritative content for Google is by making good use of multimedia platforms.

Videos, infographics and other digital content require quite a lot of technical skills and work, which qualify them as quality authoritative content.

multimedia content

Also, multimedia posts make for much more interesting content than simple texts, which makes way for attracting more readers.

Therefore integrating multimedia into your content is a must when it comes to incorporating authoritative content into your website.

Can availing the services of a content writing company help in creating authoritative content?

Even for seasoned writers and bloggers, creating authoritative content for Google can often become difficult.

In such cases, one of the sure-shot ways to help your content rank will be by hiring a professional creative writing agency to do the job for you. Their buffet of services and expertise stretches out to a wide genre of content.

These services are efficient, and SEO article writing companies know their way around how to create quality content that can rank on search engines.

Thus, if you are unsure of whether you can incorporate elements of authoritative content into your website by yourself, your best bet will be to take the help of a reputed copywriting agency in your area.

Best of luck!