Brands are increasingly using influencer marketing nowadays and conventional modes of marketing are increasingly receding from the background. Influencer marketing 2020 trends will witness some remarkable changes in terms of changing preferences of consumers.  More emphasis is provided to micro-influencers and Nano-influencers.

It is falling shy of engaging mega-influencers on account of escalating costs, and also the declining rate of engagement. Mega-influencers are not as influential as they previously used to be. There is very less authentic engagement and brands also stand to face risk due to fake followers as well as spam. Companies are changing their social media outreach so as to drive greater brand awareness.

1. Small influencers chipping away mega influencer’s base     

2. Increasing use of other platforms        

3. Storytelling making a comeback                

4. Live content and video becoming popular     

Influencer Marketing trends 2020

Find out more about the strategies that social media marketing will have to rely upon –

1. Small influencers chipping away mega influencer’s base     

Micro-influencers having 10k – 99k followers prove to be more budget-friendly as opposed to the mega-influencers. Nano-influencers, on the other hand, mostly have follower range of 1k – 9k, and the follower engagement is held to be genuine. More often than not, the latter will agree to free marketing as well. Such a position is reflected in the following stats:

  • Close to 61% of consumers are of the opinion that micro-influencers produce most relatable content on such a sponsored post.
  • Maximum productivity and engagement have been found to be provided by influencers having 250 – 10,000 followers
2. Increasing use of other platforms        

Even though Instagram remains as the dominant influencer platform, brands are increasingly tapping into alternative platforms. Rise of TikTok has been particularly sharp in that aspect. This popularity can be attributed to overcrowding of the platform and dubious measures of success among others. TikTok has become extremely popular with GenZ mainly due to the customisation of its content. Approximately 41% of TikTok users belong to the age bracket of between 16 and 24.

3. Storytelling making a comeback                

Consumers these days are more hooked onto storytelling imparted by social media influencers as opposed to conventional advertising tactics. The approach to be taken –

  • The narration of the story in the language that the target audiences understand
  • It should elicit emotional engagement that would bolster business performance

They are looking to understand the value that influencer has received by using the product or service. Subsequently, they seek to gain value by seeing through the lives of the influencers.

Live or video content have the highest engagement rate across different social media. Influencers putting out live videos generate an optimum return on investment. High demand is noted for stop motions, gifs, simulations, and cinematography.

  • Short-form video platforms are Snapchat, TikTok, and Instagram.
  • Long-form video platforms include going Facebook Live, Youtube, IGTV.

It has been recorded that a user tends to spend 3 times more in case of watching live videos.

The strategies mentioned above gives a broad idea about the preferences of the target market. It is important for brands to take note of influencer marketing 2020 trends and incorporate the same in their marketing efforts.