Do you head towards Google whenever you cannot find a solution on your own? Well, this has become inevitable in recent times for most. Google probably has all the answers to satisfy its user’s search intent. Wondering how the search engine does this? It is powered by Artificial Intelligence in SEO, of course!

RankBrain and BERT assist it to understand the idea and the intent behind the searcher’s query and determine the relevant answer.

Therefore, stuffing keywords in the content is now an obsolete practice for SEO. Both users and Google need quality content. Hence, using artificial intelligence in SEO becomes important for your content to appear relevant for – more click-through rate, generating more traffic, higher rank in SERPs, consequent lead generation and revenue earnings for your business.

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Artificial Intelligence in SEO

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Machines are now making our lives easier. Artificial intelligence mainly does this. This is an umbrella term under which multiple concepts like machine learning, natural language processing, deep learning, and such others are emerging to meet one primary goal – to ease the burden of our daily mundane and laborious tasks.

What is Artificial Intelligence in SEO?

After scrolling through the meaning and purpose of artificial intelligence, it is important to understand artificial intelligence in SEO.

As discussed in the introduction, Google uses AI-powered systems like Rank Brain and BERT to understand the concept and context of a search query and provide them with a positive experience by finding the relevant answer to satisfy the search intent.

Therefore, developing content around that intent is the ideal way to rank your website. Here comes the importance of using artificial intelligence SEO tools. From helping you spot the trending topics to discovering the content gap, the AI-powered software will help you curate more personalized or voice search-optimized content and make your task faster and easier.

Use Artificial Intelligence SEO to Ranking?

Discover what to write

Quality content should be your main priority. Hence, exploiting the opportunities to create content is of utmost importance to rank against your competitors. Artificial intelligence tools like Brightedge or Google Trends help you derive better insight into what users around the world are searching for. After finding out the trending topics and the related keywords, you are now ready to curate your content creation strategy.

However, it’s just a grain of sand you are holding onto as your task is not limited to writing for trending topics but to writing quality content, remember?

These tools will guide you through finding out what the competitors are writing to serve your audience and find the content gap you can fill by adding additional but relevant information. Hence, it is just the first stage of your content marketing funnel, that is, to produce more personalised content for your target audience.

Optimise your content

The use of relevant keywords, and internal backlinking are still the most important parts of SEO. However, you need to hire Professional Article Writing service providers who can write content that is authoritative to answer and appear trustworthy to the user.

Inculcating artificial intelligence in SEO can help you to achieve that. Tools like Market Brew, Bright Edge, Alli Al, Google’s keyword planner or Google Trends assist you in optimising your content by:

  • Creating topic clusters to answer the search queries
  • Inserting the relevant keyword and LSI
  • The optimum length of your content

Artificial intelligence SEO writing tools like Grammarly, and Hemmingway will also help you create content that is easy to read for your target audience. This is done by changing the hard or vague sentences into simpler ones. This increases your website’s dwell time as people find your content more engaging and helps Google understand that your website is doing well to rank higher in the SERPs.

According to Statista, AI-powered voice search assistance is forecasted to reach 8 billion by 2023. Thus, voice search optimised content is the future.

Artificial intelligence SEO tools like Frase and DialogFlow help create voice search optimised content by showing you the questions users ask. Accordingly, you can develop your content around that question.

Voice Search Optimization

As soon as I searched for “groceries near me“, Google found out the nearby stores and the local map and relevant websites to satisfy the search query. The website that is ranked higher in the above image has maintained proper optimisation.

8% of the voice searches are for local content. Hence, you can leverage your content by adding phrases like “near me” in your Meta title and description. Adding the local landmarks around your business area will also allow your website to rank in local searches.

Audit your content

Artificial intelligence SEO tools like AlliAl help you scale up your technical SEO like auditing your website, optimising your content, and fixing duplicate content. This allows optimising your on-page SEO content without putting much pressure on your mind and adding extra burden.

Scale Up the User Experience

Google is concerned about user experience. This means –

  • Not forgetting the relevant content
  • Your page needs to load faster
  • It should be mobile-friendly
  • Easy navigation
  • Structured content

Here, the use of Schema is an excellent way to drive organic traffic. This ensures that the user is getting a brief of the overall content, be it reviews or product information. To get a better recommendation, artificial intelligence tools like Market Brew will guide you in improving your website’s UX.

To Wrap it Up!

AI is trending, and so is artificial intelligence in SEO. You may wonder if we leave our content for the software to curate, will it work?

The answer is, yes, in the sense that these tools are there to guide what is the right thing to do to rank in SERPs. It cannot mimic the emotions of a writer when creating content. Hence, for every SEO to work, it is important to create value for the user.

But things don’t remain similar forever, and that’s where the importance of artificial intelligence in SEO comes into play to leverage and maintain your website SEO game to follow up in future.