Wrong branding can dig a hole in your business. We cannot stress this enough. When you say “Coco Chanel”, you think of a woman that’s ultra-feminine, modern, chic and classy, replete with pearls and stockings. Risqué, buxom or gaudy are not the kind of woman that crosses your mind. 

Coco Chanel did something right when they branded themselves as catering to a particular category of shoppers. And that’s what every business should aspire to, even small homegrown ones or local corner stores. When people say your brand name, its got to evoke a thought, an emotion, a feeling, a certain je ne sais quoi

Get what we mean? 

So how do you create this kind of brand and increase its visibility with content marketing? 

We’ll let you in on five secrets. 

  1. Marry SEO with Content Marketing

When you start with content marketing, don’t forget to optimise for keywords. Content that utilises high volume keywords will be boosted up on SERPs. With an increase in voice search optimisation, there will be many long-tail keywords that you will need to incorporate in your content to target the feature snippet option. 

When you guest post or create backlinks, Google notices and rewards you by pushing your content up the rankings. You can use all these tactics, and a few more, when you market your content 

  1. Harness the Social Media Dragon

Every brand has got to go where the cool kids are hanging out. 

And if that’s a social media platform like Instagram or Facebook, take your business there and promote your brand message. You can do it through innovative online campaigns, videos on news and trending topics and polls. 

A poll conducted on any of these media outlets can help you understand what your clientele is thinking. You can get insight into the buyer’s persona, which can help you to tailor your brand’s content marketing strategy to cater specifically to your target audience. 

  1. Talk to Clients

There is no better way to engage in content marketing than by finding out what your reader wants to know. 

What is your customer curious about? What do they want to know about your business? 

You can set up an email chain to target some loyal customers and pick their brain about what they’d like to read or what problems they would like solved. Once you do this, you can create content that is actually useful for them and which can convert readers into customers. 

  1. Write Engaging Witty and Relevant Blogs

There is nothing better for a brand than being an industry expert. If your business is cupcakes, answer every question that could be asked on the face of the earth about cupcakes. 

  • Conduct detailed research 
  • Find out the answers to even the wackiest questions 
  • Package them into a blog that’s fun to read

.. and you will get pushed up on the SERPs. 

Great content marketing just leads people to believe that your brand cares about their questions! They just might start caring about you!

  1. Do a Content Audit

When you conduct content research into the types of content you would like to publish, do a content audit as well. A content audit means to find out which content succeeded for your brand and which failed. Did the videos take a toss, or did the blogs earn more revenue? Choose to use the content types that worked and phase out the ones that failed. It’s good for your budget too!

To sum up, content research and development is a vital part of content marketing, but more important is weaving it in to boost your brand’s credibility and visibility.