In India, the demand for digital content keeps growing. A large part of the content pool is written content since it has plays a crucial part in each business’s digital marketing plan. To ensure success, businesses hire professional content-writing companies like us to create content for them. 

This blog is to inform you (whether you are someone looking for content or a writer) about the current prices of content in India, what freelancers charge, what companies charge, factors that influence, the content writing charges and how to get the best value for your money.

Content Writing Prices in India 2024 [A Quick Summary]

Here is a table to provide a quick overview of content writing charges in India in 2024:

Types of Content Price Per Word (PPW) /
Price Per Project (PPP)
Minimum Base Price Maximum Base Price
Ghost WritingPPW₹3₹9
Press ReleasePPW₹2₹3
Email WritingPPW₹3₹7
Website ContentPPW₹2₹6
Social Media ContentPPW₹2₹7
Essay Writing PPW₹2₹4
Linkedin ProfilePPP₹799₹3999
Cover LetterPPP₹499₹3999
Letter of Recommendation PPP₹999₹2999
Statement of PurposePPP₹1999₹3999
Table of Average Content Writing Charges in India for Different Types of Content

Content Writing Prices for Different Writing Services

If you are a beginner in the digital marketing landscape and looking for diverse content types that suit your budget, it is imperative to know that charges vary for various types of content that rule the current market in India. 

Here are some of the dominant types of digital content and their pricing: 

1. Blog Writing Prices 

Whether a business blog’s purpose is to provide necessary educational information to the audience or to inform them about a certain product of the brand, these need to be written by proficient writers. In India, blog writing price ranges from ₹2 to ₹5 per word depending on the quality and other delivery demands.

To generate traffic and thereby reach the target consumers, it is extremely important that you publish the best SEO optimized blogs on your website. At Das Writing Services, we can help you with blog writing. We have a team of skilled SEO content writers to deliver quality blogs at an affordable price.

2. Ghost Content Writing Prices  

Clients looking for ghostwriting services are in most cases looking for high-quality content that meets the quality standards set by Google. According to that,  a piece of content (written by ghostwriters or not) must answer certain questions like whether there is originality in the content, the content description is substantial and complete, etc. Following is the image showing all such quality questions:

This is definitely demanding for the writers, hence, the price range for ghostwriting is ₹3 to ₹9 per word.  

3. Press Release Writing Prices

Press releases are a crucial piece of content on which public perception of your brand depends heavily. That is why only the best available content creators should be given responsibility for this official task. The price range of press release writing ranges from ₹2 to ₹3 per word.

4. Email writing Prices

Email writing demands skilful handling of language so that it maintains the suitable formal tone for this medium and yet conveys the message your brand wants to deliver in your unique way. The price range for email writing services in India is ₹3 to ₹7 per word. 

5. Website Content Writing Prices

Website content means a wide array of content that is there to satisfy the needs of your target audience, generate leads, keep your customer base engaged, and so on. The price range for attractive, crisp, and informative website content is ₹2 to ₹6 per word.   

6. Social Media Content Prices

As a large number of audiences spend half of their time online on social media, businesses need to focus on social media content and get a grip on social selling to attain the competitive age they desire. The price range for social media content is ₹2 to ₹7 per word.

In this regard, proper content is essential to improve social selling or get the maximum number of traffic to your website. For this kind of writing, hiring the right writer is a must. You must ensure that the person or agency providing you the service is knowledgeable and experienced.

7. Essay Writing Prices

Essay writing skills come in handy in situations when one’s writing communication ability is being tested. In many cases where candidates want higher quality essays for submission or are just pressed for time, they require essay writing services. The price for which ranges from ₹2 to ₹4 per word. 

8. LinkedIn Profile Writing Prices

As a LinkedIn profile is like creating your personal brand there is a considerable demand for quality content that best reflects one’s qualities. Generally, content writing companies take up these tasks as projects. The price per LinkedIn profile project ranges from ₹799 to ₹3999. 

9. Resume Writing Prices 

Like the LinkedIn profile, a resume is also a crucial piece of content that is responsible for creating one’s first impression that can heavily impact the chances of getting the dream job or not. One can expect to get a quality resume with a price ranging from ₹999 to ₹1999 per resume. 

10. Cover Letter Writing Prices 

This official document that goes alongside one’s resume also holds great value as it conveys to the employer why he/she is a suitable candidate for the job. One effective persuasive cover letter can cost one for ₹499 to ₹3999.  

11. Letter of Recommendation (LoR) Writing Prices

A letter of recommendation or LOR is another formal document that highlights the potential of the profile for the particular post. One can write an LOR on behalf of a referral vouching for a job seeker’s overall skill, personality, and profile. The price range for each LOR is ₹999 to ₹2999. 

12. SoP Writing Prices

This is similar to a resume, but it plays its role in the educational field where a student needs to state his/her purpose while applying for a higher degree or study abroad. It has to show quality, originality, and prudence. A piece of SOP ranges from ₹1999 to ₹3999 in India. 

What Factors Impact Content Writing Prices in India?  

Nowadays written content has become an essential part of each and every marketing campaign in India. However, the content writing price in India is comparatively less expensive than in the U.K. and the U.S. 

In India, there are several elements that affect the charges one has to pay for a piece of content. Let’s look at them one at a time: 

1. Word Count 

When a business is looking to order some content they must keep word count in mind. The number of words to write is the primary unit that determines the content creation charges. 

For example, at Das Writing Services our minimum charge is ₹2.4 per word and the maximum is ₹3.36 per word. 

In simple words, the length of the content has an influence on the price of the content in India.

number of words as one of the parameters of content writing price
Words/Order as a Factor of Content Writing Price

2. Order Type

It is what it’s like in every business: the more voluminous the order the less you have to pay per word. For example, at Das Writing Services, we charge our clients ₹2.4 per word only if the order is more than 1 lakh words per month; the charges increase to ₹2.64 per word when the order is up to 1 lakh words per month; and ₹3.36 per word when the order is below 10 thousand per month.

Content Writing Charges of Das Writing Services
Content Writing Charges of Das Writing Services

3. Content-Type 

The digital marketing scenario consists of various types of content, like ranges in a mechanic’s toolbox, which serve various purposes. For example, the most common types of content that marketers use in their digital marketing strategy are blog posts, videos, social media posts, podcasts, infographics, user-generated content, case studies, eBooks, etc.

different content writing services provided by Das Writing Services
List of Different Types of Writing Services

Among these, only the user-generated content does not involve cost per se. Otherwise, the cost per content depends on the type as the type dictates the amount of attention it can grab and leave an impact or influence. 

Moreover, if a piece of content is written with a specific intention in mind (let’s say you want to increase the conversion rate through blogging) the costs will rise. 

4. Experience in the Business

According to Google’s updated search rater guidelines, a search result in the SERP should be according to EEAT standards. The latest addition in the update is the first E in the EEAT. It stands for first-hand “Experience”. Google will prefer creative content more when the topic is written by someone who has first-hand experience on a given subject.

EEAT guidelines to be followed to write rank-worthy website content
EEAT Guideline

Businesses that do not have the expertise to craft compelling content have to hire professional content writing agencies for the job. It is clear that a content writing company that does not have sufficient experience in the field cannot emulate its client’s first-hand experience. They may not help your brand get a high ranking on the SERP.  

5. Subject-Matter Experts 

Subject Matter Experts have a revered place in the content writing industry. This is due to their ability to create high-quality content that ranks high on the SERP. They support facts and information written within the content with accurate data. It guarantees the engagement of content and the establishment of authoritativeness.

Why subject matter experts charges higher for content writing
Benefits Provided by Subject Matter Experts

How Much is the Freelance Content Writing Charges in India? 

First of all, let us face the truth that there is no official source that defines content writing price per word in India. Freelancers charge based on some similar elements discussed before. For example, the charge will go up if the writer is comparatively more experienced or the content has some difficult targets to meet. 

We have made the following charts that contain what Freelancers in India were charging in 2024.

1. Content Writing Charges of Freelancers for Blog Posts

LevelExperience Blog Post 
Entry 0 to 1 year 0.30 to 0.50 ₹/W
Intermediate1 to 5 years0.50 to 1.50 ₹/W
Expert 5+ years 1.50 to 5 ₹/W
Blog Post Writing Prices of Freelancers

2. Content Writing Charges of Freelancers for Website Content

LevelExperience Web Content 
Entry 0 to 1 year 0.50 to 0.75 ₹/W
Intermediate1 to 5 years1 to 3 ₹/W
Expert 5+ years 3 to 7 ₹/W
Web Content Writing Prices of Freelancers

3. Content Writing Charges of Freelancers for Ads

LevelExperience Ad Copies/Emails
Entry 0 to 1 year 0.5 to 1 ₹/W
Intermediate1 to 5 years1.50 to 5 ₹/W
Expert 5+ years 4 to 10 ₹/W 
Ad Copy/Email Writing Prices of Freelancers

In this regard, there are other bases of payments too. For example, freelance writers can charge based on the time it would take to generate each piece of content. However, this can be a problematic situation if there is a lack of honesty from the writer’s side. 

Businesses find freelancers from websites like, Upwork, Fiver, etc. However, you must know how to find the best professional content writers for your business.

How Much is the Content Writing Prices of an Agency in India?

Among numerous content agencies in India, only a few deliver content that actually generates significant ROI for their clients. 

If you can connect with a content writing agency you can craft a batch of content at a lower rate compared to an “Expert” freelancer. Moreover, if you can crack a deal with a writing agency that has been operating in this industry for a long time, you can expect serious positive changes in your ROI. 

For example, at Das Writing Services, we go the extra mile in each aspect of content creation – starting from competitor research to writing and delivery of content. Our professional writers understand clients’ requirements to ensure results (way after the product is delivered) we have a proper set-up that allows a smooth creative experience. You can check the portfolio of Das Writing Services to know the clients we have handled.

Das Writing Services not only takes the order and delivers it, but we actually look for what your business needs and suggest the best modification to the order. 

For example, content length, on-page and off-page optimisation, technical SEO, etc., need to be done differently to rank for “best tourist agency in Mumbai” and “best tourist agency in Jawahar”. However, this is a simple situation. Our expert content creators can suggest the best course of action depending on the purpose. 

We have categorised the average content writing prices that agencies charge in India.

1. Content Writing Charges of Agencies for Blog Posts

LevelExperience Blog Post 
Entry 0 to 1 year 0.50 to 0.75 ₹/W
Intermediate1 to 5 years0.75 to 1.50 ₹/W
Expert 5+ years 2 to 5 ₹/W
Blog Post Writing Rates of Agencies

2. Content Writing Charges of Agencies for Website Content

LevelExperience Web Content 
Entry 0 to 1 year 0.50 to 0.75 ₹/W
Intermediate1 to 5 years1.50 to 3.50 ₹/W
Expert 5+ years 4 to 7 ₹/W
Web Content Writing Rates of Agencies

3. Content Writing Charges of Agencies for Ads

LevelExperience Ad Copies/Emails
Entry 0 to 1 year 0.5 to 1 ₹/W
Intermediate1 to 5 years2 to 5 ₹/W
Expert 5+ years 5 to 10 ₹/W 
Ad Copy/Email Writing Rates of Agencies

At Das Writing Prices, our content writing charges per word depending on the volume of the project as mentioned earlier. If you want to dive deeper, do visit the home page. There you can also get a free sample for your business-specific projects. Judge the quality first and then make a decision.

From Where to Get Maximum Value by Paying Minimum Content Writing Charges

At Das Writing Services, we have handled a lot of clients throughout the years and have helped them achieve their desired results be it ranking in the SERP, or increasing conversion rates. 

If you are someone who is looking for content that performs well on the search engine, brings in the intended traffic, motivates visitors to engage with your site, and takes action; we have the perfect solution.

We have the perfect team who will communicate with you and learn about your requirements in detail, give you an estimate, and start working on the content for a delivery date you would agree upon. Our job is to make sure that the content performs well and fulfils all your purposes.

FAQs about Content Writing Prices in India

1. How much should I pay for content writing? 

The answer depends on several factors like quantity, quality, and volume of the content. It can also vary from agency to agency. For example, an entry-level freelancer can charge between ₹0.30 to ₹0.50 per word for a blog, whereas an entry-level writing agency can charge between ₹1 to ₹3 per word for the same. 

2. What is the average price for content? 

The average website content writing charges generally vary from ₹2 to ₹6 per word, while it can range from ₹0.50 to ₹10 per word.