Creating content is not always an easy task. It requires brainstorming, and often the efforts do not yield results as per expectations. Here’s where the content writing tool make the work of writers easier. These tools are automated, come in apps or website form, alleviate the struggles, and your writing appears the way you want it to be.

If you are a blogger or involved in content writing, take advantage of these ten free tools to help your content stand above the rest.

1. BuzzSumo

Do you struggle with ideating content for your next blog? Not anymore!

BuzzSumo is a content writing tool for SEO to help you plan your next blog ideas.

The free version of this content writing tool enables you to search for a topic or keyword and check how it’s performing on the web. The performance is based on the ranking, social shares, etc., allowing you to understand how successful the post has been.


Searching for the word “Content marketing” not only allows you to check the popularity of the topic but also offers a list of suggestions down below to gives ideas for your next blog

You can use BuzzSumo to track your competitors, set alerts for any keywords, brands, or websites.

It is always wise to use the tool for free before you pay to unlock the other features.

Google Trends is one of the interesting free content writing tools that help you search for the relevant keyword or phrases that you want to insert into your writing. It then lets you know what’s trending on the web. Don’t forget to change the dates to suit your search purpose!


For example, searching for “chocolates” in the Goggle Trends is showing that the audience interest in the term “chocolate” keyword has grown, especially in December (thanks to Christmas). 

Additionally, you can get keyword-related searches as well to insert the same in your content. This way, you can curate your content according to the trend and generate traffic that you always wanted to.

3. Grammarly and Correctia

It is likely you don’t want your readers to read content filled with grammatical errors even after you have checked everything. That’s obvious for any manual checking, and human errors tend to happen.


Grammarly and Correctia are important content writing tools that help you recognise grammatical errors before pressing the “Publish” button. Both are free grammatical tools, while Grammarly comes with a premium version as well.

4. Headline Analyzer

Individuals surfing the net tend to click a website after checking the title of the webpage. If you want your content’s headline to attract visitors, Headline Analyzer by Coschedule is a free content writing tool that can help you out.

It scores your content title’s ability to drive social shares, traffic and SEO value. The tool also provides feedback on how emotive your title is and how it appears on the search box.

This tool also provides tips to improve your headline writing.

5. Word Counter

Word Counter does not only check the word count as the name suggests. It also assists you in checking spellings and grammar, highlights repetition and plagiarism, and offers SEO feedback. 

Word Counter

Copy and paste your content on the Word Counter. It will analyse the writing based on the above parameters. You can also edit the mistakes on the app, and the auto-save feature comes in handy as well.

6. Canva


If you want to explain your content through graphical representation, Canva is the tool you need. Here, you can get free templates, edit them as per choice and save them according to your pixel requirement. All these are for free!

If you want to upgrade to the paid version, you can access more templates, adjust pixel choice, etc., to design your content the way you want.

6. Infogram

Visual content is growing in demand, and infographics easily help to make content more attractive.

They ease the readability and helps people to get hooked to your content for longer hours, enabling more dwell time. With Infogram, you can create infographics, charts, and other modes of data visualisation. These infographics are also responsive to mobile users. They are compatible with Excel sheets through Infogram Charts.

7. Evernote

Evernote is a life-saving content writing tool where you can write entire chunks of articles and sync them with your desktop, tablet, and mobile device. This way, you can access your notes anytime and from anywhere. You can also use it to plan your editorials and social media publishing calendar.

8. Focus Writer

A single distraction can prevent you from producing valuable content. Focus Writer, a free content writing tool, helps you to concentrate on your writing without any distractions. It shuts all the websites and apps, except for your documents, that tend to keep you distracted while writing.

It definitely offers a much-needed boost to productivity.

9. Copyscape

Plagiarism is a STRICT no-no, not just for Google but your audiences too. They will simply move away from your writing once they find that your content is copied and does not offer any additional value.


To keep your content original, use Copyscape. It is a paid tool, but you can use the comparison feature for free to check how much plagiarised your content is compared to other web pages from where you have taken references.

To wrap it all, these content writing tools can ease your struggle make your writing more polished. But the emotion and the value that you will add to the write-up cannot be replicated using these content writing tools! For that one needs to hire the best content writing agency for their business

So, remember that while these tools can help enhance your content’s value, proper research and impeccable writing are the prerequisites to make a write-up stand out!